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'..' = thoughts ".." = speaking


Kagome meandered down the supermarket isles, trying to think of what she would need for her next trip to the sengoku jidai (sp?).
"Ramen for Inu Yasha, candy for Shippo, new eye shadow for Sango, latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition for Miroku, some NyQuil* for Kaede-baba and.. Ooh, what's this?"
She stopped in front of a display in the middle of the isle. It appeared to be a portable coffee maker. Kagome picked up the small device and looked it over, reading the sign in the middle of the table.

[sign] Tired of camping without your morning brew? Not too happy with the idea of using old fashioned kettles that leave grounds in your cup? Look no further! This all-new, battery powered coffee pot is the answer to your pitiful prayers. No longer will you have to sob in despair at the horrid sludge you used to have to choke down! Buy this now! Makes 5 cups.

Kagome stared. The sign couldn't have been ruder if Inu Yasha had written it. She did, however, put the little coffee maker in her cart. Dog- boy liked to get up with the sun, and having coffee in the morning was likely to make it easier to get up and follow His Majesty of Rude. She also picked up some coffee grounds, sugar and cream. Making a last check, she headed for the check out lines and left with her purchases.

Inu Yasha paced by the well impatiently. Miroku and Shippo watched in silence. Watching the hanyo was one of their favorite pass-times when Kagome was back in her time. It was really rather amusing to watch his antics as he wrestled with wether or not he wanted to jump in the well after the girl, or simply feel sorry for himself until she returned. It seemed as though he had just worked himself up enough to jump in the well when Kagome popped out of the well.
"You! Where have you been? It's already been." Inu Yasha started.
"... 3 hours. Geez, Inu Yasha, you'd think you were in love with me the way you act about me leaving!" Kagome said, noting the oh-so-cute blush that appeared on the hanyo's features.
"Wh-what? I do not. I mean, you.. Argh!" with that not quite coherent sentence, he stomped off to wait at Kaede-baba's hut.
Miroku and Shippo hopped out of their hiding place and received their gifts with delight. Miroku had to be practically dragged back to the village as he wouldn't close the magazine, and Shippo was examining the little gummy worms and bugs Kagome had brought him. After realizing that they weren't real, he tentatively at one. It was good! He rushed off to the hut to sit down and eat them.

Kagome finally reached the hut, and presented Sango and Kaede-baba with their presents. Sango delighted in the color of her new make up, and after Kagome explained the purpose of the green liquid in the bottle, Kaede- baba thanked her heartily.
"This will certainly come in handy, thank you child. I.. Shippo! What are you eating? Worms?" the old woman exclaimed. Shippo grinned around a mouthful of gummy worms and giggled.
"Oh, they're not real, Kaede. They're candy shaped like worms", Kagome said.
Kaede-baba shook her head in disbelief. "Such strange things there be in your time."
"Feh! Why is everyone making such a fuss over the things that she can get in her time? We should be out finding shards!" Inu Yasha said crossly. Kagome smiled slyly at him.
"Don't worry, Inu-chan. I brought plenty of ramen. Should I make some for dinner?" She 'eep'ed as the silver haired boy leapt at her pack, trying to get the ramen. "I'll take that as 'yes', then." She pushed him away and started preparing the ramen for him.
"Where are we headed next? We haven't heard any rumors in days" Sango asked.
Kagome shook her head. She hadn't felt any shards close in a while either. "I dunno. Why don't we spend the night here and start out tomorrow? That way, we'll be fresh for a journey and can spend all day instead of just the afternoon."
Inu Yasha, his mouth full of ramen, just nodded.

The next morning at sunrise, Inu Yasha bounded through the group, waking them each in turn. Kagome sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Blearily, she pulled the coffee maker from her pack and set it going.
'It should be done by the time I'm done bathing. I'll be awake enough not to burn my tongue on it, too.'
Gathering her clothes and toiletries, she headed off to the bath, Sango following her. Shippo also went, glaring at the lecherous monk, who sniffed indignantly.
Inu Yasha plopped down in the middle of the room to wait for everyone to get ready. He noticed the coffee pot after a few minutes when it started gurgling (signaling that it was done brewing).
"What's this?"
"I have no idea. Maybe Kagome was making ramen for breakfast?" the monk asked. 'Ew, ramen for breakfast.'
The hanyo grabbed the pot and stared at it. Whatever it was, it smelled awful and was black. Had Kagome burned his precious ramen? He set the pot down in front of him and growled at it. She better not have.
Kagome entered the room, and saw Inu Yasha contemplating the coffee. "What are you doing with my coffee, Inu-chan?"
"What's kah-fee?"
"Coffee. It's a drink that helps you wake up in the morning."
"It smells bad. Do you really drink this stuff?"
"Yes. Here, you put sugar and cream in it. There. Try some."
As Kagome turned to get a mug from her bag, Inu Yasha downed the whole pot in a gulp. 'Oh no.. Inu-chan on a caffeine high!' she groaned. Who knows what coffee would do to the hanyo?
"That wasn't so bad, I guess. I don't feel any different, though. Are you sure this stuff works?"
"It's not instantaneous. Give it a few minutes.."
Kagome went outside to dispose of the used coffee grounds as everyone else readied their packs to leave. None of them noticed when Inu Yasha stared getting fidgety and restless. They thought he was just eager to leave. Kagome stumbled back into the hut and was greeted by Inu Yasha's first string of caffeine questions.

"Whendoesthisstarttowork?Idon'tfeeldifferent,really.Youshouldn'twasteyourtim e.Isthereanymore?Itwaskindagood.CanIhavemore?Huh?Istheremore?Thereshouldbe.I fyoudon'thaveany,Iorderyoutogetsome!Iwantkaf-fee!" Inu Yasha said in a rush.
Everyone stared at him. What had gotten into him?
Kagome was about to answer him when he sniffed the air. Abruptly, he pounced on her pack.
"Oi, Inu Yasha! Why are you going through Kagome-chan's things?" Sango asked, moving to bop him on the head.
"Kah-fee!" said the delighted half demon, gnawing on the package of coffee grounds. Still chewing on the package, he started leaping around the hut, now restless with all his coffee-induced energy.
"Wh-what's wrong with him? Is he possessed?" Miroku asked, pulling out a spell scroll.
Kagome sighed. They weren't going to get anywhere with him in this condition. "No, he's not possessed. He's hyper. He just had god knows how much coffee."
"Coffee?" was the collective reply.
"It's something to help you get up in the morning. You're not supposed to have as much as he's had, though. You're only supposed to drink about a cup or so. Maybe two." Kagome managed. She dodged Inu Yasha, who was now leaping around between the members of the group.
"And just. watch out! how much has he, oof! Inu Yasha, settle down! had?" Miroku finally managed, having been knocked down trying to avoid being pushed into Sango.
"Ano.. All I had. About a week's worth."
Everyone gaped.
"How long till it wears off? Eep!" Sango ducked as a silver and red blur narrowly missed her head.
"I dunno. He's had a lot. We can only hope he wears himself out after a couple hours.."
"A couple hours??" Shippo ran for the relative safety of underneath a table.
Kagome was about to say something else when Inu-Yasha flew at her, causing her to tumble over, taking him with her.

"Kagome!HI!You'rejustthepersonIwantedtosee!Ireeeeeeaaallllyloveyourcawffeees tuff!Iloveyou!Youbringmecawffeeandramen!Yay!EveryoneshouldloveKagome!No,wait .Itakethatback.She'smine!MineIsay!WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!Ano,wherewasI?Ohyeah,K agome!Iloveyou!" With that, he kissed her and ran out the door, laughing like a lunatic.
There was collective silence as they all stared after the now crazy dog-boy.

"What are we going to do with him? He's driving everyone nuts!" Miroku said, taking a swipe at Inu Yasha. The villagers had thought he was on a rampage and had locked themselves in their houses. Since he didn't have anyone else to pester (Kaede-baba was tending to a woman who was giving birth), he had decided to have some fun with Miroku. Miroku tried to whack the hanyo again and retrieve his magazine.
"I don't know! He's been at it for hours! At least he's stopped trying to lift my skirt and feed Shippo real worms!" Kagome said, exasperated. Once they'd followed him outside, he'd started flipping her skirt, shoving handfuls of worms at Shippo, trying to shove Sango and Miroku together, yelling at the top of his lungs the whole time before taking off for the village to cause more trouble. Now he was back with them.
"It's already past noon! Is it going to wear off any time soon?" Sango asked, picking leaves out of her hair. After one bout of being pushed at Miroku, she had fallen in a huge pile of leaves, causing Inu Yasha to roll around on the ground laughing loudly.
"I don't know. What would calm him down? Any ideas?" Kagome asked, batting the hanyo away from her hair with one hand and holding tightly to her skirt with the other.
"None of us have known him as long as you have. Ugh. I hope we can salvage some of that silk."Sango said. Inu Yasha had rampaged through a tailor's shop, and, grabbing many brightly colored rolls of silk, had proceeded to dance around the village. He had unrolled the silk as he did so, leaving the town looking like it had been toilet papered with garish tp.
Suddenly, Kagome stood up. She decided to try something. He had said he loved her, but she assumed that was just caffeine related ramblings.
"Inu-chan, come here."
"Just come here. I might have more coffee." she teased. 'I hope this works. He is a dog hanyo after all.'
Inu Yasha inched closer. Suddenly, Kagome reached out and started scratching his ears. His eyes rolled closed and he stood perfectly still. Sango, Miroku and Shippo stared. 'It's working!' Kagome thought. However, it was uncomfortable to stand there, arms over her head, scratching his ears.
Slowly, she started to kneel, bringing the now still boy with her. He lay down, his head in her lap. He started a sort of low growling noise that Kagome assumed was contentment. Kagome blushed. He was wiggling his head around to get her to scratch the best spots, sometimes turning his face right towards her. She looked up at her companions.
"We're going to go start helping to clean up the town. Let us know if you need anything." The three said, walking towards the town.
'They're leaving me! Argh. Well, I guess it is my fault in the first place, so..'
"Inu Yasha?" she asked quietly. He had stopped wiggling and had thrown an arm around her waist.

Inu Yasha: *drags Steffie to Kaede-baba* Kaede-baba: *inspects* I see the problem now. Steffie: ??? Kaede-baba: You're retarded. Go sleep it off. Steffie: Zzzzzzz...