Sticking Together

By S. Christian

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the names or likenesses of World Wrestling Entertainment and quite frankly don't have the money to say that I do.

Hello there, folks. Some people may have read some of my other fiction (if I'm on your author alert, you've read The Aftermath), but this is my first time on the WWE train. This fic involves mainly Lita, Jeff Hardy, and Matt Hardy. Cameo's by some other wrestler's will come to be, but these are the main peeps. Enjoy!

NOTE: This story is written as if the storyline was real. I am no stranger to the fact that the WWE and it's storyline is fake. Don't criticise me over that. Thank you!


Michael Cole (looking at the Titantoron): What is Lita doing here?

Tazz: I don't know, Michael, but she's coming out of Mr. McMahon's office, so she must mean business.

Cole: Well, folks, the Women's Champion is here and hopefully we can get more details after the break.

(after the break)

Tazz: Welcome back to Smackdown! Right now, Matt Hardy is coming out. His girlfriend, Lita, is supposedly here on business right now. Maybe he's out to comment on that.

Cole: And everybody note that Lita hasn't appeared on Smackdown! in a few years. What could she be doing here tonight?

Tazz: I don't know, Michael, but I'm desperate to find out.

(in the ring)

Matt: Amy! I want you to come out right now!

Cole: He sounds mad!

(Lita's music starts)

Matt: What the hell are you doing here?

Tazz: What the hell is wrong with him? That's the right question!

Lita: What are you talking about? I thought you'd like the idea of me coming to Smackdown! to be with you.

Matt: I didn't ask you to come here!

Lita: I didn't think that was neccesary. What the hell is wrong with you?

Tazz: Haha! There's the question!

Matt: I- It's just that- It happens that-

Lita: What?

(Sable's music started)

Sable: It just so happens "Lita" that Matt has been having locker room "meetings" with me.

Lita: What the hell are you talking about, you slut?

Sable: Matt's not so interested in you any more.

Lita: Is that true, Matt?

(Matt just says nothing)

Lita: I can't believe you would do this to me, you bastard! And as for you...

(she makes a move to attack Sable. Matt catches her arm and slaps her across the face. she sinks to the ground, holding her face, crying)

Matt: You won't touch her, you bitch!

(Jeff Hardy's music starts and he runs to the ring. he puts Matt down with a clothesline as Sable escapes the ring. Shannon Moore is there to attack but Jeff easily takes him out of the ring. he goes at Matt again, but Matt escapes, staring angrily at Jeff.)

Jeff: What's wrong with you? You're not my brother! My brother wouldn't have done that! What? Surprised to see me? Amy's not the only one making deals with Vince tonight. So everybody here better get used to Jeff Hardy, cause he's here on Smackdown! to stay!

(the crowd cheers as Jeff as helps Amy up and out of the ring)

(after the show)

Jeff opened the passenger side door of his car for Amy. She just weakly smiled at him and got in.

After a long silence on the road, Jeff finally decided to talk. "You alright, Ames?"

"Yeah. Just feeling a little stupid. Here I was, coming to Smackdown! just to show Matt I wanted to be with him. And then this happens. Am I really the stupid, Jeff?"

He smiled and patted her leg. "No Amy. Your not stupid at all. In fact, I came to be a team with Matt, too. You see how that worked out. You should just be glad I showed up, huh?" he laughed.

She laughed, too, despite the tears in her eyes. "Thank you, Jeff."

"No problem, Amy."

She thought on what he last said. He never said her name right. It was always Aim, Ames, even her wrestling name, Lita, but never Amy.

He pulled in by a motel. It wasn't really shabby, but not celebrity calibur by any means.

"You sure do stay big, don't you, Jeff," Amy said, jokingly.

"I don't like what the WWE provides. These two bed with HBO being worthy of a light up sign. Mmmm, warm my soul.

Amy laughed. Jeff always did that to her. No matter the mood, the place, the time, he still insisted on making her laugh. He had that affect on a lot of people, but she had always noticed that she was focused on. A room full of people without a smile, and she'd be the first one he'd force to laugh.

Jeff unlocked the motel room door. Two beds and HBO.

"Home sweet home," Jeff said.

Amy laughed again. "You really are crazy, Jeff."

He turned to face her. His face was dangerously close to hers. "It's gotten me this far, hasn't it?"

She couldn't help it anymore. She pulled him into a deep kiss. It lasted the better part of the minute. When they broke, Jeff still had his eyes closed, savoring the moment. Amy just swallowed and brushed her hair back with her hand.

"Sorry," she stammered. "I couldn't help myself."

Jeff, eyes still closed, grinned. "You didn't have to apologize. That was more than welcome."

Amy smiled. "Was it then?"

Jeff finally opened his eyes. "Question, though! How long was that supressed?"

"Too long, maybe. Long enough that I felt bad. I loved Matt all the time, but felt that maybe I didn't love him enough."

There was a silence after that.

Lita cleared her throat. "You kissed me back."

Jeff laughed softly. "Before you ask, ever since I first saw you. I wasn't as brave then. By the time I might have decided to ask you on a date, you were deeply involved with Matt."

She couldn't help but blush in shame about that. All that time, knowing Matt didn't love her like she hoped, and Jeff was in the shadows the entire time.

Jeff got up, clapping his knee as he stood. "Well, I'd kiss you goodnight, but we did enough of that already. Good night, Amy."

He layed down on one of the beds. He turned his head over just enough to aknowledge he was talking to her. "I love you."

Amy smiled to herself. Was it right? What was right? The fact that she just practically broke up with Matt, or that she didn't breake up with Matt longer ago. She layed down on the bed and fell asleep, feeling right for the first time in years.


Whady'all think? Before you judge me, I don't disagree with the Matt/Lita relationship (I hear that a marriage may be down the road. Congrats to them both.), but Jeff/Lita would make so much more sense. And I hate to make Matt come off as even more a heel than he already is, but let's face it, Version 1 sucks ass. Matt was so much cooler as a team with Jeff, and hopefully we see a reunion soon. Until we meet again, I must say adios.