That's it.  I am getting a Hawk-signal when I get back to Midway.  "Nice spotlight.  Tell me, are you half-blind, or just the kind of guy that does everything big?"

Batman looked at his signal.  The light was shinning towards the sky.  "It was the commissioner's idea."

Hawkgirl nodded.  "I see."  She looked at the three masked people behind Batman.  "And I take it, these are you friends.  Which one is Batboy?"

Batman didn't smile.  "Nightwing you've already met.  This is Batgirl and Robin."

Hawkgirl smiled when she heard what the boy's name was.  "Another bird.  I am slowly starting to like this town."

Batman began before anyone else could speak.  "The drug is a protein complex made here in Gotham."  Hawkgirl nodded.  "The ingredients were purchased under one of the Penguin's false names."

Batgirl gritted her teeth.  "He said he was going legit."

"The best criminals never do," Hawkgirl said to Batgirl.  She turned to face Batman again.  "So he's using the birds to steal for him?"

Batman shook his head.  "I don't think so.  I think those birds were just a test.  If the Penguin really wanted those jewels that were recovered, Wayne Enterprises would have been robbed.  By forcing the birds to fly for a long period of time under high-stress, the Penguin managed to test the drug."

"If that's his case, what's his plan for the drug?"

"That I don't know.  I'm sending you and Batgirl to the warehouse where the Penguin might be manufacturing the drug."

Under her mask, Hawkgirl lifted an eyebrow.  "And you?"

"I traced a list of recent visitors to the Penguin's Iceberg Lounge.  There have been some meetings there with some leading mob leaders of Gotham.  There's another one tonight.  Nightwing, Robin, and myself will be infiltrating that."

"You were able to trace meetings at a private club?  With what?  Let me guess…your Bat-computer?"

"Something along those lines.  Now, are you going to help?  Otherwise, you can fly away to Midway.  I can understand if you are not sure how to infiltrate a warehouse…"

Hawkgirl gritted her teeth and loaded her crossbow.  "It just so happens before I was forced to be a vigilante I participated in narcotics and illegal weapons raids.  I think infiltrating will be easy enough."  She passed by Batman so only he could hear her whisper.  "And don't underestimate me again."

She walked towards Batgirl.  She was short—it was almost comical to see her with the tall men—with baby blue eyes and red hair.  "I've got my bat-cycle down on the street.  Ready?"

*              *              *

"You know, I didn't know what to expect from a man named 'The Penguin'.  Seven heavens, he looks like he had a vulture for a mother."

Batgirl grinned.  "He's nothing.  You should see Killer Croc.  Or Poison Ivy."

"Ivy…isn't that the name of a plant?"

Both Hawkgirl and Batgirl were hiding above some of the pipes in the warehouse by the Port of Gotham.  It didn't take long to figure out about the drug production.  Hawkgirl shook her head.  "This is stupid.  We know the Penguin's running this operation.  Why don't we disable everything and arrest him?"

Batgirl's eyes widened.  "Like that would work.  The Penguin's smart, Hawkgirl.  He has tons of puppets all around Gotham.  Every time we try to catch the Penguin, we end up just getting one of his goons."

There was a noise to their left.  Shayera and Batgirl turned.  A few pigeons and sparrows were causing a racket.  "Can you get them to hush up?"

"I can try," said Shayera, as she spoke in Thanagarian.  "Silence."  The birds didn't stop.  "Hey, why do they have those silly bands on their legs?"

As if on cue, the birds began crying out louder than ever.  Batgirl's eyes widened.  "Because they're the Penguin's birds!"

Instantly Hawkgirl and Batgirl found themselves being bombarded with bullets.  They ricocheted off the pipes, causing Hawkgirl's ears to go ringing.  "We can't stay here!"  She grabbed Batgirl's wrist and the two dove down to safety behind some storage boxes.


Hawkgirl felt metal biting her left wing.  I've been hit!  "Hold on—Batgirl—AH!"

What started out as a graceful landing turned into a crash behind the massive wooden crates and boxes near one end of the warehouse.  Batgirl leaped into the air and pulled out several weapons, throwing them towards their assailants.  "How's your wing?"

Hawkgirl looked down.  Her left wing was hanging limply, feathers dragging along the floor.  Dark red blood was dripping down as well, mixing with the broken feathers.  "It's been better.  But my mace still works!"

Batgirl nodded and understood.  The two girls jumped over the crates and charged like two birds of prey after their quarry.  Two of the Penguin's men were knocked to the ground.  Hawkgirl's mace was charged, sending out sparks towards the goons.  She grinned and walked towards the Penguin himself.  He was simply spinning his umbrella around, not looking disturbed in the least bit.  "Feeling lucky, Bird-boy?"

"Quite, Miss Pinfeathers," said the Penguin as he opened up his umbrella.  Batgirl realized what he was up to, but she did not react in time.  A hissing sound was followed by a strange scent.  Hawkgirl tried to get at least one swing in…but she was getting so dizzy…and sleepy…