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So on with the Show!

Epilogue – A Silver Lining

By Lockeheart


"So you are telling me that after people have died and the impressive property damage," Watari waved his hand to the numerous piles of rubble that were once buildings. "Enma just says 'everything went according to plan' and we are supposed to accept that answer?!" He flopped down breathlessly upon the grass outside the Shokan division. "Unlike the God of the afterworld . . . SOME of us need a little help in understanding what the hell happened."

Tatsumi raised his eyebrow slightly at Watari's excessive complaining and listened as Watari continued to ramble on. He was just as upset as Watari was about everything that had occurred, but unlike Watari, Tatsumi did not have the luxury to take the time to complain.

"Just what kind of plan did Enma have? It would have been nice if he would have informed us that He would be putting all of us through the proverbial ringer!" Watari spoke with frustration and leaned back against one of the many cherry trees outside the Shokan division. Tatsumi just looked to Watari and shrugged slightly. There were a lot of 'what ifs' that could be asked, but in the end it didn't really matter. Enma had achieved His objective, along with all the rambling threads that He had wished to tidy up.

The High Council was much more subdued as their lack of response and inaction during the demon attack upon Meifu was considered a blunder by any means. Their focus had only been on Trinity and the capture of Tsuzuki, to subdue one person whose power was a 'threat' to the council. They had in essence abandoned everyone else in their desire to protect themselves. In response Enma now held a more commanding role within the hierarchy, as a God should. The elite force that was Trinity was undoubtedly back to what they did best, and despite the angels' arrogant attitudes, Trinity had saved Watari, and probably Tsuzuki as well. For that, Tatsumi was grateful, and wished them well. Tatsumi then allowed his train of thought to shift. Enma had played off His people and workers well and Tatsumi wondered just how much of everything that had occurred was because of Enma's 'plan', and how much was just plain old luck.

Enma had also gained back the stray lamb in the form of Hikaru, and in spite of the trouble she had caused, Tatsumi couldn't help but hope the misguided angel was okay. Her traitorous actions against Meifu warranted the highest punishment. But from what Tatsumi had gathered, because of Enma's newly regained status, Hikaru would not be destroyed. Love was both strength and a weakness. and for an angel to love a God and vice versa . . . Well time would tell what would become of that love.

There was still no word on either Muraki or Oriya, and Tatsumi could only assume that they had received 'judgment'. The two of them had been little more than a footnote in Enma's memo to the Shokan division, and it left Tatsumi with questions. God only knows that Muraki deserved death and much more for what he had done, along with the atrocities committed within his life. As for Oriya, Tatsumi had looked up the man's profile, and while Oriya was no model citizen, it seemed that his crucial fault was that he cared for Muraki. To love a murdering bastard, that had to be one for the textbooks. Tatsumi looked to the grass beneath his feet and looked over to Watari who continued to complain. It was a funny feeling, both wishing for and against the eternal damnation of a person. Muraki had brought Hisoka back, and in essence saved two lives instead of one, even it is wasn't his intention. Tatsumi would never forgive Muraki for the harm he had caused, but a small part of him hoped that Muraki could be the man that Oriya had apparently seen. Oriya had given up heaven for Muraki . . .

". . . with all of the crap Enma dragged all of us through with His subtle manipulations and misdirection . . . you would have thought that Enma was the enemy instead!" Watari was gesturing wildly with his hands now, and Tatsumi knew that it would be a while before his friend calmed down. He glanced at the numerous work crews repairing the extensive damage done to Meifu.

"Well, you know what they say, Watari: God works in mysterious ways." Tatsumi gave Watari a small smile and he joined Watari to sit upon the cool grass. "Instead of complaining about everything that went wrong or almost failed, maybe you should look at what has been saved." Tatsumi gestured to the sky and the area about them. "The balance between Meifu and ChiJou has been saved; we still have a home."

He and Watari sat in silence for a while, just listening to the sound of Meifu alive and rebuilding. Tatsumi leaned back against the tree behind him and closed his eyes. Nothing would ever be the same, not even if they built everything the way it had been before. Even if Enma had accomplished his goals, however bizarre, there was no denying the loss of trust between them and God.

Tatsumi sighed softly and opened his eyes to look to the crumbled wall that was the infirmary. Hisoka and Tsuzuki were beyond that stone, and Tatsumi could not help but feel for the two of them. They had all suffered losses in everything that had happened, some more than others. Tatsumi was sure that the GuShoShin brothers would be bemoaning their ruined library once again, but it could be replaced. Yet what Tsuzuki and Hisoka had suffered though, was far more damaging. Tatsumi wasn't sure if his friends would ever be the same again. Tsuzuki's heart, mind, body and soul were in pain . . . but it wasn't Tatsumi's place to comfort Tsuzuki anymore. That was Hisoka's job now, and Tatsumi wished his young friend luck. To love Tsuzuki was not only a burden to carry, but also a treasure. Hisoka had endeavored to secure what Tatsumi dared not. Hisoka would be Tsuzuki's strength, and Tsuzuki his. It hurt a little for Tatsumi, knowing what he had given up; Tatsumi knew it was for the best.

"They'll be okay, Tatsumi." Watari startled Tatsumi out of his thoughts and he raised his eyes to meet Watari's own. Watari smiled and gently squeezed Tatsumi's shoulder. "It's terrible that the two of them had to go through such pain to find what they already had in the first place . . . but now they can heal one another." Watari groaned slightly as he got up to his feet and he held out his hand for Tatsumi to take. "Come on, Tatsumi . . . let's get out of here." Tatsumi grabbed Watari's hand and let the scientist haul him to his feet. In response Watari gave Tatsumi's hand a gentle squeeze before he let go, and Tatsumi's hand tingled slightly at the loss of contact. Tatsumi smiled faintly and adjusted his glasses. Giving the infirmary one last look, Tatsumi turned back to Watari. Perhaps this too was another one of Enma's intentions. Who could truly know the mind of a God?

With that thought firmly in mind, Tatsumi walked away from his past, from the infirmary. A person could not cling to 'what ifs' forever, because then they could never truly live. Sometimes you just had to move on. By this time Watari had run a little ahead of Tatsumi and Tatsumi could hear the blonde man calling for him.

Perhaps it was his future that stood before him now; who could truly know? Tatsumi shook his head and hurried up to reach Watari who stood tapping his foot with a mixture of impatience and playfulness. The future was a funny thing.

It was also full of new beginnings.


"Damn it, Tsuzuki, I can feed myself thank you very much!"

Hisoka glared to his partner who sat upon the bed's edge with a bowl of what was deemed food despite its unusual texture. It had been about a week since Hisoka had been forced into what was left of the infirmary. In fact considering that there wasn't a lot left intact throughout Meifu, Hisoka was rather surprised that the infirmary had survived. He guessed that the demons had not wanted sickly souls or something like that. While Hisoka felt comforted by Tsuzuki's presence, he couldn't help but feel a little irritated whenever Tsuzuki tried to treat him as an invalid, like spoon-feeding him now. He scowled, and then sighed as he felt a small wave of hurt coming from Tsuzuki. Ever since they had last merged, the link between the two of them had become stronger; that or perhaps Hisoka was just that much more comfortable around Tsuzuki.

"I know you can, Hisoka." Tsuzuki fidgeted with the spoon in his hand and pushed the sludge masquerading as oatmeal around in the bowl. The small hurt continued to linger within Tsuzuki and Hisoka shook his head slightly. Maybe it was because he had never really seen Tsuzuki this open before, but Hisoka found that even the slightest remark could turn his partner's mood. Tsuzuki raised his eyes to meet Hisoka's own and Tsuzuki fidgeted even more under Hisoka's glare. "I just want to be here for you . . . you know?"

"I get what you mean, Tsuzuki." Hisoka kept his tone soft and reached out to take the bowl from Tsuzuki's grasp to place it on the sidetable. He then reached out to gently touch Tsuzuki's trembling hand, hoping that Tsuzuki could feel what he meant; expressing what he felt verbally was ridiculously hard at times. "You can shed your masks now, Tsuzuki," Hisoka patted his partner's hand lightly and let Tsuzuki see his brief smile. "I know you aren't okay. Please trust me, Tsuzuki; I can be strong for you as well."

"Hisoka?" Tsuzuki's tone was puzzled, but Hisoka was happy to note that the guilt Tsuzuki had transmitted earlier was vanishing. Hisoka winced slightly as he struggled forward from his mountain of pillows to grasp Tsuzuki's shoulders lightly. Sensing his partner's intentions, Tsuzuki leaned in so that their foreheads touched.

"You know I stand by what I said. You are human; I guarantee it," Hisoka whispered the words and closed his eyes. "You love me . . . and I love you . . . that in itself proves it." Hisoka blushed as he spoke but kept his eyes closed. "I can't love a monster . . . so no matter what others say, you are human."

"Hisoka . . ." Tsuzuki's voice was at the same volume as Hisoka's now, not that it mattered as they were alone. A silence filled the air and Hisoka opened his eyes to find Tsuzuki crying. Tsuzuki smiled slightly and sniffled, making Hisoka smile more. "Say it again, Hisoka . . . I need to hear you say it . . . so I know that this isn't some wonderful dream that I will wake up from."

Hisoka pulled back slightly from Tsuzuki and tilted his head with uncertainty. Whatever did Tsuzuki mean? Hisoka reached out to gently brush at the tears that fell down Tsuzuki's cheeks. "You are hum –"

"No not that." Tsuzuki reached up to lay his hand along Hisoka's outstretched one. "Tell me what I need to hear."

Hisoka frowned slightly and then blushed. Tsuzuki smiled and Hisoka found his blush deepening. Why was it this way even after all they had been through? Hisoka cleared his throat and turned his hand around within Tsuzuki's grasp to entwine his fingers within Tsuzuki's own. "I . . . I love you, Tsuzuki." Hisoka found he was unable to completely let himself give in to everything that went with that phrase; so he followed up with a playful, yet stern remark. "But don't think this means that I will let you get your way all the time."

Tsuzuki chuckled softly at Hisoka's mild reproach and Hisoka felt the pain Tsuzuki had been broadcasting slowly recede. The guilt and pain wasn't gone, but it was a start. Hisoka squeezed Tsuzuki's hand gently and nearly yelped in surprise when Tsuzuki reached out and wrapped strong arms around him such that he was half-sitting in Tsuzuki's lap. For an instant, Hisoka felt his face flame but remained where he was; Tsuzuki's arms were strong around him and for once Hisoka finally felt truly comfortable being held by another. Before he would have struggled out of Tsuzuki's embrace and call him an idiot. Old habits died hard, but he would break them – with Tsuzuki's help.

But he didn't need to let Tsuzuki know just how much things had changed. Hisoka took a deep breath to let loose one of his infamous sarcastic remarks when Tsuzuki leaned down to capture Hisoka's lips; effectively killing his protest. Tsuzuki was warm and Hisoka promptly forgot his embarrassment as he kissed Tsuzuki back.

They had both endured indescribable suffering, but this time Hisoka felt that the destination at the end of the road was worth it. He wasn't alone anymore . . . Tsuzuki pulled his lips away from Hisoka's own to whisper his own promise and Hisoka smiled at Tsuzuki's words. He leaned in to rest against Tsuzuki's chest, his own body sitting entirely within Tsuzuki's lap now and sighed. They remained curled together upon the bed, not saying a word, knowing that words were not needed. Things between them were not a happily ever after, but it was a new beginning.

They had each other now.


Author's Notes:

Whew. Well there it is, fumbling words and all. I hope those reading have enjoyed it, and won't kick me for taking nearly three months to finish 'Desires'. This story was a huge undertaking for me, and hopefully not my last.

There have been some things left open-ended and that was done on purpose. If I ever get the energy I may indeed do a sequel to this – but being as it is a monster already I do not know if it will happen. So as it stands, this is the end of this 'universe' so to speak.

Tsuzuki and Hisoka are together, but it isn't perfect. I don't believe in perfect relationships, and I don't believe that theirs will be either. Another proof of humanity I suppose. As for Tatsumi, well he now has the catalyst he needed to move on, and who knows? Watari is a good man . . . As for Muraki and Oriya: I left their status as it was, because their story would be just that: another story. The demons are banished, Hikaru is back in Meifu and with Enma, and as to whether that is good or bad; I leave to the imagination. Things have been restored, so to speak, but the lines of trust and communication have been damaged. Trinity spoke of a number of truths . . .

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