Author's Notes - This story came to me as a dream, a very detailed dream. It gnawed at me until I finally started writing it down several days later. This story takes place approximately one year after the Great War has ended. Both Armies are adjusting to a lifestyle that they have not had a chance to live in over a millennium. Some are embracing the new Cybertron, others are not fairing so well.

(I will be using Earth time frames like months, years, minutes to describe time.)

Chapter 1

This was a trip that Soundwave both looked forward to and dreaded. Every week he traveled from Polyhex to Scarrad. Most of the time he took the public transit that had been re-built in the past year, last week Starscream had taken him. This week, to Soundwave's surprise, Starscream said he would take him again. He had known Starscream for many years, from the beginning of the Great War to the end, but in the last 12 months, Soundwave had seem so much change in his younger fellow Decepticon, every day still brought on surprising behavior.

Soundwave checked his eternal clock, Starscream would be here very soon. He finished his household tasks and went to announce his departure.

"Rumble, Frenzy, Laserbeak, Ravage, Buzzsaw, I will be leaving in two minutes."

The five smaller robots made their way into the room at various speeds. Rumble and Frenzy were always the first, followed by Buzzsaw and Laserbeak.. Ravage, being the oldest, sauntered in, no doubt a private rebellion of sorts.

Soundwave's tapes, his creations, rarely spent time in his chest compartment anymore. There really wasn't any need to, he did not have to protect them anymore from harm. They could travel wherever they desired without the threat of war. Soundwave was glad for this, it gave each of them a chance to become individuals, live their own lives apart from him.

"Say. . . uh, HI for me Soundwave" Frenzy said uncomfortably, avoiding contact with Soundwave's optics.

"Yeah!" Rumble chimed in, a little more excited.

"You are all welcome to come with me, as you already know."

First silence, then "We know Soundwave" Rumble spoke again, "It's just, well. . "

"I understand" Soundwave bent down and put a hand on Rumble's shoulder. "You will come with me when you are ready. You have nothing to fear, and you will realize that in time."

Soundwave's optics glowed as he sent a telepathic "warmth" out towards all of them.

The sounds of a jet engine coming closer along with a Transformation sound interrupted the quiet moment.

"I must go now." Soundwave stood up and walked towards the entrance of his home. He opened the front door to a huge grin and a "Well are you ready or what?!"

Soundwave smiled, "I am ready Starscream."

Starscream looked past Soundwave into the house,

"Hey Starscream." Frenzy said and Rumble waved.

"Hey shorty" Starscream smirked. A year ago, Rumble would have pile driven Starscream's face for insulting his younger brother, but now, he just elbowed Frenzy in the torso and said "Yeah, "Shorty"

"Hey! You're the same height!"

"Are you coming alone" Starscream turned back to Soundwave.

"Yes, I believe so,"

"SQUAACK!" Laserbeak flew up behind Soundwave and landed on his shoulder mounted cannon. She jumped from one foot to the other as she silently told he large blue creator, "I will come too"

Soundwave didn't say anything in return. He just pressed the button on his opposite shoulder which opened his chest compartment. Laserbeak lifted off, glided in front of him, transformed and entered the opened tray.

"Your turn" Starscream said as Soundwave closed up the compartment again.

Soundwave nodded slightly, turned back to his offspring, "behave"

Rumble and Frenzy stopped poking each other and smiled. "We will!"

"They will" Ravage growled.

Soundwave closed the door behind him and looked back at Starscream who in turn held out his hand. Soundwave then did a transformation of his own into his player mode and landed perfectly in the outstretched hand.

"It's amazing how small a size some of you can transform into." Starscream mused as he placed Soundwave in his own chest compartment. Taking a few steps to gather some momentum, Starscream took of into the sky, transforming in mid flight towards Scarrad.