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~~Chapter 2~~

"Here's Mr. Hiroshita's office," Kaoru said, and they stopped in front of a door. She knocked and said, "Officer Brown and Yugi Moutou are here, sir."

"Let them in."

Kaoru opened the door, and motioned for them to go inside. She came in after and closed the door behind them.

"Taeto Hiroshita?" Officer Brown asked.

"Yes?" The man was in a big chair, and was turned away from them, so it looked like Officer Brown was talking to the back of a chair.

"Ah. .I have a few questions for you about Ryou Bakura---"

The Counseler turned around, his eyes wide. "Ryou Bakura?"

". . yes. . " Officer Brown said.

"Now he was an odd fellow," Mr. Hiroshita said. "I"m almost glad that he's gone. . all that he talked about was revenge and death. . pretty awful stuff. . "

"Aren't you used to people like that by now?" Serenity asked. "Being a physciatrist(sp?) and all?"

"Well actually this is my first job since I graduated," He said, grinning.


Actually, Mr. Hiroshita wasn't lying. He didn't look like he was older than 25. He had short black hair and light blue eyes that didn't really match his hair.

"So, Bakura mostly talked about revenge?" Officer Brown asked. He motioned to Kojii to write everything down.

"Yes," The doctor sighed. "Very depressing . . ."

"Did Bakura ever mention any names when he was with you?"

"Yes actually. . he repeated the names. ." Mr. Hiroshita took out a folder. He opened it and rummaged around for a little while, then found what he was looking for. "He usually said the names, 'Yugi, Tea, and Mai. He also repeated the word "Yami", but I'm not quite sure what that means. . "

"What did he carry around with him?" Officer Brown asked.

"What do you mean?" Mr. Hiroshita asked, sharply. "He never carried anything around. What gave you that idea?"

Kaoru was trying to act calm, but anyone could tell that she was near having a breakdown. She was biting her nails and looking around the room like she expected something to jump out of the walls.

"I'm afraid there's not much more that I know," Mr. Hiroshita said, coldly. "So please leave."

"Just one more question," Officer Brown said, his voice equally as cold. "Did the disappearance of Ryou Bakura have anything to do with the disappearances of several of your employees?"

Kaoru's eyes opened even wider than they had before, and she quickly left the room.

Mr. Hiroshita glared at Officer Brown. "I'm going to have to ask you to leave. If you don't, I'll have security help you out."

Officer Brown glared right back then said, "Let's go kids."


"Jeez, he could have been nicer," Duke said.

"No kidding," Tristan replied. "But whatcha gonna do?"

"Well," Said Yugi, who had been quiet and in deep thought up til then,"I think that Bakura's disappearence DOES have to do with all of the employees disappearing."

"Yeah, me too kid. It was pretty obvious when he got so angry when I asked about it," Officer Brown said.

"Well, we're gonna have to go back there, right?" Joey asked eagerly.

"Most likely, why?" Officer Brown asked.

Joey grinned. "I can see Rika again!"

Everyone groaned.


"In all serious-ness, we need to figure out what's going on and how the employees at that mental institution and Bakura are related," Kojii said.

"Jeez, it's like we're in a mystery book or somethin," Joey said.

Officer Brown chuckled. "Kid, I go through this kind of stuff almost every day. Never this. . odd. . but murders and stuff. .you get the idea."

"I should be a cop!" Joey said. "Girls like cops right?"

"What about Rika?" Tristan asked.

"Oh yeah. Well. . . what she don't know won't hurt her."

"Joey!" Serenity cried. "That's mean!"

Joey laughed. "I was only kidding!"

As they joked around, Yugi was still thinking about Tea. That was pretty much all that he thought about these days. Tea. .and Mai. Also Bakura. Why did he go mad and start killing everyone? Tea especially. What did she do?

'I wish that you were here Tea' Yugi thought, sighing yet again.

Officer Brown seemed to notice that Yugi was upset. "Don't worry, kid. We'll figure out everything. And you can avenge that girl you like so much."

Yugi smiled. "Thanks Thomas."

"Hey! That's Officer Brown to you!"

Yugi laughed. "All right Thomas."


"What? Stop yelling, Thomas," Joey said, grinning.


"Us? Annoying? What do you mean?" Duke asked, innocently. ". . .Thomas. .. "

Officer Brown groaned. "You guys are never gonna stop that, are you?"

"Of course not, Thomas," Tristan said, smiling.

"Well, you'll still respect me, right kid?" Officer Brown asked Kojii.

"Sure, Thomas."

Officer Brown looked at the kids. He sighed, and just continued walking. "You'll have to call me Officer sometime. . "

"Oh, you want us to call you Officer?" Joey asked. "Okay, What's up Officer Olddude?"

"Just stick to Thomas if you want to live," Officer Brown said, hitting Joey on the arm.

"Ouch!" Joey yelped, rubbing his arm as if something had bit it.

Duke rolled his eyes. "That couldn't have hurt that much. ."

"It did!" Joey insisted.

"Yeah right! You're weak!"

"AM NOT! You'd better shut up, Dice Boy!"

"Heh heh."

They all hopped into the cop car, which they had reached by then.

"So where are we going now?" Tristan asked.

"Let's get somethin to eat!" Joey suggested.

"Okay," Officer Brown said, starting up the car.

'Don't worry Tea,' Yugi thought. 'We'll find out who did this to you. Just like Officer Brown said. I'll avenge you.'


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