A Touch of Heaven

by myka

Chapter 1 "Duty and love."

Warnings! yaoi, angst

Pairings: S/Y… for now.

Disclaimer: Weiss isn't mine. I do this for fun.

A/N: I got this idea around the same time I started 'zelos'. Actually I got the idea for the ending. That seems to happen to me a lot. I visualize neat concepts and create a story around them. This is an Au fic. Actually is my first AU fic; which translates (at least to me) that the characters can be a bit OOC ^^


"Hey Yohji, congratulations on the mission," someone said.

Yohji Kudou turned to look at the owner of the voice. Ken Hidaka. Archangel, Second Class.

"Thank you Ken," Yohji replied with a smile.

"It was great how you helped that girl deal with the loss of her mother," the younger angel added.

Yohji kept the smile on his face. That's what he did after all. Aiding humans was his job as a First Class Archangel.

"What's your next mission Yohji?"

The blond blinked. "I just came from one," he answered cheerfully. "Right now I just want to go home and get some rest," he admitted.

"Then I'll guess I'll see you tomorrow at the council review?" The brunette offered, to which Yohji quickly nodded. "Bye then," he finished, leaving his senior alone.

Yohji sighed happily as he headed home. He had no doubt that the council would give him an excellent evaluation for this past mission. It had been flawless after all; just like his missions always were.

"I'm home."

Yohji didn't get another word out as he was immediately embraced by his lover upon entering their home. A deep kiss was planted on his lips and Yohji welcomed it, embracing the body of his beloved back and pulling it closer to himself. The kiss was broken and emerald met green with a sultry passion.

"I've missed you Yotan," Schuldig purred.

"I missed you too," the blond replied, suddenly feeling a need overpower him by being this close to the one he loved.

"You owe me five months of kisses," the flame-haired man added with mischief on his voice.

Five months. That was how long his past mission had lasted. This had been the longest he had been away from his lover. Five months of not feeling the touch of his lips against his skin, of not hearing his name coming out of those lips, of not feeling him inside him...

"I want you Schu…now!"

Schuldig's eyes went wide as a grin formed on his face. He kissed his lover again, harder, letting the passion he felt consume him as led the way to the bedroom.


Schuldig gazed at his sleeping lover. Yohji was so beautiful and he loved him so much, more than he could bear. But things had changed during the five months he was gone. Important things. Life altering things. Something that he had been working for all his life.

It wasn't easy being him. Every working moment had to be dedicated to helping humans go through rough situations; they where Guardian Angels after all. And that was also the nasty side of being an angel; their personal life was secondary to their duty. They were allowed have to partners, companions; but Schuldig had fallen in love with his. He hadn't expected it.

"Wake up Yohji."

"Hnn…what's wrong?"

"I have something to tell you Yohji," Schuldig whispered in his ear.

Yohji woke, his interest caught. "What is it?" he asked with a little excitement; which quickly drained away when he looked at his lover.

"What's wrong Schu?" he asked again, with worry now.

Schuldig swallowed. "I got promoted Yohji."

Yohji's face drained. The news were good, wonderful in fact. But they brought the end. The end of everything he knew.

"I warned you this would happen someday." Schuldig spoke softly, trying to comfort Yohji. "I thought we agreed to part if it happened."

Yohji stared at him angrily. "And I thought we also agreed not to fall in love." He rose from the bed, putting some clothes on and leaving the room in a huff.

Schuldig muttered under his breath and followed him.


Yohji tried to clear his mind as a thousand thoughts ran through it. Schuldig was the same as him, a First Class Archangel. But a promotion meant he would form part of the council; an Archangel Prince. He would have to move to a side of heaven Yohji wasn't allowed in. Two years ago he had agreed that they would part if the time came, but when he had accepted the terms he wasn't in love. Now Schuldig meant the world to him and if his lover was willing to leave him, maybe it was one-sided.

"Look at me Yohji," Schuldig demanded from behind him. A request that was ignored.

Schuldig snatched Yohji's shoulder and forced him to turn around. "You know I can't refuse this Yotan, these are orders. I have to leave in two weeks."

Yohji took a deep breath. "I know. It's just…"

"Don't you think this isn't tearing me up too? I tried not falling in love with you, but the more I told myself not to, the more I loved you."

Those were the words. The words Yohji had been wanting to hear for more than a year. His arms wrapped around Schuldig's neck, catching his lover by surprise and planting a searing kiss on his lips.

"What was that for?"

"I love you too," Yohji replied. "Can't you just refuse the promotion?" he asked hopefully.

Schuldig's face saddened and he let go of his lover. "You know I can't Yotan. It's the law. I can't refuse without a good reason. We are already breaking the law as is."

"Love should be a good reason…" Yohji whispered. But angels were forbidden to love; they were expected to concentrate all their life's efforts on their missions. But just because it was forbidden didn't mean it never happened. Yohji knew plenty others that just by looking at them the blond angel knew they were in love with their partners as much as he was with Schuldig. But he also knew that these had never voiced their love out loud for fear of who might be listening. That gave double importance to the words he had exchanged with his lover. That they had to part now didn't seem fair.


The two weeks passed faster than Yohji could stand and the time came for Schuldig to leave. It was impossible to know how long they would be apart; could be five years, could be ten, could be a hundred. The only solace Yohji could find was that he was next in line for a promotion. Public displays of affection were banned too. So instead Schuldig leaned toward his lover to whisper in his ear.

"I know this is hard…for both of us. But we have to go on. Move on. If the opportunity arises to love again don't hesitate to take it; find someone that makes your heart beat once again."

"How about you?" Yohji whispered back. "What if someone shows up for you? You're allowed to now…"

"Hush. I only want you Yotan. I'll wait for you."

Yohji bit this lower lip at the words. "I love you…" he whispered.

"I know."

Yohji held back a soft sob and when Schuldig was certain nobody was looking at them he took his lover's hand and kissed him. Then the gates opened and Schuldig released his hold on his lover. And as Schuldig started walking away Yohji muttered something under his breath; but he was certain his flame-haired lover had heard him.

"I only want you too."


"Yohji! Yohji!" Ken screamed as he forced the door open to the house. "Where are you Yohji?! Your meeting is in half an hour! Yohji!" Ken screamed again as he opened the door to the bedroom. "Oi! You can't stay in bed for the rest of your life Yohji! You have to get up!"

"I'm not in the mood Ken. Leave me alone." Yohji muttered from under the covers.

"I heard the new Archangel Prince will be at the meeting." Ken said.

Yohji's eyes snapped open as he sat up. "I'm up! I'm up!" Ken just snickered beside him.

Yohji got dressed in a matter of seconds; his white and golden robes almost like a second skin. The bracelets on his wrists clanking softly with every move he made. He shut the door behind him to find Ken already waiting; his wings outstretched. Yohji closed his eyes and concentrated allowing his own set of white wings to sprout from his back. Ken smiled and lifted off, Yohji soon followed.

The flight to the temple was short and as Yohji landed by the huge golden doors his heart threatened to beat out of his chest. He would not only see his lover again after a month apart but his new mission would be assigned. The blond Archangel took a deep breath and pushed the doors open.


A/N: My brain felt abused after only concentrating on "zelos" and "Day Care Mission". So I finished the draft I had of this. Working on three fics at the same time is not very wise but… I kinda like it.