Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Ashes to Ashes

Written by: djb21212

Disclaimer: Gundam SEED belongs to Sunrise and Bandai, not yours truly.

Introduction: Well, with Gundam SEED over with I decided to create yet another story revolving around it. All I can say is that anyone who read and enjoyed "Memories of Sorrow" will like this also. Enjoy and please review.

Note: This takes place two years after the series's ending and tries to explain some things along the way. Also, there will be a full explanation about how Kira and Kagari are (or are NOT) related to one another. Also, this is an AU since the ending was left open. I may revise this someday if I have time.

This is dedicated to Evangelion_Unit3 and Heero de Fanel, for sticking with my stories from the start.


The year is 0072 of the Cosmic Era calendar. Following the near-devastating battles over the course of 0070, the Earth Alliance has reached a temporary peace agreement with the remainder of the ZAFT forces. However, some felt that this peace would not last. In doing so, a new faction was formed out of the ashes of ZAFT's defeat. The sparks of war would be re-ignited as a new series of attacks heralded the new year. Now, both sides would find themselves thrust into a new threshold where peace would come close to becoming a memory...


"Adjusting angle by .024 degrees. Entering trajectory coordinates. All navigation systems now on automatic."

On the bridge of the Archangel-class cruiser Resolution, Captain Hayes felt relaxed as the ship prepared to enter the PLANT, ready to be decommissioned after two years of service. For the last few months, they had been on patrol in search of any ZAFT remnants in the area, making sure that none of them escape and restarted the war that so many gave their lives to stop. It was to be the ship's final task before being shut down by the Earth Alliance.

Suddenly, several alarms go off all over the bridge, disturbing the quiet setting. Louise Simmons, who was working the navigational station, quickly checked over the readouts.

"Captain, there's two incoming ships, all with ZAFT signatures." she reported.

"Hail them." Hayes said, leaning forward in his command chair. Finally, something to break the boredom.

"They're blocking our transmissions, sir. Some sort of electromagnetic interference."

"Go to Battle Alert status." Hayes ordered, seeing the crew rush about their stations as they prepared for a possible battle. "Prepare the weapons. This is what I was afraid of."


In space, several GINN and GuAIZ mobile suits moved towards the Resolution and the PLANT, all ready for battle as their weapons were drawn and charged. Leading the charge was a mobile suit shrouded in black, nearly invisible against the blackness of space. The only thing that could be seen was the dark blue glow of it's eyes, the sound of it's engines pushing it closer and closer to it's targets.

The GINNs shifted into their fighter modes and charged towards the Resolution with the GuAIZ mobile suits, their beam weapons firing rapidly at the Alliance battleship. Though the Resolution fired back and managed to destroy one, it was simply no use. The entire time, the mysterious black mobile suit stood away from the battlefield, it's pilot contemplating his next move. He activated the beam saber stored on his arm, it's long blade a sharp contrast against it's black armor. The mobile suit moved in rapidly as the others moved away, it's beam saber slicing through the engines of the Resolution. Sparks and smoke flew from the shattered engines as it listed, the ship struggling to right itself. Satisfied, the unknown mobile suit pushed it's engines to full and moved away, the GINNs and GuAIZ mobile suits following it back to the ZAFT ships in the distance.


"Damage report!" Hayes shouted across the ruined remains of his bridge. Nearly the entire area was darkened, the consoles destroyed beyond repair or shut down to save power. Some of the crew were still conscious, the remainder rushed to the medical bays for burns or worse. A young man named Alexander, who replaced Louise after she was wounded by an exploding console, lifted himself to the half-functioning navigation console. He brushed the brown hair out of his eyes as he went over the damage, trying not to let the fear show in his voice. He had already stressed his nerves after destroying one of the GINNs at weapons control. This was not helping at all.

"Massive damage to Engine #2." Alexander called out. "We're listing towards the PLANT. I'll try to get us righted again, sir."

"All right, then." Hayes replied. "In the meantime, send a laser signal transmission to the PLANT. Tell them we were under attack by a ZAFT squadron and need assistance."

"Captain, the black mobile suit that attacked us wasn't in the ZAFT registry." Mariah Cortez, the young lady at the COM station, reported. "According to the database, it's registered as GAT-105X-R Reverse Strike."

"The prototype hijacked a few months ago from Earth?" Alexander commented. "Why would it be attacking us? I thought it was on our side."

"One thing you need to understand, Mr. Alexander, is that nothing is the same out here." Hayes said, leaning back into his command chair as his wounded ship waited for help outside the PLANT.


Aboard the ZAFT battlecruiser, the black mobile suit known as the Reverse Strike Gundam entered the hangar, it's black armor reflecting the lighting. Visually, it was the identical twin of the original Strike and Strike Rouge except for being completely black. Equipped on it's back was a permamently-mounted custom Aile pack, also black, with mounted two beam cannons. Gone were the recharge racks on it's hip armor, instead moved to the forearms for faster assaults. It's blue eyes went dark as it knelt down in the hangar, the hiss of the engines echoing inside the room as the doors closed. The pilot exited, his face hidden by the dark visor of his flight helmet. He took it off and ran his fingers through his brown hair, his dark blue eyes as cold and dead as the vacuum of space beyond the hangar.

"Mission complete." the boy said coldly as he put on a pair of black sunglasses and left the hangar, the nametag on his flight suit reading "Heero Shinigami".


Chapter 1


Cagalli Yula Attha stared at the photograph on her desk, lost in the memories it contained. Since the war's end, she retreated to what was left of the Orb Kingdom only to find it in ruins. With help from the Earth Alliance, it was slowly being rebuilt again. It seemed so lonely here now, so empty. With her father gone, she was now full ruler of the kingdom. Still, it was a position she never wanted. All she wanted was a normal life, now denied to her because of her birth.

The picture was of herself, Asuran Zala, and Kira some twelve days after the war's end. They seemed so happy then, reunited in their bonds of friendship. She and Asuran developed a relationship soon after, yet Kira was a changed young man. He seemed so sad for a while, so wrapped in his guilt over the deaths of so many during the war with ZAFT. Not even Lacus Clyne, with her kind sympathy, or his own parents could resolve his inner conflict.

Then he vanished.

A search was held for several months by everyone he had come to regard as loved ones, looking for any hint as to where he might have gone. Eventually, one by one they began to lose hope. He was just gone too long or didn't want to be found. Even Asuran began to accept that Kira was gone for good. Cagalli, on the other hand, refused to accept it. Her friend was out there somewhere. She HAD to find him.

The door to her chambers opened, revealing the familiar face of Asuran Zala. He had matured somewhat since the war's end, being one of the PLANT's ambassadors to Earth. He worked closely with both Lacus and Cagalli, trying to rebuild what his father sought so hard to destroy. He approached the desk and gently laid a hand on her own, startling Cagalli from her memories.

"Are you okay?" Asuran asked, seeing the worried and tired look on Cagalli's face.

"Yeah, I'm all right." Cagalli replied as she leaned over and kissed him gently. It was not passionate, like it had been shortly before their battle with Raww two years before, but was similar to the kisses Asuran had shared with Lacus. Something that was done out of courtesy instead of romance. Despite this, Asuran pressed onward with what he was there for.

"We've just gotten word from the PLANT." Asuran explained. "Lately, a fleet of ZAFT defectors have been attacking Earth Alliance ships in the area. They say that the fleet was using a black mobile suit, according to the reports from the Resolution. It fits the description of the Reverse Strike."

"The prototype stolen several months ago?"

"Yeah. Murrue and the Archangel are heading out there within a week or so to investigate." Asuran then noticed the picture on Cagalli's desk, which held her attention so much these past few weeks. Kira was his best friend, like a little brother to him at times. It hurt him to see him gone with no explanation, without a trace or even to say goodbye. It also made him angry after seeing what it was putting Cagalli and Lacus through.

"You still miss him, don't you?"

"I know he's still out there, Asuran." Cagalli told him, her golden eyes not removed from the photo. "I can't give up on him. Kira's all I have left from my family. If I lose him like I lost Father... I can't give up. I owe him too much."

"I know it's hard to accept, Cagalli," Asuran said as he clasped her hand in his own, "but the truth is that Kira may not want to be found. We've looked for almost two years now and still nothing."

"How can you say that, Asuran?" Cagalli said, sounding disturbed that Kira's friend would give up so fast. "He's your best friend and my family. I owe him my life a hundred times over and so do you. How could you just write him off?"

"I'm sorry." Asuran told her, seeing how upset she was becoming. "I didn't mean to make you upset." He then checked the clock on the desk and saw that it was time for him to leave. "Listen, I need to head back to the PLANT to oversee some peace agreements. Are you sure you're all right?"

"I'm not a baby, Asuran. I'll be fine." Cagalli heard the door open and close as she laid her head onto her desk, tears starting to form in her eyes as she realized that her lover may be right. Kira may not want to be found, not by anyone. This firmly in her mind, she finally released some of the tears as she silently sobbed, her heart in bitter sorrow over her brother's loss.


He stared at her from just outside the window, his own heart hurting from seeing her in so much pain and anguish. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her or anyone else, yet something kept drawing him here to this one place. He didn't visit his parents or Lacus. He didn't want his presence known to the reminders of his former life. Yet he kept coming here, to another reminder. She wasn't like the other ones, that he was confident about. But why? Why was this young woman so important to him? Could it be that he... As if the thought was a disease in his mind, he jumped out of the tree that served as his perch and raced away, confusion and mixed feelings overriding his duty to the mission.


Yzak growled to himself as he exited the Duel Gundam mobile suit, fuming over the results from his latest simulation tests. For the last several months, he had been in heavy training to increase his skills in battle at the Alliance base in California. After the war, he had considered joining the new ZAFT military but declined. Part of him felt that it wasn't where he could be any longer. He claimed there "wasn't much of a challenge" in their ranks. As part of the Earth Alliance, he thought it would be best to be at his absolute best in the battlefield. His defeat of both the Raider and Forbidden mobile suits in the war proved to him that he could do it. Accomplishing it was another matter.

Exiting the refurbished Buster Gundam mobile suit was Dearka, his teammate in both ZAFT and the Earth Alliance. Unlike Yzak, he was already confident in his abilities. Despite that, he wanted to go through the simulations as well with his partner and friend. Since the war, Dearka thought his own skills needed improvement since he was nearly killed by Raww's Providence Gundam. Still, he handled his situation much better than Yzak did his own.

"Well, it wasn't that bad this time." Dearka said, trying to look on the bright side. "We did managed to disable all the mobile suits."

"Nearly at the cost of our own." Yzak retorted. "I won't accept anything less than victory on the battlefield. We have to keep our own casualties at a minimum."

"You both did great." The conversation was interrupted by the voice of Miriallia, from the control room above the hangar. "You should be proud that you accomplished as much as you have." She had matured over the last year as well, understanding the tragedies of warfare more than most young women her age. With most of the Archangel's crew reassigned, she offered to help Yzak and Dearka at the base as COM officer.

"Well, you two can consider this a game if you want." Yzak said with a smirk. "I'm going to keep training." With that, he climbed back up to the cockpit of the Duel Gundam and prepared to restart the simulation. Suddenly, several alarms went off outside the hangar, the klaxons turning the area dark with eerie red light.

"Attention! Attention!" the alert sounded throughout the base. "The base is under attack! Repeat, the base is under attack!"

"Looks like we'll have to call it quits on the simulation." Dearka said as he climbed back up to the Buster Gundam's cockpit. Yzak smirked to himself as he called up the start-up sequence.

'Finally, an end to this boredom.' he thought to himself as he moved the Duel Gundam to the launch catapult, the Buster Gundam moving behind him. 'I can truly put my skills to the test now.'

"Be careful, both of you." Miriallia said over the intercom.

"We'll be fine." Dearka replied. "Hopefully it's not that severe."

"Duel, launching!" Yzak called out as the catapult thrust him out of the base, his engines igniting as he moved away. The Buster Gundam was behind him a few seconds later, serving as wingman like in the simulations. Both mobile suits have been refitted with new thrusters, letting them fly on their own without mobile sleds to help them. Other than that, the mechas were the same as they always have been.

"Where is it?" Dearka muttered to himself. "We couldn't have been called out here for nothing."

"Pay attention." Yzak warned. "We can't let our guard down, even if it looks safe. People get killed on the battlefield that way." Suddenly, his sensors flashed. "I'm getting something up ahead. Stay alert." He double-checked his weapons, just in case they were forced into a fight. The two mobile suits came across a flaming pile of wreckage, at one time a listening station for the base. With most of the other pilots away on assignment, Dearka and Yzak were the only ones left to defend it.

"What on Earth did this to a listening post?" Dearka exclaimed. Suddenly, both Duel and Buster's alarms flashed red, signaling an incoming attack.

"Look out!" Yzak shouted as he shoved Dearka out of the way, barely missing being destroyed by a blast of energy. It belonged to the Reverse Strike Gundam, it's beam cannons poised and ready to fire as it approached them.

"It looks like the Strike Gundam with a whole new paintjob." Dearka said, getting his gattling guns charged and beam saber ready.

"This must be the one that almost destroyed the Resolution a few days ago." Yzak mused as he also drew his beam saber. "Split up!" The two mechas dodged the incoming fire from the beam cannons as they went into two directions. Yzak yelled as he charged for the enemy mobile suit, his beam saber ready to slice into the black armor. The Reverse Strike saw it and raised it's own beam saber to block it. Dearka saw that as his opening and armed his gattling guns.

"You're not going anywhere!" Dearka declared as he opened fire, hitting the Aile thrusters on it's back. The Reverse Strike turned and fired it's cannons again, this time hitting the Buster's shoulder. Increasing the thrusters, it sliced into Dearka's damaged arm, sending the mobile suit heading towards the ground.

"You coward!" Yzak declared as he launched a volley of missiles, managing to hit the Reverse Strike as it slowly listed toward the ground. It landed on it's feet and waited, seeing Duel charge towards it. It held the beam saber like a baseball bat, lowering it's beam cannons for the moment, and swiped at the mobile suit, damaging it's V-shaped antenna and nearly decapitating it.

"Dammit!" Yzak cursed as he managed to land onto the sandy ground, his guidance system damaged. "This guy fight almost as well as Kira Yamato did."

"Listen carefully, you two." a voice, sounding eerily familiar to both him and Dearka, said over the COM radio. "I'm only going to say this once. You don't understand what I'm trying to do so stay out of my way." With that, the Reverse Strike ignited it's thrusters and flew off, leaving the two damaged mobile suits in it's wake.

"That voice... it can't be..." Yzak said to himself as he slowly moved Duel to his feet.

"Yzak, did you hear what I just heard?" Dearka's voice said over the COM. "It sounded like Kira just now."

"If that was Yamato, then he has some explaining to do." Yzak fingered his scar as he gritted his teeth in anger, furious that he was beaten again by the same person who gave him his scar. 'I will pay him back for this. I swear...'