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Hi there peoples! This is my second posting at fanfiction.net and another one for Yami no Matsuei. I just love Tsuzuki and Hisoka! If I can manage to get this monster of a story rolling, (and hopefully I will) I hope that I can intrigue people. Just a warning for any readers, this story is probably going to be huge. Hopefully my writing style and mistakes won't scare everyone away. This idea came to me in the middle of the night, and I just had to start madly outlining it. I can make no promises at how fast this one will be coming out, but I will try my best.

So on with the Show!

Desires By Lockeheart


Dark, rolling clouds hid the expansive array of stars across the night sky. The city of Tokyo sat huddled under the looming mass, like a child holding its breath, knowing something was about to happen. Inky black water lapped up against the supports of the walking bridge, goaded into action by the blowing wind. A streetlight flickered, providing the only viable light along the length of the bridge, the light itself casting eerie shadows in its wake.

A lone figure stood at the apex of the bridge, his gaze upon the choppy water below him. The silvery blonde haired man huddled slightly into his white trench coat, chilled slightly by the brewing storm. The shadows along the length of the bridge wavered and against all logic, began to coalesce a few feet behind the white clad man. The streetlight dimmed suddenly and a form emerged out of the gathered shadows.

Vague outlines of a man with large wings materialized from the amassed darkness, its own form also vague in nature. Blood red eyes blinked open upon the face of the figure, the only thing concrete about the shadowy being. Those piercing red eyes settled upon the white clad man, who still stood facing away from the apparition. The creature reached out a hand to the man, as if to whirl the man around to face him, but stopped as the man turned around on his own accord.

"You are late." The man settled his gaze upon the winged figure, disconcerting with his one unnatural blue eye. The wind rustled his clothing slightly, but did nothing to disturb the shadow creature before him.

The shadowy creature narrowed its red eyes at the insulting voice of the man, and moved forward into his personal space. "Do not take me lightly Muraki. I come and go as I please."

Muraki looked up as the creature approached him, unperturbed by the spirits actions. "As do I, minion." His eyes narrowed as he sized up the demon. "Your masters asked I met you here. I came because I chose to, because they asked me to, not because they ordered me to." Muraki tilted his head slightly and gave the demon a mock grimace of a smile. "Perhaps you should reexamine just who is the lapdog between you and me. Don't you think?"

The winged form growled slightly but backed away from the doctor. Muraki's smile widened. "Are you ready?" The shadowy form flapped its wings slightly. "The contract has been made mortal, what you require is at your disposal." Red eyes glared hatefully down at Muraki. "Or perhaps now that preparations have been made, you are finding the task . . . too difficult?" He sneered at that remark.

Muraki eyed the shadowy figure before him. He adjusted his glasses and gazed coldly up at the shadow, making it seem as if he was looking down upon the creature. "Do not underestimate me demon," He looked beyond the shadow creature to the rolling clouds above. "I have my role to play, and you have yours. Keep your mind on your own actions."

The shadow seemed to flare up, which did nothing to daunt Muraki. "Foolish doctor, make sure to remember what you are. The contract has been made, and blood has been paid." Red eyes glowed dangerously. "Do not think that you dark arts protect you from us wholly. You are treading on thin ice with that attitude of yours--"

"I would like to remind you . . ." Muraki glared at the billowing shadowy figure. "That without my . . . 'expertise', you would not be able to attempt what we are doing. For all your power, you are weak against JuChoOh. I hold the key to breaking down the barriers . . . So perhaps it is you who need to watch their attitude."

The shadow seemed to shrug and the red eyes narrowed. "Aye, that may be true, but you need us as well to complete your desires, don't forget that mortal. You aren't the only option for us, only the most convenient." The figure whirled around and stalked off. "Know your place Muraki. Stick to the plan, and we will both gain what we desire. Defy us, and you will regret your actions . . . most assuredly." The winged creature turned its self around slightly to face Muraki. "Contracts cannot be taken lightly mortal. Even one as unusual as this one. Our powers are far greater that you can even imagine. Everything is set, make sure you uphold your end . . . human." With that, the shadow creature melded back into the natural shadows cast onto the bridge. The street lamp flared back to its flickering life as the creature disappeared.

Muraki glared at the spot where the demon left, his piercing blue eye flashing in the weak street light. "Perhaps you should note, that you are also just 'convenient' to me as well," He spoke to no one in particular, just letting his threat carry out across the water. "And that my powers are also beyond your realm of understanding . . ." He gazed back across the water, his hands embedded in his coat pockets.

The winds picked up slightly, and a roll of thunder echoed from the heavens. Muraki let a small ghost of a smile grace his pale face. "I wonder if you even know what will hit you? My pretty doll . . ." Muraki laughed slightly, and the disturbing sound rolled out into the night.


Well there it is, the beginnings of a monster. This part is quite short - but well it's a prologue! :) Don't know how fast I will update, as my muse tends to be very picky as to when he shows up. But I will try my hardest to get my rambling down onto 'paper' so to speak. Reviews would be most welcome!