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         ~ The Final Battle~


  *In Ramirez's Psyche*

As Ramirez watched his younger self kneel next to Mendosa's dead body, the scene began to blacken, and Ramirez's vision swam. When his vision returned, he was onboard the Serpent, Galcian's flagship. "Why I am here…" He kept wondering as he wandered the halls of the ship. When he neared the captain's quarters, he heard voices muffled by the steel. He pressed his ear close to listen.

" Now Ramirez…I'm giving you two choices. One, I will let you go and live your life elsewhere; you are a Silvite and I understand if you have problems in what I am going to do." Ramirez gasped. "No…not this." He did not want to re live this scene of his life. A slight pause in the room he was listening in on, when he heard his voice say "No…I will always be by your side Lord Galcian." That was the last thing the pale swordsman when the scene froze, as if in suspended animation. The only thing that could be heard a new humming noise coming from the far end of the corridor. Deciding to go investigate, Ramirez stood up and turned to walk down the hall. When he got to the far end, Ramirez saw that it was one of the portals that had gotten him here.

When he walked into it, he was transported back into the black room, only now with no portals present. "Am I dead…?"  He began to feel anxious. Had he died? Was he in hell and was forced to suffer these memories for eternity? Suddenly while Ramirez pondered this, the ground began to shake, and the Silvite was thrown off balance face fist into the darkness.

 When he looked up, he was shocked to see that the walls and roof were suddenly projecting images. Soon the images began to form memories of Ramirez these past months when Fina was on Arcadia. Images of the Nasrad attack, the interrogation of Fina, the attack on crescent Isle, and finally the most recent battle against Vyse played through on the wall like a slideshow. The walls froze on that last scene, and then began to crack.

Ramirez looked down and to his sudden horror, he saw that as the images cracked, so was his body cracking. Sinking down to the black floor, the pale swordsman raised his cracking hands to his head, screaming in Agony. Soon only one sliver of the image remained. In his suffering Ramirez managed to look at it.

The last piece of the picture was Fina. The Fina on the image was crying, not moving except for the tears flowing down the image creating cracks. Ramirez tried to reach for it, crying out in a desperate voice "Fi…na…"

Then it shattered, and Ramirez knew no more.

                                                                                                                 *End Psyche*

Exhausted and sweaty, Vyse watched as The Delphinus fired a blast from the moonstone cannon, scoring a direct hit the last of Zelos's tentacles (those thingies that get blown off when u damage him.) was destroyed. Defeated, Zelos sunk down to Soltis, never to rise again. When Vyse saw this, he let out a triumphant whoop of joy. "We did it!" Aika cried happily as she walked over to the railing. Vyse let off an exhausted but happy sigh, the world was safe. "We sure kicked his ass!" Cried Marco from the bridge.

"Vyse…" Aika said, uncertainly. "Why did you take Ramirez back with us." Vyse visibly flinched, and tears began to form in his eyes. "I…I didn't…I didn't want Fina…Fina's sacrifice to be in vain…" He broke down into sobs as Aika tried to comfort him.

When he had composed himself and was about to return to the bridge with Aika and Enrique, a huge bang suddenly rang out. Vyse unsheathed his cutlasses and held them in a defensive position, when he saw what had caused the noise.

There standing in a Silver covering, stood Fina. Vyse stepped back, wide-eyed. "No…Fina…what happened!?!?" Fina/Zelos stepped closer, and as she approached, her eyes changed into blank white. She smirked and said "Fina is dead to you, ignorant air pirates. You thought you could really defeat me?" She/It laughed cruelly and said, "It's time to die, foolish air pirates…"

Vyse and Co. drew their weapons, knowing that this would be the final battle…

Zelos made the first move, reaching with one if it's eerie silver hands towards Vyse. Vyse tried to sidestep but was picked up. Suspended in the air, Vyse watched nervously as Zelos began to mutter some strange incantation. Suddenly, he found himself pinned to a wall of sorts by two black orbs.  In a flash of white light, he was back on the Delphinus, but he couldn't move at all. His body began to use Pirate's Wrath, and the brunet rogue found that he couldn't control himself. And look on in horror as he used Pirate's Wrath on Aika. Blood flew into the sky as each slash scored a hit. When it was done, it seemed that he could control himself again, but Aika was lying on the Delphinus bleeding profusely.

"Shit…" he hissed as he ran towards her, producing two Sacrulen Crystals. To cover for Vyse while he was healing Aika, Enrique stood up and summoned enough energy to use The Judgement. Zelos reeled back in pain, but was merely fazed by the blow and retaliated by hitting him with the painful technique "Silver Tundra."

Vyse was nearly done healing Aika, when he was sent sprawling to the ground by some attack. He found he couldn't move again, and felt a slightly sickening sense of déjà vu. Instead, Zelos forced him to perform Rain Of Swords on Aika and Enrique, KO'ing both of them at once. Vyse knew he was on his own, and tried to summon enough energy to hit Zelos with Pirate's Wrath, but Zelos was quicker, and sent him sprawling to the ground.

The last thing Vyse saw before he blacked out was Zelos standing over them and laughing….in Fina's voice…


What will become of Vyse and Co.? Where is Ramirez and what is he doing? What is the mystery of life/ NOBODY KNOWS!!!!!