Author's NOTE: takes place after the season 5 finale. This is supposed to be a recap and a season 6 premiere. I have read a few spoilers about the first 2 episodes so this may be similar to what will happen or completely untruthful to the real premiere, but whatever.

Summary: Jackie has been away most of the summer on vacation with Donna and Eric. When Eric and Donna leave Jackie stayed a little longer. She was trying to decide between Kelso and Hyde. Meanwhile Kelso didn't waste anytime finding a new girl. Hyde has even started to date this new girl. Hyde has the thoughts that Jackie is gonna pick Kelso or neither. He feels it in his gut.

RATING: PG-13 for now I guess

THAT 70's SHOW season 6

~Liz Wyatt~

-----Somewhere in California---

Jackie stared out the resort window. It had been raining a lot since Eric and Donna had left a month ago. Donna had wanted to go home to get ready for college and all that. Eric wanted to check up on Red and Kitty. In three days she would leave the rainy beaches. She was leaving for Point Place. It had taken almost the whole summer for her to think hard about Steven and Michael. She was still a little uncertain on her decision, but she knew she had to see them again to really know whom she loved.

---Forman's basement----

Raquel was seated on the love seat again with Kelso constantly looking down her shirt. Kelso's girlfriend/ fling was out and about with Laurie Forman; they were becoming two peas in a pod. The both were the image of each other. Or at least in their brain power. Hyde hit Kelso for the fourth time that afternoon.

"Kelso man stop checking my girl out okay?"

"Hyde if you didn't want me to enjoy the view today you shouldn't have brought her here."

"shut up man."

"listen boys I'm getting tired okay, so Hyde I wanna just leave. Kelso you've been a pain into my backside this whole summer. Hyde you need new friends." Raquel smiled and bounced out of the basement.

"Hyde, I think Raquel was hitting on me."

"Shut up Kelso" He punched him in the arm.

---Three days later--- Bus station-----

Donna and Eric were waiting around for Jackie to come out of the station gate. They were searching around when the tanned, short brunette came out of the gates carrying her two bags. As soon as she spotted them she ran and then dropped her luggage as she and Donna hugged.

"Wow was that weird." Donna asked letting go.

"Well I mean I'm so happy to see you and Eric. (glancing over) hey Eric."

"Hey" Eric stated a little bored.

"I expected I would have to get a ride home, but I mean here you guys are. Oh my god Donna you cut your hair. I love it."

"Really. I only took a little off, but I wasn't sure if it was too much. You really like it."

"yeah I love it."

"Not to put a damper on this reunion, but we do have to get back before Kitty gets home because if she finds out I left without cleaning out Red's laundry she'll flip." Eric said.

"Okay good, I can't wait to get back." Jackie was smiling.

Eric picked up her luggage after Donna pressured him to and pulled Jackie aside. "Are you sure about that? I mean Hyde and Kelso. There is just a few things you don't know that happened while you were gone."

"Donna ya know what I don't care what happened while I was gone I need to get back into this life. Whatever happens, happens."

---Forman's basement--- Jackie and Donna had dropped off her stuff and were heading towards the back door to the basement with Eric in tow. INSIDE: Raquel was seated on Hyde's lap (making out) in his usual chair by the washers and Jessica (Kelso's girlfriend/fling) was on Kelso's lap in the chair closest to the back door. Fez was seated on the couch. They were all watching t.v. Or most of them anyways. Then the heard the back door and in came Donna so as they all paused to look up they then resumed what they were doing. Donna was trying to say something to Hyde and Kelso when in came Eric. Eric whispered to Donna that Jackie had run back to get the bracelet she had dropped in the grass. Donna plumped next to Fez as well as Eric.

Hyde was still kissing Raquel and Kelso was still making out with Jessica when they had heard the back door shut and the rain start to leak in because it had started to thunder. Jackie saw the two of them making out and took a second. The guys didn't realize Jackie was back. She could have run. Normally she would have, but she stayed. Instead she started to walk towards the dryer and said something along the way, while slumping off her jacket.

"Wow. I guess the rain follows me everywhere. I mean in California all it did was rain the past days and now it's thundering here."

Kelso and Hyde immediately stopped kissing and looked towards Jackie who had her arms crossed over her chest.

"Jackie. when did you get back." Hyde asked jumping off his chair and forcing Raquel to fall to the ground.

"About a couple hours ago Steven." Jackie didn't dare to look at his face so she looked towards Fez. "So anything new happening with the good ole gang her?"

"Oh well Jackie this is Hyde's lady Raquel. and that girl over there with Kelso is Jessica." Fez said simply.

"Hey." Raquel said.

"cool. . so umm Donna how's your dad doing?"

Hyde could see the hurt in Jackie's eyes. Kelso went back to making out with Jessica. After a while they all started watching the t.v. again until Raquel went over to Jackie and Hyde listened in on their conversation. So did Donna.

"So Hyde he's quite a guy isn't he." Raquel stated.

"Sure, I guess." Jackie said coolly.

"You know every girl wanted him this summer and after his dumb ex broke up with him he was pretty available, but I beat out tons of girls." Hyde clenched the chair armrest. He knew what Jackie must have been thinking.

"Wow that's great." Jackie said with a fake smile.

"Well I heard his ex was pretty bossy, no one liked her. I mean who would be that dumb to give up something so good."

"really, no one liked her at all?"

"Yeah I guess most of her friends thought she was a bitch."

"really." Jackie said trying to hold in her anger. She wasn't sure if Raquel knew she was Hyde's ex or not.

"Yeah and I just want to get this message across to the bitch. If she even thinks about getting back together with MY boyfriend than she has another thing coming. Okay Bitch."

"That's it. . ." Jackie pushed herself off the dryer and punched Raquel in the face. Raquel took a step back and tried to fight back. Hyde and Donna jumped up and started to run over to them. Jackie was obviously winning cus she was punching instead of bitch slapping and cat fighting like Raquel. Kelso was now yelling "fight fight fight fight."

Then Donna pulled Jackie off Raquel and held her back.

"That's right Donna hold me back." Hyde picked up Raquel holding her back.

"You are some bitch. I mean who in god's name would want you. That's why Hyde wouldn't take you back after you cheated on him.

"What!" Hyde looked down.

"you heard me. you two timing slut. Whore. Bitch."

Donna let Jackie go. She didn't care anymore. Instead of Jackie reaching out to beat the bimbo. She stated, "Whatever." And ran out of the basement. After a few pauses Hyde ran out after her. Raquel was confused.

--- outside ---- Jackie was half crying and half soaking. The rain was pouring hard. She was just about to go through the gate from the Forman's driveway to Donna's when she heard his voice.

"I'm sorry." She turned around to see him across the driveway.

"You know what Steven I don't care. I just don't care anymore. I shouldn't have expected you to wait around all summer. The one thing you had no right to do was play victim. You told her that I cheated. Do you have ANY idea how much that hurts?"

"I. I never told her that. I only told her that I was in a relationship with a girl that I loved more than everything else for some reason. Than we broke each other's hearts."

"Steven. why are you doing this?"

"Doing what?"

"you can go back inside and be with someone you love apparently."

"I never said I loved her."

"What does it matter anyways."

"Jackie what if. . what if she never existed what would have happened. I mean whom would you have chosen. I hurt you more than Kelso ever could have. I knew you'd either take him back or smarten up and take someone else."

"Steven. My feelings just don't go away like yours. When I said I loved you, I meant it . I really meant it. With Michael I was in love and out. I felt sure of you. You hurt me that's true and so did Michael don't be mistaken, but it was two different kinds of hurt. Michael again and again took advantage of my heart. You took my heart and protected it no matter what and than you shot it to peaces. I somewhat expected Michael to find a new bimbo this summer. I didn't expect. you. I can't do this."

"Jackie. I."

Jackie walked off into Donna's house. Hyde went back into the basement.