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+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ He turned to look at her and grabbed her. He pulled her closer into a kiss. She didn't expect it. Neither did their friends because Eric's gasp was very loud and Donna couldn't help, but smile. Hyde leaned her down like Kelso had in the dip, but this time he didn't let her go. They kept lip locked. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


The whole car ride home had been quiet. No one said anything. No one was making out, or sleeping......well except Fez. Everyone was thinking to themselves. There were no two people pounded more under than Jackie and Hyde. They were both thinking the same thing. 'what just happened?'

That was 4 days ago. They had all gotten home safely and Jackie hadn't seen Hyde for those days. Fez and Kelso would come over and sit in the basement watching t.v with Hyde while Jackie would be at Donna's or the hub. Everyone had seemed to forget. Jackie was kicked out of her shared room with Donna for the 100th time in 4 days just so some making out could happen in her 'sacred' place. So she decided to go over to the Forman's just to have a place to go. She was walking through the passage that separated the two homes when she heard Fez's screams. She walked onto the pavement and saw Kelso giving him a wedgie with Hyde laughing right along. Hyde had a basketball in his arms so she assumed they were playing basketball before the wedgie moment.

"So decided to play with Fez again Michael?" Jackie said taking a cross armed stance.

"Yeah! The little guy just cost me a point!" Kelso yelled.

Hyde was still laughing at Fez's whines. They heard the slider close.

"Oh for goodness sakes boys......" Kitty walked over and helped Fez up. He tried to move his underwear back down. "Now I'm going to work and I expect you three to have his bottom in tact when I get back."

"Bottom......woo sexy." He started to give her a look that must of scared her because she walked off quickly.

"Fez......you need a girl bad" Jackie rolled her eyes.

"Yes......" He was serious. Fez walked over to the hood of Eric's car and sat. His face held pain when he sat. Jackie smiled she couldn't help it.

"So we still gonna play this game or not because I'm getting hot. I might just HAVE TO take my shirt off." Kelso said carelessly.

"Man keep it on." Hyde looked away.

"Well I mean if it's too hot for me to have MY shirt on I think Jackie is getting the same way. Isn't it just so damn hot? Maybe you SHOULD cool yourself down." He wiggled his eyebrows at her.

"Uh Michael grow up not every girl is gonna do that. Only the slutiest of girls would." She rolled her eyes again.

Laurie walked out with her shirt open and her bra revealed.

"Damn it's soo hot!" Laurie rolled an ice cube down her neck.

"See!!" Jackie yelled.

Just then a car pulled up below the driveway and Raquel came up the driveway. She waved to the driver and turned around to see part of the gang.

"Hey......" She sounded perky.

"What are you doing here?" Jackie asked.

"Well since Hyde won't return my calls and I found Fez in my bushes last night I figured I needed to see him. Really you had to send Fez to spy on me?" She shot towards Hyde's direction.

"Actually Raquel......that wasn't for Hyde." Fez looked embaressed.

"Eww......creep." She walked a bit closer in the circle.

"Listen we have nothing to talk about." Hyde shot her coldly.

"I think we do......what you saw......what I did it was a mistake......I think I had too much to drink and I knew him from a long time ago. I just never meant for it to go that far." She searched his face.

"But you did mean for something to happen right?" Jackie asked.


"You said you never meant IT to go that far. That implies that you knew IT would happen, but not to that extreme." Jackie surprised Hyde.

"That's not what I meant."

"Than what did you mean?" Jackie stared.

"I just......just......Hyde I never meant to hurt you. I really really like you and I know you like me, so lets not let anything get between us."

"Raquel I don't." Hyde spoke crossing his arms and leaning on the car hood.

"Don't what?" She looked confused.

Eric and Donna appeared with ruffed clothes and messy hair. Jackie walked over and sat next to Fez on the hood.

"I don't like you. Not anymore." He was a stone wall.

"Hyde surely you don't mean that?"

"I think......no I know Steven does." Jackie spoke.

"Shut up midget Barbie!"

"Hey!" Donna yelled.

"We have been through this Raquel. Your just picking petty fights with me. Steven doesn't like you and it's all real sad and whatever that you still think he could............I think you should leave." Jackie stated.

Donna was taken back. "When did you get so knowledgeable?"

"Hey! I DO read parts of Nancy Drew!"

"Whatever." Donna held a laugh in.

"Hyde! Please!" Raquel begged.

"I think you should just leave." Hyde looked away.

"Fine......you know what someday your going to hit yourself for letting me go." Raquel yelled while stomping down the driveway.

"I bet that's what she says to all her guys." Donna snickered.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ HUB (later in the week) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Jackie looked around Hyde was sitting at the booth and table in the back. She walked over.

Jackie: Hey Hyde: Hey

Jackie: you okay......I mean ever since you broke up with Raquel you've been kinda down. Hyde: yeah I'm okay. I just thought it'd be easier. I'm over her. That's not why I've been avoiding you. Jackie: You have? Hyde: oh geez......I mean really? Jackie: oh......do you want me to leave? Hyde: Not really. Jackie it's just ever since that night everything changed. I don't mean just Raquel and me, but us. Jackie: there's an us? Hyde: I don't know. I'm not sure.

Jackie: maybe you should think about that. Hyde: I don't know we just don't work. We're both so different. Jackie: yeah...... Hyde: I don't think it would work.

Jackie was hurt. "Yeah......cus you never wanna work at something!" Hyde: what!? Jackie: I get it Steven. I'm not worth the work right? Hyde: Jackie I just meant...... Jackie interrupted. "meant what? That I'm work. I'm sorry Steven I guess I'm too much or not enough! Geez make up your mind!"

She stormed out of the hub.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ FORMAN'S BASEMENT ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Donna had his arm around Donna on the couch while Fez was in the lawn chair and Kelso was on Hyde's chair making out with the girl he had at the beginning of the summer. Jackie slammed the door and sat on the freezer.

"You okay?" Donna asked quizzically.

"Fine!" Jackie huffed.

"Good because I was thinking Jackie if you would like to I would like to be here for you in any MEANS NECESSARY for this tough time your going through." Fez smiled.

"God! Doesn't anyone stop flirting with me! I know I'm probally the prettiest girl here...... well anywhere I go, but Fez restrain yourself."

Donna punched Eric's shoulder. "Hey! Donna is very pretty." Eric stated.


The back door shut and Hyde stood there.

"Listen......I'm......I'm sort of sorry about what I said." Hyde said.

"Sort of or......" Jackie asked.

"I am."

"What are you guys talking about?" Eric asked.

"It's fine Steven. You can be sorry. But I realized it's alright. I've MOVED ON! IN fact I have a date with Fez tonight."

"That's not moving on." Hyde was confused.

"It is too moving on. Fez is sweet......a little weird and perverted, but sweet."

"Jackie listen you have to know. I want to be with you." Hyde stared and there was a long silence.

"Well maybe I don't want to be with you."


"No steven. I'm done waiting. I don't want to be your second choice. If you wanted me you could have had me before all this started." Jackie walked away. "Come on Fez."

She walked up the stairs and went through the kitchen. Hyde stood for a moment and then went after her. The others followed, even Kelso. Jackie was outside heading towards Donna's house when Hyde rushed out and the others were behind him.

"I love you!" They all were shocked. Jackie stopped. She was still facing with her back to them.

"Oh my god oh my god." Donna whispered.

Jackie turned around.

"If you don't just say so and I'll stop. But I couldn't let you go without telling you that." Hyde waited.

"Oh Steven......" she walked over and took his head in her hands and kissed him.

They pulled apart.

"Is that a yes because if that was a no you really know how to kill a guy."

"Yes, I love you too." They kissed again.

"Awww" Donna said. Eric held Donna and kissed her. Kelso was already back to making out and Fez stood watching everyone kiss.

"psst......Fez......" It was Raquel. "Wanna go to the movies and make out?"

"ayiiiii" he walked away.

"I love you Steven Hyde."

"Same to you."

"Your never gonna say it again are you?"


"Good enough." They kissed again. Wrapped in each others arms. They didn't want to let go. Not again.

The End

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