Hey everyone! This is another Yugioh fiction, yes I know, YEY! LOL But this time, I'm not in it! Everyone clap, LOL. This is Yaoi, main pairings include, Yami/Seto first then Yami/Yugi, Seto/Joey, Bakura/Y. Marik first then Bakura/Ryou, Y. Marik/Malik and Tristan/Duke (Otogi). The Yami's and Hikari's don't really know each other at first, they are in the same class but that doesn't matter. The Yami's Seto and Tristan are a gang and the Hikari's Joey and Duke are one. Now then, school was going great until Ryou decides he wants to have a vacation out on an abandoned island for a weekend and cons everyone else to go to. The Yami's gang hears this and decides to go crash it but both groups get stranded! Will they learn to co operate and think of a way off? Or will they kill each other? Maybe some romance later on! R&R everyone so I can continue!! People are:

Yami= YamiYugi

Yugi= Hikari Yugi

Ryou= Normal Bakura

Bakura= Yami Bakura

Duke= Otogi

Tristan= Honda

Joey= Jou (I don't want to try and spell the entire thing because I'll get it wrong! -_-)

Seto= Seto Kiaba (Sometimes is called Kiaba)

Malik= Normal Malik

Marik= Yami Malik

Some side characters are:

Anzu= Tea (ACK!!)

Serenity= Joey's sister (Forget Japanese name)

Mai= Miho

Isis= Ishizu

Now then let's start!

Spiritra: Bout time!

Akira: Quiet you.Oh yes and there's no Millennium items.well maybe later ~_^ But there are mind links (Don't ask.) // Yami to Hikari // /Hikari to Yami / (.) Too themselves *.* Action or something they do like sigh or puts up hand or grunts when someone else is talking, stuff like that. (Seto is considered a Yami and has a mind link with Joey, Joey is considered a Hikari, Tristan is considered a Yami and has a mind like with Duke, Duke is considered a Hikari)

Chapter 1: Idea

It was a regular day of school in Mrs. King's class, the bad gang known as the Yami's were causing trouble and picking on the rest of the class, especially the goody-goody Hikari gang. Three of the five members of the Yami's gang, Yami, Bakura and Marik looked a lot like the three of the five members of the Hikari's gang, Yugi, Ryou and Malik but never really paid any attention too it. Yami and Seto weren't going out but they sure acted like it same went for Bakura and Marik. Why wouldn't they go out? No one dared question it. If they tried they'd get beaten up, tortured or picked on by the entire gang.

Mrs. King: Everyone pull out there geography textbooks and turn to chapter four.*Bakura's hand shot up* Yes Bakura?

Bakura: I forgot my book

Mrs. King: *Sighs* then look off of Marik's book.(Always forgetting his book so he can sit beside Marik.)

Bakura: Sweet!

Marik: *Grins* Always works! *Winks at Bakura*

Ryou: I wish they weren't so lovey-dovey in this class.it's sickening!

Yugi: You said it.

Yami: Did you say something squirt?

Yugi: N-No Yami.

Yami: Good.*goes back to kissing Seto*

Yugi: ARGH them too.

Mrs. King: Quiet and you two at the back *points to Seto and Yami* either knock it off or get out of class

Yami: Tick, fine.*leaves Seto and sits back in his seat*

Seto: *Mumbles* stupid teacher.

Yami: You're going to get it YUGI!

Yugi: *Whimpers* not again.

Malik: Why are they always picking on us?

Ryou: Cause we are defenseless.I mean we have Duke and Joey but two against five isn't great odds.

Yugi: Yeah.I wish they would go away.

Malik: Me too.

Mrs. King: Who can tell me what are the 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada called?

Yugi: *Goes to put up hand and gets hit with a paper ball* Ouch!

Yami: *Snickering* Take that browner.

Bakura: Nice one Pharaoh!

Marik: *Puts hand on Bakura's leg* do you mind?

Bakura: *Smirks* I never do

Marik: *Puts hand down Bakura's pants and grins*

Yami: *Throws another paper ball and hits Marik, causing him to pull out his hand* If we can't do it neither can you!

Marik: Jealous?

Mrs. King: Yami since you like to keep disturbing the class you answer!

Yami: What was the question again?

(Snickering and laughter can be heard but immediately stop after a glare from Yami)

Mrs. King: *Sighs* Yugi.tell him the question

Yugi: O-Okay.. n-name the 10 provinces of.

Yami: Speak up squirt! Can't hear you!


Yami: Geez squirt, you didn't have to yell it at me!

Yugi: Quit calling me squirt!

Bakura: He back talked ya man!

Yugi: I-I'm sorry Yami.

Yami: You better be.

Mrs. King: You finished?

Yami: *Nods* Canada doesn't matter! Only Egypt does!

Mrs. King: *Sighs* Yami.if you don't start paying attention and doing your work your going to fail this class.

Seto: Yeah Yami, do what she says *Snickers* pay attention geez~!

Yami: Oh can it Seto! Whatever.*Sits back down*

Mrs. King: Seto do you know?

Seto: Hell no.

Mrs. King: Bakura?

Bakura: Unless the answer is Torture, no

Mrs. King: Anyone from your 'gang'

*Yami's gang shakes heads*

Mrs. King: ARGH! Ryou answer.

Ryou: It's.*gets hit with paper ball*

Bakura: Don't you dare say a word!

Mrs. King: Can anyone answer?

(Everyone shakes head in fear that the Yami gang will hit them)

Mrs. King: Fine, let's go to gym then.

*Everyone leaves class and goes to the gym*

Mrs. King: All right, today's game is Dodge Ball! Rex and Weevil will be captains! Rex goes first in picking your teammates.

Rex: I pick.Seto!

Weevil: (Damn it! Who ever picks one Yami gets the entire gang!) I pick.Anzu.

Rex: I pick Yami

Weevil: I pick Mai

Rex: I pick Bakura

Weevil: I pick Serenity

Rex: I pick Marik

Weevil: I pick Joey

Yugi: *Whispers to Joey* Sorry buddy.hope we're on same team.

Rex: Hmm.(Need to give Weevil some edge) I pick Yugi

Yami: The squirt?! He's no good.

Yugi: *Gulps* O-Okay.(Stupid Rex)

Weevil: I pick Duke.

Rex: I pick Malik

Marik: OH, COME ON!

Weevil: I pick B. Keith

Rex: (Good choice he's great at dodge ball) I pick Ryou

Bakura: Damn it Rex! Why can't you pick good people!

Weevil: I pick Isis

Rex: Hm.I pick Tristan

Tristan: Bout time!

Yami: I was getting ready to kill Rex too.

Weevil: I pick Odion!

Rex: I pick Mako

Weevil: I pick Varon!

Mrs. King: All right! That's the teams, team Rex on the right side of the gym *moves to right side* and team weevil on the left *moves to left*. Okay. *tosses two balls on both sides each* GO!

Yami: *Catches a ball* All right! *Throws it and gets Anzu out* YES!

Anzu: Good shop Yami-kuns!

Yami: *Rolls eyes*

Marik: Did she just say good shop?

Bakura: Think so.*Gets hit* ARGH! Who hit me.WHEELER!

Joey: *Snickers* should have been paying attention Bakura *snickers and gets hit* who? Ryou?!

Ryou: Sorry Joey but I am against you.

Bakura: Good shot! *Goes and sits on side lines*

Yugi: *Is about to get hit* Ah!

Yami: Yugi! *Tosses ball to Seto who gets Isis out*

Yugi: *Yami catches ball before it gets Yugi out* T-Thank you Yami.

Yami: Don't read too much into it.*is about to be hit by Duke behind him*

Yugi: Yami look out! *Pushes Yami out of the way and gets hit* I guess I'm out.

Yami: Yugi? *Throws ball he caught and gets Duke out* that's for attempting to hit me!

Malik: *Grabs ball and throws and misses Varon* dang!

Marik: Hey Malik, look out! *Intercepts the ball Varon threw at Malik and gets hit out* guess I'm gone.

Malik: Thanks Marik.

Marik: Be careful next time.

Ryou: *Gets Serenity out* Yey I got someone out!

Yugi: *From sidelines* great shot Ryou!

Mako: Hey Ryou move! *Catches ball before it hits Ryou*

Ryou: Thanks a lot Mako! ^_^

Bakura: *Glaring at Mako* stupid sea guy.that was my job.

Marik: What on earth are you talking about Baku-chan?

Bakura: Never mind.

Yami: *Hits B. Keith out but gets out by Odion* Damn it!

Odion: *Snickering*

Seto: Damn you! *Throws his ball and misses Odion but hits Mai* oh well got someone out!

Varon: Ha, ha! *Gets Mako and Tristan out in a double shot* SWEET!

Yami: Come on guys!! *Rex gets knocked out by Odion* Damn it! Someone get Odion out!

Malik: *Throws and gets Varon out* YEY! Ryou I got Varon out!

Ryou: Nice shot!

Yami: Yugi.come sit over here.*motions hand at Yugi*

Yugi: O-Okay. *Leaves spot beside Joey and sits beside Yami* what is it?

Yami: Where Joey is sitting is where most of the balls are being thrown at.didn't want ya to get hurt since you stopped the shot on me

Yugi: Uh thanks.

Seto: *Getting angry with Yugi* Yami! That spots for me!

Yami: Too late already taken ^_^

Seto: Yami.*glares*

Yami: Hey we're not going out remember? ~_^

Seto: But I thought.*Gets hit out by Odion* ARGH!

Yami: *Chuckles*

Yugi: Ah.Yami.w-why.. aren't you going o-out with S-Seto?

Yami: Because I don't want too okay?

Yugi: S-Sorry.

Yami: *Looks at him awkwardly* whatever.

Malik: Oh no we're the only ones left Ryou. *throws ball but misses*

Ryou: Yeah.look out!

Malik: Huh? *Just nearly dodges Odion's ball* too close for comfort.

Yami: Damn it Hikari's! Get Odion out! Don't let him win!

Yugi: uh.YEAH!

Malik and Ryou:???

Weevil: *Throws ball and gets Malik out* he, he!

Ryou: No Malik! *Throws ball and gets Weevil out*

Yami: Damn it!

Marik: Odion won again.

Bakura: Yeah.man I hate him!

Yami: Poor Ryou.he's the last one!

Yugi:?? Yami?? *Shakes head, stands up with eyes closed and shouts* COME ON RYOU! DON'T LOSE TOO HIM! *Odion throws ball at him*

Yami: *Catches it before it hits Yugi*

Yugi: Huh? Ah!

Yami: Hey Odion! Keep it clean got it?! *Throws ball too Ryou* Get him out Ryou!

Yugi: Thank you Yami.

Yami: .

Ryou: okay.

Odion: *Holding two balls* give up Ryou!

Ryou: N-No.I-I.Won't!

Odion: *Throws both balls and Ryou just nearly dodges it* how did he?

Marik: Bakura.you used your.

Bakura: Shush!

Ryou: *Throws ball and hits Odion's foot* YEY! I won!

Yugi: Ryou! *Runs and tackles Ryou to the ground in a friendship hug* you did it! You did it!


*After school the Hikari gang is walking to Yugi's place but are being followed by the Yami gang*

Ryou: I still can't believe I won dodge ball.

Joey: Neither can I man.

Yugi: Yeah, did you see the way the Yami gang was acting? Well Yami, Bakura and Marik?

Malik: What do you mean?

Yugi: They were being nice to us.

Ryou: Great Scott! You're right!

Malik: They were just protecting us because we were on there team.

Yugi: Yeah maybe.

Duke: Don't read too much into guys.it's not like they care! There whole life is set on making us unhappy!

Yugi: Maybe not.

**At Yami gang that's following and listening in on Hikari gang**

Seto: Hey the pipsqueak is right!

Yami: Don't call him that!

Seto: See? What's with you guys? All of a sudden you like them!

Bakura: We do not Seto!

Yami: Yeah Seto! Why don't you shut up!

Marik: Oh got told off by your lover!

Seto: Yami?

Yami: We are not LOVERS! You know what? I'm sick of this! Forget it Seto.

Seto: Yami?? What are you saying?

Yami: I'm saying let's stop this okay? I don't know.I just don't want to be with you in that way anymore.we're still good friends though right?

Seto: Yeah, Yeah. I was feeling the same way!

Bakura: Pussy's

Yami: *Punches Bakura hard in the arm* Shut your mouth!

Marik: You're relationship sucked anyway!

Seto: Your one to talk! Your not even going out with Bakura!

Bakura: SO WHAT!

Tristan: Keep it down they'll hear us.

Yami: Sorry Seto.

Seto: Don't get sappy on me okay? Not your style!

Yami: Yeah you're right! (What's wrong with me? Before gym I was all over Seto but now.)

Bakura: (Damn it! Why can't I concentrate! I keep thinking about him.ARGH! I thought I loved Marik! DAMN IT ALL TOO HELL! What's wrong with me?)

Marik: (I can see on Bakura's and Yami's faces they're going through the same thing.what's wrong with us? Could we be falling for those weaklings! NO WAY!) **Back too Hikari gang**

Ryou: Hey guys.

Malik: What is it Ryou?

Ryou: Why don't we go on a trip? You know, like a vacation away from the Yami's and this school.

Joey: Where?

Ryou: When I was on the cruise last month I saw an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! They said it was abandoned and no one lived there.

Duke: Why would we want to go stay on an island?

Ryou: I don't know.just a thought. We could do like survivor and see if we could survive there! It'll be fun and besides we could leave at anytime!

Yugi: Sounds cool but.how would we get there?

Duke: We could use my chopper!

Malik: Cool!

Ryou: Then it's settled? Next weekend we're going to that island!

Joey: Hope there's lots of food!

Yugi, Ryou, Duke and Malik: -_-'


Tristan: There! *Stops and everyone stops with him*

Yami: What?

Tristan: If you guys truly still hate the Hikari's then go with me to the island and scare them! It'll be the greatest prank!

Seto: Yeah I agree!

Bakura: Sounds great.

Yami: Yeah.

Marik: Whatever I'm game!

Tristan: Good!


All right that's it for chapter 1! Yeah, yeah I know it's boring but it'll get good promise! Sorry about ending Yami and Seto's relationship! Don't worry they get back together but they don't stay for very long.^_^ Anyway please R&R! Or I can't continue!

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