So Malfoy was in the hospital. He was in a very deep coma.

'Fanbloodytastic.' Harry muttered as he dressed himself for the day. He had planned on going into London to do some light shopping, but had received the message from Blaise Zambini early that morning.

Harry shouldn't have cared. He kept telling himself that he didn't, but then why was he getting dressed and Apparating to St. Mungo's?

--Because it's the right thing to do.-- his conscience told him. :But if he's in a coma, : he thought, :he wouldn't know whether or not I showed up.:

But it didn't matter what he told himself now, because he was standing in the St. Mungo's lobby, talking with the secretary medi-witch on which floor he would find a certain Mister Draco Malfoy. He thanked the medi-witch and walked up the stairs until he came to the room. He looked in the little window on the door and saw a more pallid than usual Malfoy laying under standard hospital sheets, his head resting on a standard hospital bed, his face completely emotionless. Harry paused, wondering if he should go in, because really; what was the point?

But his feet carried him through the door, needlessly shutting the door quietly, then pulling a chair next to the bed. He sat down and placed his hands, clasped, in front of him on the mattress, and looked straight into Malfoy's closed eyes.

'Malfoy...' He began, swallowing, 'I wanted to come and thank you for what you did for me. It doesn't make any sense that you are hurt because you tried to save me and yet I am here, completely unscathed, save for this new stupid mark on my wrist.' He looked down at the snake that would forever be burned into his flesh, a wound that was the aftermath of his last mortal battle with that stupid prick who took everyone Harry loved away. He rubbed it a bit, then continued. 'I don't really know what to say, because you obviously can't and never will hear what I really want to tell you.' He stopped here for a bit, just taking in the look of Malfoy laying there.

He could tell from Malfoy's face that he was very thin, his cheekbones sunken in and the area around his eyes that faint tinge of blue only brought on by hopelessness and sleep deprivation. :well, he's going to be getting a LOT of sleep now.: Harry thought humorlessly, continuing on with his analysis. Malfoy's hair had grown out to be shoulder-length, and, against his own will, Harry's fingers pushed some of it out of Malfoy's face, allowing him a better view of the blond man's facial features. His lips were thin, but not too thin, and still rosy despite his comatose state. His nose, often a feature overlooked by humans as beautiful, was just that in Harry's eyes. It wasn't too prominent, not too small, or pointed, or bulbous. Perfection. Harry's fingers trailed over Malfoy's slightly parted lips, and one of his fingers dragged slightly on the bottom lip, leaving a trace of Malfoy's saliva on the tip. Harry blinked a few times, took off his glasses, and rubbed his eyes. :What am I going to do?:

He decided that speaking was his best bet again. Replacing his glasses once more, Harry found Malfoy's hand and held it.

' Malfoy, I-I feel so terribly stupid for doing this. I mean, I almost didn't come because of the fact that no matter what I did, you'd never hear it or see it or remember any of it. But I came anyway, and I'm going to do something I've only dreamed about doing.

'A long time ago I swore that I'd never fall in love, because everyone I loved has been taken away. Hermione, Ron and Ron's family, my parents, Sirius... and so I told myself that if my heart only belonged to me, I would never have to feel that pain that you only read about, the one where all you want to do is die, because there is nothing left in life without the people you love. That's how I felt until now. I-I-' He broke off, his eyes brimming with tears. He swallowed and allowed the tears to fall. 'I've given my heart away and it's to someone who will never know it. Malfoy... I am in love with you. I watched you dash in front of me and take the brunt of Voldemort's attack, so I could continue and fight until the very last minute. You didn't just save me. You saved everyone in the Wizarding world. And the Muggle world, as much as you may hate to admit that bit.' Harry added the last bit with an anguished chuckle. He took a deep breath, then another, before licking his lips and continuing. 'Everyone thought you were always on Voldemort's side, and you stood next to him as he stalked towards me, and- and then you shocked everyone. Why did you do it? I don't understand it, really, because I sincerely doubt your feelings towards me are anything but tolerance. I know I'm a stupid sod who is and always will impede your way. But I love that about you. You don't care that I saved the fucking world twice. You don't care.

'Even if you hate me, at least you are genuine about it and don't hide behind a mask just to please others. Your opinion is always on the tip of your tongue, and you share it with anyone that passes by. ' Harry sniffed and more tears began to fall as he squeezed the hand that was laying in his own, contrasting against his skin in a pearlescent beauty. He sat there for a significant amount of time, rubbing his thumb over Malfoy's knuckles, pleading for the muscles in the pale hand to tighten around his own, just one little show that Malfoy had heard a word that he'd said. But after three hours he wiped his still-streaming eyes and let the pale hand go, standing up and stretching. He turned to see Lupin standing in the doorway, smiling a faint smile.

'Hi, Moony.' Harry said, returning the smile. He walked out the door and home, not knowing that the blond man in the bed had heard every word.


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