Oh brother like I would own G-gundam no, I own nothing off of that. The
poem I do own, but not the characters of G-gundam.

In Another Eyes

I'm going on my own, through the cool night.

I'm sorry but I think it is best I leave you.

It may not seem right but believe me it is.

You will live to see another bright day.

I want you to find love in another eyes.

I fear what I'm giving you is nothing but lies.

I know you hold me dear, but she is better for you.

I feel it is best that I go on and leave you to her.

I know you'll find love in her eyes.

She'll be kind and give you the happiness you deserve, I couldn't no matter
how hard I may try.

Please don't cry. I'll be all right on my own.

It is best that I stay alone.

I want the best for you, and I don't think I'm the best for you.

I walk along the scarlet hue, knowing I'm doing the right thing.

I may sing a sad love song, but I won't hurt you anymore.

As the early mourning dove cries it's call in the morning light.

I only wish for you to find love in another eyes.
I didn't mention any characters in this poem just going let you all take it
for what you will. Hope this is good.