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A/N2: In the story Breezy lives with Ray and the kids because a fire recently destroyed her house.

Turn Back Time

Ch. 1 - The Arrival

Ray stood looking out the window, while his kids were on the couch. Maybe he was a little impatient, but with reason. Breezy, his girlfriend, of well over three years had been across the country for four months. Her work had sent her to Florida to check out a few small business'.

Finally a small black car pulled into the Rocket's drive way. Ray went out side to help Breezy with her luggage. After sharing a hug and kiss the two, along with Breezy's five suit cases, walked back inside.

"Hey Breezy! How was your trip?" Reggie asked.

"Great! I'll tell you more about it later, I'm beat. I just wanna sleep." She replied flopping down onto the couch.

"Okay! I told Trish I'd come over to do homework anyway, I'll talk to ya later!"

After Reggie left Otto got the hint that Ray wanted to be alone with Breezy, so he went off with Twister to madtown.

"Breezy..." Ray started, "I have a surprise for you!"

Ray walked into the kitchen then came back out with a small box. He handed it to Breezy. She smiled and opened the box and found what seemed to be two plane tickets.

"What's this?" She asked.

"Well, I heard Nantucket is really beautiful this time of year, with the trees changing colors and all, so while it seems weird to go there, I thought maybe you'd like to go to Nantucket with me." Ray smiled

"I'd love to!"

"Great! We're leaving Friday."

"But what about the kids?" Breezy asked.

"Reggie can hold down the fort." Ray answered.

"All right." She smiled.

"Why don't you go and sleep?" Ray suggested.

Breezy smiled gratefully, she had just spent five hours on a plane, and one hour in a car. She gave Ray a kiss and walked into the bedroom.

She laid down and thought back to a time when her life had seemed hopeless, with the help of Ray she had gotten over things of her troublesome childhood. Little did she know that soon she would be forced to talk of things she had put behind her so long ago....

A/N3: Yes I know it was really short, but I'm already working on chapter two and it should be out later today! By the way, for those who don't know, Nantucket is an Island in the Atlantic ocean near Massachusetts.