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Chapter 34:
Inuyasha walked out of her room, more like strutted like a proud rooster. Kagome only nodded and blushed her approval of his appearance. "Let's go show you off!" She pulled him into her mother's bedroom.
"Oh doesn't he look kawaii?!" Her mother chirped.
"I know!" Inuyasha rolled his eyes.
"Are we done now?"
"Okay, okay. Let's go eat!"
"Yes! Ramen!" Kagome giggled as her hanyou, who looked much like an anxious puppy, ran down the steps and into the kitchen.
"You are so developing more dog-like characteristics!"
"Hmm?" He said as ramen noodles were hanging out of his mouth.
"See what I mean?" She sighed, but kissed his cheek. "Do you need a bib? I'd hate it if you got that brand new shirt dirty already."
"I'm not a baby or a freakin' dog, woman."
"Don't call me that! It reminds me of Kouga-kun."
"Arrggghhh! Don't say that name in my presence!"
"Whenever you call me woman, I'll say his name. Deal?" He growled. "Kou-"
"Okay, I won't call you woman and you won't mention that name."
"Good. Now things you may call me are Kagome, Miko-chan, or whatever else that's not rude." She narrowed her eyes.
"Hai, hai." He said as he swallowed more ramen.

"I hate youkai!"
"Not you Shippo-chan!" Sango called as she swung her hiraikotsu at yet another demon that attacked Kaede's village. She was like their personal demon slayer, not that she minded it. Miroku was still recovering from the slash wound, but for the most part it was healed and he'd be up in a day or so. "Done." She wiped the sweat from her brow. Shippo jumped on her shoulder.
"Good job, Sango!"
"Arigato, Shippo-chan. It wasn't that hard." Sango then headed back to the shack.
"How'd it go? You didn't get hurt did you?"
"Hmmm? Oh no, it was just another baka demon. Nothing new."
"That's good to hear." He got up and kissed her cheek. Shippo cringed.
"I'm going out to play for awhile."
"Okay!" The two lovebirds chirped merrily to be rid of the kit.
"So, what shall we do?" Miroku grinned.
"Oh I don't know." Sango smirked. "How's your wound?"
"Healing quite nicely thanks to your treatment."
"Well, you're most welcome my Houshi." She traced soft kisses on his cheek and he moaned with pleasure. He then grabbed her waist and sat her in his lap. Their lips locked and they shared a romantic evening in the hut together...alone, thanks to Kaede.

"Where's Sota and Jii-san?"
"They went to visit your aunt."
"Oh really? Geez no one tells me anything in this house!" Kagome sighed as she headed back to her room.
"So where'd the old fart and runt go?" Kagome rolled her eyes at the rude, yet kawaii hanyou sitting on her bed.
"They went to visit some family. So, only mama is here. We have to take care of her."
"I know, I know."
"They should be back tomorrow morning, so we could go back to Feudal Japan."
"Sounds like a plan. Need I remind you, you still owe me."
"Can we wait until we get back in the other world?"
"Oh yeah, but that still doesn't mean we can't do this." He placed a kiss on her cheek. She smiled and leaned on his chest as he placed his arms around her slim waist. She pulled away from him. "What's wrong?"
"Can I at least get changed into my PJ's?" He smirked and she undressed, putting on an old tee-shirt. Inuyasha then removed his red tee and she snuggled into his warm embrace. "Goodnight, Inuyasha."
"Goodnight, Kagome." She sighed and wrapped his arms further around her form. Kagome took his hand in hers and studied it. "What are you doing?"
"You have beautiful hands."
"What are you talking about?"
"You're fingers are so slender and I love your claws."
"Have you gone mad? Are you feverish?"
"No stupid." She said as she ran a fingertip over the edge of the nail. "Hey it isn't sharp."
"I know."
"Then why can you cut through almost anything with those if they're not sharp?"
"It's the force I put behind the attack, that's all. They aren't that incredible. I'm not that incredible."
"You are to me." He smiled as he nuzzled her cheek.
"Arigato Kagome."
"For accepting me for who I am and not what I can become."
"That's right, I love you just the way you are." She turned her head to meet his and kissed him tenderly. Her head fell back on his arm and a light snore could be heard. 'Tired weren't you, my love?'

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