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                                                                                                            ~Broken Facade~

                                                                                                              Ramirez's POV

Ramirez staggered back, wincing as he clutched his shoulder.

"How did these pitiful air pirates defeat me?" He wondered as he turned to face away from his opponents. The young boy, "Vyse," he believed was his name, stood there with a determined look on his face, ready if another attack should come his way. "Heh…not much chance of that."  His wounds were not really that deep, most of it was the shock that they could become so strong in such a little time. The Silvite's eyes traveled down the large cutlass that he was wielding, faintly registering that the bloodstains on the sword probably came from their last skirmish.

He on purpose did not glance at Fina. The white haired swordsman did not look at her once during the battle, too afraid that if he did his façade would crack. It had become like brittle ice the moment he saw her when Vyse and co. were engaged with Plergoth, (or "Rhaknam", as that foolish old sailor had called it) and had experienced moments of weakness. A particularly strong one was when he had captured the trio in Nasrad; he had almost cracked right in front of her in the Grand Fortress.

 The red head was too busy attending to former prince of Valua (Enrique's) wounds to keep up her guard. His brain faintly registered that if he were to attack now, he could probably do some damage and to the red head and Enrique, but Vyse was still a threat. And even the last remaining Admiral wasn't arrogant enough to know that his body wouldn't survive another Pirate's Wrath.

Hell, he probably wouldn't last a Cutlass Fury...

"Ramirez", Vyse said, finally breaking the silence. "We've overpowered you, it's done" The brunet rogue said clearly, his usual optimism deserting him in favor of a more serious attitude. In reply the admiral staggered to his feet and reached for his sword, when a hand stopped him.

"Ramirez?" Fina spoke for the first time, uncertain, her eyes with sorrow "It's over now, please come back with us". "Fina" Vyse said cautiously "Be careful, he's still dangerous!". Observing Fina's disregard to the blue rogue's words, the Silvite swordsman glanced up at her. Suddenly he felt his legs give way,  his sword falling to the ground with a clang.

"I can help you"

Ramirez jumped back, startled by the unexpected voice in his head. "Offer your soul to me, Silvite, and we can remove the air pirate scum from Arcadia." Realization dawned on his face, turning his wince into his usual cold smirk. Swiftly, Ramirez's face contorted into a look of concentration as he removed his glove, crying "Zelos, Please accept my offering unto you, accept my soul!" Vyse, Aika, and Enrique, who knew nothing of the Zelos's immortality ritual, just gave him a puzzled glance, but Fina, who had learned about this in the Silver Shrine's Archives cried out in horror, "No, you can't, don't do this Ramirez!".

The Silvite swordsman spared her a passing glance and for a second his façade threatened to falter. "Fina…no, must not think about her, remember, they took the life of Galcian."  The thought reinstated his confidence as Zelos's energy begin to descend upon him…

                                                                                              Fina's POV 

"NO!!"  Fina try to run towards him, but a hand restrained her. "Fina," Vyse looked at her with concern "It's too late, the Ramirez you know is gone now." Fina turned around with an angry fire in her eyes and said very clearly and firmly "Fuck You" and slapped Vyse's face as hard as she could(A/N: Fina slapping Vyse!? FINA SWEARING!?!? That I must see, lol ^_^). The shock of the blow made him release his grip on her and she bolted to where Ramirez was standing.

Fina discovered that she could only get so close, as Zelos's hovering energy repelled her. Desperately she knew she was running out of time to bring him back, with Zelos getting closer and closer to the White haired swordsman with each passing second.

Suddenly a vivid memory passed through her head, one that she knew from back when she was in her early teens. She looked him directly in the eye and cried  "You forgot the promised"                                                       

                                                                                                         Ramirez's POV                         

The word's results were electrical…


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