The long awaited sequel!!!! YAY! Ok I'm done ranting so I'll just give you your story now.

A pained scream pierced the otherwise serene ocean air. Aboard the Black Pearl Bonnie Sparrow, wife of Captain Jack Sparrow was giving the world its newest Sparrow generation. "Jack you bastard! I hate you! When I can get out of this bed you are never having kids again!"
"I beg to differ dearest! My parents were happily married!" Jack called back to his wife before Annamaria clamped a hand over his mouth.
"I wouldn't anger her if I were you. You won't come out whole. And I wouldn't make her go through this again until she forgets the pain and even then I would adopt. Seeing as you already have two."
"What you mean there's two of them?!" Jack asked stunned.
"Yes Jack you are having twins." Annamaria sighed.
"Jack dear, come in here and see your children." Bonnie called from the captain and captainess's cabin. "Hurry up dear I have my knife ready!"
Jack gulped. "Coming love!"


"Oh why did she have to leave? And in her condition! I should have made her stay!" Elizabeth ranted as she paced in her cabin aboard the Gull.

"Calm dawn dear. I'm sure she'll be fine and they will come back to land before she must give birth. Although I must say when they do come back I will be killing Jack. My little girl shouldn't have to go through this." Will replied. Just then a messenger arrived with a letter for Elizabeth.
"Oh my dear God. She had twins! MY little girl had twins! I'm a grandma!" Elizabeth squealed and jumped around the cabin.
"What are their names dear?" Will asked.

"The little girl is June Marie Sparrow and the little boy the Alexander James Sparrow. What do you think dear?" Bonnie asked Jack as she lay in her bed.
"What ever you choose to call them dear is fine by me. Bonnie love, how do you think we created something so innocent?"
"I haven't the slightest Jailbird, I haven't the slightest." She replied as she admired the view of her husband playing with her children.