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Summary: The Jewel was finally complete, but now Kagome and Sango have gone to the future and a group of suspicious boys meet up with them during a demon extermination.

Rating: PG-13 for slightly bad words and sexual situations in future chapters

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Of A Miko And An Exterminator Chapter 1: Memories

Kagome stared at the small, rund jewel resting in her open palm. Closing her fingers over the cold stone, she thought back to the last few months.

Kagome happily eyed the group walking in front of her. Sango and Miroku had finally confessed their love for one another, and now walked a small ways in front holding hands. Kagome sighed. If only the kazaana in Miroku's hand would disappear. then Miroku and Sango could settle down somewhere like a normal family in this time. Have kids. a quiet life. Yet now Miroku and Sango are hunting down a half-demon with murder on their minds. Miroku's face was drawn into a worried frown. The kazaana had been widening frighteningly fast recently, and no one could tell how much time the monk had left.

Kagome's gaze shifted to the white haired hanyou leading the small group. Inu Yasha had been disappearing more frequently recently without leaving a trace. Kagome herself believed that this had to do with the dead miko, Kikyo. Not one for an argument, she kept silent even as her heart shattered. Sighing, she turned her gaze away.

Shippou looked back at her from his place on Inu Yasha's shoulder, his ears twitching. "Kagome, are you okay? You seem depressed, Kagome- okaasan!" He chirped as he leaped from Inu Yasha's shoulder to clammer onto her own.

"I'm okay, Shippou. Just. thinking."

Shippou nodded, a mask of disbelief on his face. Shippou, the child of the group, added humor to the melancholy mood of everyone else. He added the laughter. Kagome mentally sighed. When it came to the time she would have to leave Shippou. no. 'Don't think about it! I will NOT think about it!' The idea of leaving Shippou behind in Sengoku Jedai was a bitter idea for Kagome. Over the years that they traveled together, Shippou became like a son to her, as she had become a mother figure for him.
*~*End Flashback*~*
'If only I had noticed,' Kagome thought, tears clouding her vision and lining up at the edge of her eyes, threatening to fall, 'none of this may have happened.' Unconciously, her hands tightened over the precious jewel everyone had given so much for as she thought back to the final battle with Naraku.

*~*Flashback*~* "NARAKU!!!"

Inu Yasha's battle cry ecoed through the empty courtyard where they had finally cornered Naraku after several weeks of pursuing rumors of the whereabouts of the hanyou.


The group slowly edged in, Kagome in the rear with Shippou. She thought it odd that they finally had locked into Naraku's position. One morning, Inu Yasha had woken them all up in an excited frenzy announcing he knew where Naraku was. Tearing again for what seemed like the thousandth time, Kagome again speculated that Kikyou must have told him. Thinking of Inu Yasha's trysts with the dead miko, Kagome almost did not have the strength to continue.

"Okaasan! Inu Yasha is getting far ahead of us!" Shippou whispered urgently from Kagome's shoulder, the place he used to take refuge from the world, especially battles.

Looking up, Kagome found that they were indeed falling behind. As she passed through the gate to the seemingly empty castle, they snapped shut behind her. A trap! They had been tricked!

"Inu Yasha! It's a trap!"

Just as Kagome sent her warning shout, millions of youkai appeared from the wreckage and attacked.
*~*End Flashback*~*
'She tricked us. Kikyou sent us into a trap.' Furious, Kagome clenched her hand tighter, causing blood to run down her hand, dripping onto the clean uniform skirt she wore.

The group had fought through most of the millions of youkai sent after them when Miroku's time ran out.


Sango's desperate cry surrounded the battlefield. The thousands of youkai left turned to watch, bemused.

Kagome whirled around at Sango's shout. Her eyes watered with tears of sadness, regret, and sympathy as she watched the scene that lay before her.

Miroku grasped his hand in a futile attempt to stop the winds threatening to devour him. Turning one last time to look at Sango's face covered in tears, he whispered his last words to her. "Sango, I love you. Forgive me!" With pain evident on his face, he plunged deep into the oncoming onslaught. A scream pierced the air as the winds churned, sucking Miroku and thousands of demons into an empty void.

Broken and openly sobbing, Sango crumpled to the ground. Kagome could barely understand the words coming from Sango as she stepped forward to defend her fallen friend.

"Houshi, I love you, too. Don't't leave me! I'm not ready! I need you! Come back. come back. Miroku."
*~*End Flashback*~*
Sango never truly recovered. She always seemed to be a shell of the old Sango. Neither Shippou's antics nor Kagome's kind words brought out a reaction from the depressed girl. Kagome ultimately decided to bring Sango to the future. A change of scene would do the sad lover some good, and seperation from the memories of Miroku that exist everywhere in Sengoku Judai would hopefully eventually help Sango recover from the emotional trauma. Or so Kagome hopes.

The only times that Sango would crawl out of her shell would be to try to comfort Kagome about Inu Yasha. Inu Yasha. Inu.Yasha.

The battle was over. Naraku lie in pieces at one end of the battlefield, the numerous youkai corpses taking up all the other space. Blood, gore, and guts overwhelmed the senses, devastation and destruction everywhere.

Inu Yasha stood a little away with Tetsusaiga's tip gently resting against the blood filled soil. Cautiously, Kagome walked up to him, opening her hand so he could see the completed jewel resting on her palm.

"Inu Yasha! The jewel is finally complete! We can end world hunger, or stop poverty!"

Inu Yasha turned slightly, regarding her out of half-opened eyes. "Bitch, just keep the damned jewel. I'm going to hell with Kikyou." Surprised, Kagome just stared at him, then opened her mouth to speak, saying the words that she had wanted to say for months. "I love you Inu Yasha! Stay with me. stay with me and live, Inu Yasha!!" "Stupid wench! Think you can even measure up to half of what Kikyou once was?!? Even dead she surpasses you by a mile!!" "OSUWARI!!" Kagome turned and ran. The tears just kept coming, and all she could do was run.
*~*End Flashback*~*

That was it. The end. She had run back to camp, taken Sango and Shippou, and left for the well. Even thought she never sealed the well, Inu Yasha never appeared. Kagome just assumed he had gone to hell with the dead bitch. Yes, why want someone living, breathing, when you can have someone dead! Someone wanting you to die!! Someone willing to drag you down into the depths of hell!!

Furious, Kagome threw the jewel as hard as she could at the wall in front of her. Thwack! The tiny jewel rebounded off before rolling under her desk. Sighing, Kagome retrieved the jewel just as Sango walked into her room.

"Kag-chan, are you okay? I thought I heard a crash in here." "Yeah, Sango-chan. I'm alright. Just.reminiscing."

Sango stood in pained silence before cracking a smile. "Geuss what?" "What?" "I found a demon lurking in the woods behind school! A big ugly one too! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Kagome lept off the bed in excitement. "DEMON EXTERMINATION!" Both girls yelled simultaniously.

Ever since they had returned from Sengoku Jidai and Sango had felt better, the two had secretly been training together. It was a secret because often Shippou wanted to train or fight with them, and both agreed that the little kitsune youkai was too young to battle.

Smiling, they quickly changed into their battle outfits. Upon starting training, the two had gone to a seamstress for two outfits made just like the demon exterminator outfits. The armor was a brilliant green color for Kagome and a soft yellow for Sango, both deciding to use colors out of the ordinary. But the under part was black for both of them accenting the armor color perfectly. Sango curled her hair exotically into a spinning bun, while Kagome just yanked her hair into a high ponytail. Neither wore shoes so they had maximum agility on their feet.

Exchanging a glance, Kagome opened the window in her room and the girls silently jumped out the window and began creeping down the road toward their school. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ A.N. So? Good? Bad? So horrible it made ya puke? Let me know!! Please tell me what you think; I don't think this is a very good story and if I don't get any reviews I probably won't continue it. What is the point in writing a story that no one will enjoy?

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