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Chapter 1:
"Well mama I think that's everything. Arigato. I'll be off now!"
"You be careful Kagome!"
"Hai, hai!" She casually strolled to the ancient well that connected to Feudal Japan. It was routine now to go back and forth form the two very different worlds. "Well, here I go!" She leaped into the well without any hesitation. Kagome crawled out assuming the gang would be waiting for her, especially Inuyasha who was very impatient and would at times come and get her on her side of the well.
"Kagome, you're back." An old familiar voice called.
"Kaede-sama." She hugged her, "So where are they?"
"They went off a few days ago because Inuyasha got a wiff of Naraku. They left Kirara here so you could catch up with them."
"That's Inuyasha for ya," She sighed, "I guess I should be going." She called for Kirara and the cat demon transformed. She hopped on her back, "I'll see you later!"
"Sayonara!" They headed off in search of the group. Geez, that jerk, why couldn't he have come to get me or just waited? Just then a gush of wind rushed past the two travelers. Kirara managed to escape it. "Kagura! What are you doing?" KAgura was standing directly below them.
"Oh so I finally got your attention, really!"
"What do you want?" What is she doing all alone out here? What is he planning this time? Kagura sent another windy blade hitting the cat demon's back leg, sending her crashing to the ground. "Kirara! You bitch! How dare you!" Kagura moved closer. Kagome drew out one of her arrows and pointed it at her. "If you move any closer this will go straight through your heart." She threatened.
"Ah.a purifying arrow.I remember those." She took out her fan and brushed it aside. "Well Naraku wants you alive so I'll do as he asks." Kagome started to run, but Kagura struck her down, knocking the breath right out of her. She fell into darkness. "Good, that chore is done. I guess he'll be happy." She said as she looked at the girl. Kagura searched through her clothes to see if she had some shards on her, but Inuyasha had taken them form her earlier. "So much for that." They hopped on her feather and shortly arrived at his palace.
"Kagura have you bought the girl?" "Hai." She said as she threw Kagome on the floor. "Itai! That hurt!" Kagome looked up to see Naraku glaring at her. Chill were sent up and down her spine. "Naraku, what are you plotting now?" He smirked and went out of the room, locking the door behind him. What am I gonna do? Inuyasha doesn't even know that I'm here. Oh that's right Kirara will find them and tell them! I hope she's doing alright. She looked around the dark room. The only light she had was a little flashlight on her keychain in her pocket. "Naraku! You bastard, come here and tell me what you're scheming! Is this another one of your traps?" Of course no one answered. Just then footsteps could be heard outside of the door. The door creaked open slowly to reveal a young boy: Kohaku. "Kohaku!" The boy came inside the room silently. "Kohaku?" He got even closer. She remembered the time he injured her while they were trying to escape from Kagura; she backed away.
"Don't worry I won't hurt you, really I won't." He kneeled on one knee, "If he finds out I'm telling you this he'll be furious. I don't have much time so I'll get to the point. You're bait to lure Inuyasha here. Naraku wants the shards he has.he'll use you to get the shards." Kagome was amazed; was this the same boy that attacked her? Was he still under Naraku's control? "I have to go!" He got up and sprinted out the door. Sango will be happy to know he's fine.
"Oi! Get up!" An annoyed Kagura called, "Inuyasha's here." Kagome followed a little reluctantly not knowing what was going to happen. They went outside where Inuyasha had his Tetsusaiga drawn.
"Kagome!" He called, "Are you hurt? Are you okay?"
"Hai, I'm fine!" She could tell he was slightly relieved to see her unharmed. Suddenly, vines sprung up from the ground enveloping her body, tightly squeezing. She could hardly breathe. Inuyasha ran to her, but was quickly blocked by Kagura.
"Bitch! Move!" He swung his sword, but of course missed. Finally, the ring leader appeared. "Naraku! What is the meaning of this?"
"Give me the shards and the girl will go free. If not." The vines squeezed tighter around her making her let out a painful scream. Inuyasha was furious by now and went after him. He struck him on the shoulder which sent Naraku rocketing backwards. Naraku laughed, "Every time you strike me the vines will grow tighter." Kagome was struggling to breathe and yet the vines tightened. "Inuyasha give me the shards and I will let her go for now." Inuyasha wanted so badly to defeat him, but he knew if he attacked Kagome would get hurt or possibly suffocate.
"Inu-ya-sha.don't give him.the shards..I'll.be.fine." Kagome tried with all her might to say. Inuyasha painfully thought through his choices.
"Inuyasha!" Cried Miroku, "Give him the shards, just do it now! Kagome's life is way more important!"
"Houshi-sama," Sango remarked, "But won't he just get stronger? Oh Kagome-chan.what can we do?" Inuyasha had made his decision: he tossed the shards in the air and Naraku caught them. After he did he stuck them in his legs. Inuyasha raced over to his Kagome and shredded the vines. She fell in him arms and coughed up a little blood, then passed out.
"Kagome! Damnit! Sango take her! I'm not done with you yet!" Naraku turned around and grinned evilly.
"My thoughts exactly!" He grabbed Inuyasha's throat before he could even dodge him. He'd gotten faster with the shards. Choking for breath Naraku threw him on the ground, "This is no fun Inuyasha."
"Shut up you bastard!" He coughed as he got up off the ground. He drew out his fang again, "Kaze no Kizu!!!" He swung it directly at him. What he didn't realize before it was too late, Kanna had come in front of Naraku and reflected it back onto him, same as before. He lay severely injured on the ground.
"I'll let you live a little longer. We'll shall see if you can recover from this one this time."
"That's..the same.thing you said.last time. Why can't you.just kill me? Are you.afraid or something?"
"Fine I'll grant your request." Just as he was about to attack a purifying arrow shot into his arm, melting it. "Hmmm.having a copy protect you..how pathetic." Kagome upon hearing this shot anther arrow, but he had already disappeared into his miasma. She came running to his side and held him in her arms. Kagome was fine now having rested for a tiny bit.
"Inuyasha, come on talk to me. Are you." He was bleeding heavily. Kagome went for her backpack that Kirara had brought along with her bow and arrows. She quickly took out some bandages and wrapped it tightly on his giant slash wound. As she put his shirt back on she began to weep.a few tears fell on the hanyou's face.
"Kagome. Stop crying, I'm alright." He was able to get out softly.
"Shhh.don't talk." She smiled warmly and kissed his cheek. He felt so comfortable in her arms; he enjoyed hearing her heart pound in her chest and the scent that would always make his pain drift away. Inuyasha quickly fell asleep and they hoisted him on Kirara's back and head back to the little shelter they'd been staying at.