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Kay, this is the sequal to "The Murder". If you don't read that first, this isn't going to make much sense.


Summary: Bakura has gone missing from where he had been: A mental institution in America. Yugi and co. travel to America with Officer Thomas and his "side-kick" Kojii to help find the physcopathic, murdering Yami. But will the killings start up again? What if they can't find Bakura? Read to find out!!


The Search: Chapter 1

"Okay, kids," Officer Brown said. "This is-WAS Bakura's room."

They all looked at the room. It was an ordinary room. . besides the fact that it was completely sterile. The walls were made of soft white material, and the floors looked sparkling clean. The bed was expertly made, and there was a dresser on one of the walls, which was, *suprise suprise* white.

"Whoa. .. it's so CLEAN," Joey said, stating the obvious.

"Well no kidding," Duke said. "You can't expect them to put him in a room with concrete walls and sharp corners, can you?"

"True. . ."

"Excuse me," A woman, a nurse actually, said, walking into the room. She had brown hair which was tied into a bun. She had a pair of tiny glasses perched on the her nose.

"I'm sorry, but this room is reserved. You'll have to find another room," She said stingily.

"But, this room IS where Ryou Bakura was being held, right?" Kojii asked.

"Yes, what about it?" the nurse asked, looking at him suspiciously.

"Well, we're here to---" But Kojii got cut off.

"Umm. . Miss Ritae. . " Another nurse said, coming into the room. She looked friendlier, and smiled warmly at the officer and kids before turning to the other nurse.

"Nurse Ritae, you knew that the police were going to investigate!" She said, tsk-tsk-ing.

The nurse turned to the officer. "Him? How are we supposed to know for sure?"

The (good) nurse scooted Nurse Ritae out of the room, then closed the door and smiled at the visitors. "Sorry about her! I'm Kaoru."

"Hello," Yugi said smiling. "I'm Yugi, that's Joey, that's Tristan, that's Duke, Serenity and Officer Thomas Brown."

"I'm pleased to meet you all."

"Miss, can you please tell us all that you know about Ryou Bakura? What kind of things did he do while he was in his room?" Thomas asked.

"Oh he was very quiet. . " Kaoru said. "The only time that he would talk would be if he were talking to himself."

"Hmmm. . ."

Kojii wrote down what Kaoru said in a little red notebook.

"Did Bakura ever carry anything with him?" Yugi asked, just wondering. . .

"Well . .yes actually," Kaoru said. "I'm not really supposed to talk about it. . ."

"KAORU!" Yet another nurse burst into the room, glaring angrily at Kaoru. "Where were you? You were supposed to help me with lunch duty! Oh. . l'm sorry. . you have company. . "

The nurse turned red. "I'll. . ah. . be going now. . . "

"That's okay Rika," Kaoru said, smiling. "This is one of the nurses who also watched Bakura. Rika Yakamata. You've already met Gaerte Ritae, and besides us three, there's only one other person who had helped Bakura, and that's the counseler. Would you like to speak with him?"

"Sure," Thomas said.

"All right, please excuse me a moment," She said, walking out of the room.

Right after she left, Officer Brown and Kojii started searching the room for anything that might tellt hem where Bakura went.

"She was nice," Yugi commented.

"Yeah, SHE was nice, but I didn't care too much for that "Nurse Ritae"," Serenity said, wrinkling her nose. "What about you Big--" Serenity turned and saw that Joey was in a "deep conversation" with Rika. (*wink wink*)

"Wow, you really won?" Rika was asking excitedly.

"Yeah! Well. . I mean. . close. I came in second," Joey said sheepishly. "But that's still really close, right?"

"Of course!" Rika said. "What did you do with the prize?"

"I used it to pay for my little sister's eye opperation."

"Oh, how nice!" Rika said, smiling.

Joey grinned.

Serenity rolled her eyes and turned to the rest of the group.

"I'll bet if Tea were here she'd hit him," Yugi said, smiling, then sighing.

They were quiet for a couple seconds.

"Okay, Taeto Hiroshita can see you now," Kaoru said, entering the room and smiling.

They all walked out. . well. . except for Joey, who had to be pulled away from Rika by his sister. Not before giving Rika his phone number, of course ^_~


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