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~11:45 PM: I guess its over. I should have known it wouldn't work out from the very beggining. I should have known I would get my heart broken. Why didn't I listen to Ginny. She said it would happen. And I know it was my fault. I am such a spineless coward. I came to my dorm this afternoon, after all the classes. I just cried and cried. I almost wish I was dumb, so I wouldn't know any better. I wouldn't know what I'm missing and I wouldn't care. I would give anything to have it be different.

Thats a lie. I wouldn't give anything. I can't change anything, and I can't go against Ron and Harry. I let them control so much of who I am. I feel so stupid. He fucking told me he loved me! Everything was so perfect. I screwed it all up so bad. My world is a cloud of gray and for a few special moments I had a rainbow. But now it's raining outside (literally) and I suppose it fits. I got some dreamless sleep potion so I don't have a chance of seeing him tonight. I can't even write! I don't know what I would say. I shouldn't have gotten invloved. I can't love him. And I don't want him to love me. -Hermione


"Before we commence the End of the Year Feast We would like to wish our graduating 7th years luck in the future, we wish success to all of you. To all the other classes, we wish you a good summer and look forward to seeing you all next year! Now tuck in!" Dumbledore's voice rang through the hall and then a clatter of silverware againt plates began.

It had been about a month since Hermione had last spoken to Draco. He had sent her letters, she had never responded. He would try to get her attention in classes, he would call her name in the hallways. She refused to talk to him.

Once, she had accidentally slipped into The Dream World. She looked around and when she finally saw Draco, he turned away and refused to talk to her. 'Give her a dose of her own medicine.' He had thought. She pleaded with him.

"Draco, please... I'm sorry. Can we talk?" He didn't respond. "Just know, I never meant for all this to happen. I shouldn't have... Maybe this was all a mistake." She turned and left.

When he thought she was out of hearing-range he slowly said, "It wasn't a mistake to me." What he didn't know was that she did hear him, and in her heart she thought, 'It wasn't for me either.'


"Harry, Hermione, you're coming over this summer right?" Ron asked eagerly as they stepped off the Hogwarts Express.

"Count me in mate! Can't wait to get away from the Dursleys." Ron smiled and looked expectantly at Hermione. She nodded.

"I'll have to check with my parents, but I should be able to." She put on a fake smile, and hugged Ron and Harry goodbye. Her parents were waiting for her at the end of the platform.


When she arrived home, Hermione plopped down on her bed. 'Home Sweet Home.' She thought. She looked around at her barren walls, her aged wallpaper peeling away in some areas. Her old wooden desk with a mirror hanging above it. She was alone. Her mind flashed to Draco, seeing his stony face in her mind at their last meeting made her tear up. She wondered if he was thinking about her.

She didn't have to wonder however because at that moment, a letter came through the open window. She slowly opened it, knowing who it was from by the handwriting. As soon as it was fully open, it began to sing a sad song.

"Sometimes I wonder If you know me Or really just pretend to care But tell me are you On a mission To bring me down I dont wanna hear it And I j-j-just cant believe it All the stupid things you say But one day I wont take this anymore One day I'll be old enough To do to do to do what I want to And I wont have to run away And you wont be there To say I'm not allowed to"

She cried silently. This was his way of saying how much he hated her, wasn't it. There wasn't anything written in the letter except his signature. she crumpled the letter up to stop the sound and as she tossed it in the trash, she straightned up, and made a resolution.

"If he doesn't care about me, then I am going to stop caring about him." She said aloud to herself. She soon found this was easier said than done.


Draco wrote her a few more letters, some with only a song, but he never sent them. He couldn't bring himself to. She was probably already over him. He just couldn't forget her so easy. He was facing the rest of the summer without her and that seemed like an eternity. Could he possibly go all next year without her?

He sat alone in the manor, nobody else was here. His father was in Azkaban, his mother was off sleeping with this weeks rich married guy. The servants had all been fired. Only the house elves were still here but they were too afraid to come out. His mind kept thinking about crazy things.

Being alone would eventually drive him to insanity.


With about a month left in the summer break, Hermione was set to leave for the Burrow. She had her trunk packed and she said goodbye to her mother and father. The house had been wired to the floo network for the day. As she left in a cloud of green smoke, her parents smiled.

"She's such a happy person." Her mother said. Her father nodded in agreement and squeezed his wife's hand. If only they really knew...

She landed in the burrow and heard a commotion in the kitchen. Now that Fred and George were gone, Ron recieved the blunt of the screaming.


"Hermione, dear, how nice to see you!" Mrs. Weasley enveloped her in a hug as she entered the living room. "As you probably heard, I just sent Ron upstairs. Harry should be arriving within an hour or so."

"Thank you for having me Mrs. Weasley, it is so nice of you." She smiled warmly.

"Of course dear! Now why don't you go on upstairs and let those two know you're here." Hermione nodded and pulled her trunk up the stairs behind her. She knocked on Ginny's door and went inside. Ron was sitting on a chair and Ginny sat on her bed. They both looked livid.

"Hello. What's going on in here?" Ron went from looking mad to looking embarrassed.

"Well, I just found out a little secret of Ron's and threats were made. I think this secret would be of some interest to Hermione, don't you Ron? And if you don't think so, I'm sure mum will. So maybe you should tell her. Soon." Ginny smiled innocently. "Well, I think I am going to go downstairs for a bit and wait for Harry. You know, my boyfriend. See, he had some guts and asked me out Ron. Nice to see you Hermione."

"You too." Hermione called to her retreating back. "Now what is all this about."

"It's nothing." Ron fumbled with the words.

"You can tell me Ron. I won't tell anyone!" He shook his head.

"I'm sure you'll find out soon enough. This family can't keep a secret. Come on, lets go downstairs." He took her hand and they headed down the stairs to the kitchen. Ginny and Mrs. Weasley were sitting at the kitchen table. When the two entered the kitchen Ginny nearly screamed.

"Finally! I knew she felt the same Ron!" Hermione looked confused and Ron was trying desperately to shut up his sister.

"Oh Ron, how sweet. You and Hermione make the perfect little couple don't you!" Mrs. Weasley beamed.

"Wait... I think theres been a mistake..." Hermione sputtered. She dropped Ron's hand and backed away. Ron pulled her into the other room.

"RONALD! YOU KNOW THE RULES!" His mother called.

"Oh my gosh, Hermione, I'm so... so sorry. They think-"

"I know what they think." She said harshly. She shook her head. This was it. This was her way out. She could forget about Draco, fully move on. She didn't dislike Ron, why shouldn't she go out with him?

"Hermione, I'm sorry, I didn't mean-"

"Don't worry about it. If you... you could have told me and saved yourself a lot of trouble."

"What do you mean?" He asked. She moved forward and kissed his cheek and hugged him tightly.

"You are one of my best friends Ron. Why wouldn't I want to date you?" His face brightened and he smothered her with a very sloppy kiss. 'This is wrong! This shouldn't be Ron! Draco's kiss was so much more filling, I felt complete when he was here. STOP RON!' She screamed mentally. But she unwillingly kissed back, wanting only to forget.


~6:34 PM: Everyone else is out at dinner, but I complained of a stomachache and stayed inside. So this is the end. It really is over now. Draco is gone. Ron is my new boyfriend. I don't love him. Maybe I can learn to... I don't know if I want to, but I'm going to try.

I have nearly a month before I go back to school. Everyone will find out about Ron and I. Draco will find out. Ron is a good person, you would think I would be happy. He has a good heart, and he cares about me so much. So why do I still wish he was someone else?

Everyone thinks we are so cute, Ron and I. I guess in a way we are. If only the past year had never happened, I would be so happy, and I would have a wonderful boyfriend, and a good family. The perfect life. I really have it now. That perfect life. I know people are jealous of me. The only thing I really lack is what matters most. Being happy. -Hermione.


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