No regrets.

Now why would I think that? I'm so far away from no regrets, that I can't even see it. There are a lot of things I regret. Mostly not telling Emma how I felt. I think she knew. I mean she is. . . was, a psionic. She even called me on my thoughts about her that time while we where alone waiting for Brennan to help that pilot. It's why I never said anything. After she said that I figured she didn't want me to see her like that. She wanted us to be friends and nothing more. But what if I was wrong? Now I'll never know.

Of all sad words of tongue and pen the saddest are these, it might have been.

OK. I must really be losing it. That's something Brennan, with his love of reading, would think of. Funny thing is, I don't even really care if I am losing it. We just lost two of our team; the woman I love and the man I really admire. I'm entitled to lose it.

Adam, what were you up to? And, more importantly, why? I guess we'll never know now. Not for sure. Not with you gone. But don't worry, the team will stay together. Whether he knows it yet or not, Brennan will lead us, and lead us well. It good we have .. to help. With Emma gone we will need her.

It's peaceful out here. Quiet. Brennan and Shal aren't talking. Well, neither am I. What is there to say? The people we really want to talk to are gone.

I think Emma would like the peace here. With other people's emotions constantly bombarding her she didn't get much peace in her life. Yet she managed to help others feel peace.

I guess Adam didn't know much peace either. He usually tried to hide it but I know the guilt ate at him and didn't leave him many peaceful moments.

I hope you two are finally at peace now, wherever you are. Now the real question is how are we ever going to make peace with what happened. And what we learned about Adam. NO, we won't be finding any peace for a VERY long time. But I have to believe that we will. Eventually.