Disclaimer: I do not own Adventure Inc. But I did make up Rei Tremellyn and some other characters.

Chapter 1

Gabe woke up with a start. He glanced up to the ceiling and softly said "Someone's on the deck." Gabe leaped up and grabbed the baseball bat leaning up against his desk. He walked up to the deck and saw a girl placing a box near the door. She straightened up and walked toward the gangway to leave. "Who are you, what do you want?" Gabe asked grabbing her to turn her around. She turned and before Gabe new it a fist connected with his face and he was knocked out. @@@@@@ "Gabe you okay. Talk to me Gabe, Gabe wake the hell up." Mackenzie yelled loudly after she found him out cold on the deck. Just then Judson come on deck and asked, "What's wrong Mac?" Then he saw Gabe lying on the deck his baseball bat in one hand. 'Hell what happened to him?" Judson asked. Just then a groan escaped Gabe's throat. His hand went to his throat and he woke up. Gabe then leaped up and ran to a box that most definitely hadn't been there last night. "Hey Gabe is this the reason you were out cold on the deck?" Mac asked worriedly. "Yeah I saw a girl put it over there then she knocked me out." Gabe answered. Just then Judson came over and grabbed the box from Gabe. He opened amid protest from Gabe and Mac. In side wrapped in Newspaper was a statue. Judson stared openmouthed at it. "What is it Judson?" Mac asked. "I can't believe it this is the statue of The Greek Goddess Athene. I've had given up hope on ever finding it and here it is in my hands." Judson exclaimed. "Wow I heard about this, you gave up also because the person you worked with had disappeared from their tent." Gabe explained. "Yeah I remember that Gabe you told me about this when we where in Greece." Mac said. Judson was turning the statue around when Mac said, "Wait theirs a letter on the bottom of the statue." Judson took the letter from the spot and opened it up. He read it then handed it to Mac who read it then handed it to Gabe. It said Judson, Hey I found it for you, I told you it would be found by one of us and you didn't believe me. Rei Gabe handed the letter back to Judson who placed it in his pocket. "Get ready we're going on a little excursion.