A/N: What better way to start off a new story than with an author's note, right? =P

Okie, I shall make this quick. I promise! Just a quick reminder- I'm taking my creative liberties here. I'm not sticking entirely to The Godfather plotline. I'm going to take things out, add things, and change things around. I was going to keep it just with our guys, but I really wanted to keep the story with Sonny and Carlo the same. Speaking of Carlo, I'm going to apologize ahead of time- Skittery fans familiar with this movie, Skittery is Carlo. *sheepish smile* I also thought about having a Kate, but settled for using Sarah as kind of a Kate. I won't go on about the story any more though; I'll just let you read it! Prologue's a bit cheesy, but I suppose it serves its purpose. Don't let it turn you off completely.

Disclaimer (I have to! Sorry!): The newsies aren't mine. In no way am I affiliated with Newsies. However, I do own Wick, Reflex, Pier, Lead, and Spin. As far as I know, the names have not been used; but I could be wrong.


After winning the strike, the New York newsboys grew much closer. They had proved to themselves and everyone else that working together to achieve a common goal is possible. They'd seen contiguously that it was possible to knock over an authority figure that seemed unconquerable. Their skills in collaboration had led them to one of the most monumental achievements a majority of them would see in their lifetimes. They had all anticipated an effect of closeness, whether they acknowledged it or not. They were beginning to see that.

Not long after the celebration of their victory, the unexpected reverse effect had begun to work itself between the boroughs. Lost in the complacency of their accomplishments, the different sides were developing that self-sufficient attitude that would drive them apart completely. Camaraderie between boroughs would no longer be seen as a good thing. It wasn't long before they would turn on each other and become rather hostile.

Our story brings us to October the 23rd, a mere few months after the strike took place. Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn are all at odds. Their heated opposition leaves a war teetering on the brink of a very unstable cliff.