Sticking Together

By S. Christian

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the names or likenesses of World Wrestling Entertainment and quite frankly don't have the money to say that I do.

Hello there, folks. Some people may have read some of my other fiction (if I'm on your author alert, you've read The Aftermath), but this is my first time on the WWE train. This fic involves mainly Lita, Jeff Hardy, and Matt Hardy. Cameo's by some other wrestler's will come to be, but these are the main peeps. Enjoy!

NOTE: This story is written as if the storyline was real. I am no stranger to the fact that the WWE and it's storyline is fake. Don't criticise me over that. Thank you!


As fast as they were going to get Seth into an ambulence, everything seemed to go in slow motion. It was unreal. This wasn't supposed to happen. Especially not Seth.

I shoulda been there for him, Jeff kept thinking.

They were almost out of the building. Seth already needed help breathing.

That's when Triple H decided to have more fun.

As if he came out of nowhere, the Game slammed into the the stretcher, sending Seth's practically lifeless body slamming into the concrete floor. Jeff let go of Amy and charged at Trip. It was no good. Jeff was soon thrown into the wall.

Triple H picked up Seth and lifted him into the air. Amy screamed for Security. They got there, but not before Seth was thrown into the wall.

As he was cuffed, Hunter just smiled. "Just a lesson in the world. Don't think you can bark at the big dog without suffering it's bite."

Jeff got up, holding his back. "Sonuva bitch."

Matt came running up. "Hey, guys. I just went and talked to Miss McMahon about the-"

He cut off. Seeing the wreckage before him.

"What the fuck happened here?" he asked.


A hospital ride and 6 cups of coffee later, Jeff was approached by a doctor in the waiting room. Amy was asleep with her head against his shoulder and Matt slept on a chair across the waiting room.

Not being of any family, the three could not go into the E.R. with Seth. So they went to the waiting room. It was now about 3 AM. And Jeff waited with blood shot eyes.

The doctor, a middle-aged man with no hair and lots of muscle, walked over and stood in front of Jeff. Jeff's eyes moved to meet the doctor's.

The doctor took a deep breath. "Mr. Hardy, I am Dr. Lancaster. I have been the one with your friend."

"Is he ok?" Jeff asked, in a tired manner.

"He is alive," Dr. Lancaster replied.

"Thank God," Jeff gasped out.

"But..." Lancaster interjected.

Jeff looked up, mouth hanging open. "But what?"

The doctor once again took in a deep breath. He released this one with a sad sigh. "Due to neural trauma that your Mr. Ogden received when he was attacked, he has entered into a coma."

Jeff just stared. His breathing began to quicken. "What?"

"He's in a coma. That much is already clear. How long it will last and any other problems are still unclear to us."

Jeff just shook his head, his eyes beginning to tear. "No," he sobbed. "No, no, no."

Dr. Lancaster bowed his head. "I'm sorry."

With that, he left. Jeff continued to let the tears flow.

Feeling the shoulder's she slept on shudder, Amy awoke. She looked up lazily at Jeff and was instantly awake. "What's the matter, baby?"

Jeff just kept sobbing. "I shoulda been there. I shoulda helped him. I shoulda saved him."

She got up and embraced him. "You couldn't do anything more than you actually did. It wasn't your fault."

He accepted her embrace. "Why did it have to happen to him? Why? Of all the people in the world, why him?"

Amy just continued to hug him. Eventually, out of exhaustion, Jeff Hardy finally fell asleep. Amy replaced her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. I'll find out what happened in the morning, she thought. For now, we'll sleep.


Seth waited in what he guessed was a waiting room. Except there was no one else around.

"What the fuck?" Seth mumbled.

He didn't remember much. Just a sledgehammer. Then, he was here.

How long have I been here?, Seth thought to himself.

"Exactly 6 hours, 17 minutes, and 32 seconds," a voice answered his thought.

He looked to the source. A bald black man in baggy jeans, a plain white shirt, and black jacket sat in the corner of the room, smoking a cigarette and reading the paper.

Seth was again thinking to himself. Who the hell is this guy?

"I'm your guardian angel, you beat up piece o' shit. And stop the monologue. Can't stand you white boys that think I can't hear your thoughts."

So Seth said and thought nothing.

The "angel" looked at him. "It makes me even more uncomfortable when you draw a blank. Say something."

"Where the hell am I?" Seth asked, surprising himelf with his forwardness.

The "angel"'s eyes shifted back to the paper. "That's all you want to know? Where do you think you are?"

Seth looked around. "Not much for what I thought heaven would be."

The "angel" laughed. "I, Darius Williams, have declared the white boy the most passive animal in the world."

"Then where am I, Darius? Is this hell?"

Darius stopped laughing but didn't look up. "It's not heaven or hell. See that television moniter."

Seth looked and saw a television. He saw himelf, motionless in a hospital bed, his friends, Jeff, Matt, and Amy, all there. They looked sad.

Darius finally looked up. "Do you look dead?"

Seth thought about it. "Yeah. I do look dead."

The moniter disappeared. "The reason this is NOT heaven or hell is because you are NOT dead."

"Then where am I."

Darius finally stood up. "Let's just call this school. Recess is over. It's time to learn how NOT to get your white ass killed out there in the world."

Seth shrugged. "O.K. You don't look much like an angel."

Darius lit another cigarette. "You ever seen an angel."

Seth shook his head.

"Then shut the hell up. You better learn quick. I got a pair of wings riding on you being able to go out there in the world safely. The big man has faith in you. Well, I'll tell you now. The black man don't."


I'm not gonna carry this whole "guardian angel" thing out much further. Next chapter will be focused on Jeff and Lita. This week is a busy week for me, so the update might come slow (but not as slow as they have been). Until then, I must say adios.