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Chapter 4

"Well you must be Mac, and Gabe." Doctor said. They all nodded. "Well I have something important to tell you."

"Get on with it, we don't have all day." Mac almost shouted.

"I'm sorry to tell you Judson might not make it. He has some serious damage to one of the arteries leading to the heart. He has lost a lot of blood. I'm very sorry." The doctor said.

"What oh no that can't be true." Gabe exclaimed sitting down in the chair. He put his head in his hands.

"He'll make it, if I know Judson he won't give up the fight." Rei said going over to Judson. She put her hand on his arm and started to cry softly.

Mac just ran out of the room and down the stairs to the car. She slammed her fist into the door making a dent. (A/N: she is strong right?)

*A few hours later *

Rei walked into her room at the mansion where she lived. She threw herself on the bed and cried. That was the third time today she cried about Judson.

"If only I hadn't left this wouldn't have happened. It's all my fault." Rei sobbed into her pillow.

"Rei what's wrong?" Jason said walking in. (A/N: Jason is Rei's friend)

"Judson is in the hospital and they don't think he'll make it. It's all my fault." Rei yelled as Jason sat down.

"No it's not, that man was the one who shot him. It's his fault not yours. They where in the wrong place at the wrong time." Jason said taking Rei into his arms.

Rei leaped up and ran out the door with Jason behind her.

"What's wrong Rei?" Jason shouted running after her.

"There's someone outside near my car. I wan to know who it is." Rei shouted back looking at him over her shoulder.

She pulled her gun from the holster under her blazer. She clicked the safety off and checked to see if she had ant bullets left. She had three left.

"Oh great, like that's going to help. Don't have a choice." Rei whispered to herself as she pushed the door open.

"Halt, stay where you are." Rei shouted at him.

He turned around and stopped when he saw the gun aimed at him.

"What where you doing?" Jason called to him coming up behind Rei.

"There's a bomb under my car near the gas. It would explode when I press on the gas." Rei exclaimed. "Oh you are so going to jail, bud."

"I, uh. I, I was told to, to do it or else m, my family would be killed." He stammered and looked around to see if someone was watching them.

*Meanwhile = at the boat *

Mac plopped herself down on the couch and sighed.

"Gabe, want to order out so we don't have to cook?" Mac asked.

"Sure, lets get Chinese!" Gabe exclaimed.

"Uh, Gabe where in Britain, I don't think they have Chinese. How about Italian? Rei gave me this cool restaurant that delivers."

Gabe nodded and Mac wen to the phone and ordered pasta and pizza with breadsticks.

"I wish Judson could eat with use but he's in the hospital." Gabe sighed.

Just then footsteps were heard on the deck. Mac looked up just having put down the phone. She pulled out her gun and went topside. A man was in front of her with his gun pointed at her.

Then a shot rang out.

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