A Touch of Heaven

by myka

Chapter 2 "Hearing"

Warnings! yaoi, angst

Pairings: S/Y

A/N: This fic will have various pairings. I know I can write something besides S/Y (insert delusional myka here). *crosses fingers*


Yohji hid his wings and thanked Ken for his help before crossing the golden gates. When he arrived at the main doors of the temple, the guards let him through without even asking him since they knew he had a hearing today. Yohji walked down the empty corridor sometimes glancing at the rooms on each side, but they were empty of course; everyone was at the main hall where the hearings were held. A few more steps and he entered the hall where he was instantly greeted by the buzzing of the room.

"Just in time." The head of the council, Persia, spoke. "Silence in the hall!"

Yohji took his spot at the center of the hall and chose that moment to glance around the large room. He felt a familiar warmth fall over him when he spotted Schuldig in the far right corner.

"Kudou Yohji; Archangel First Class." Persia stated. Yohji kneeled on one knee and bowed when his name and rank were announced. "This hearing is to appoint you with a new mission on Earth. Does any member of this hall object to this hearing?"

Silence persevered in the hall and after a few moments Persia spoke again, his deep voice reaching every inch of the hall. "If no one objects then let's begin. Yohji Kudou address the council."

Yohji raised his head towards the head of the council and listened. It was always like this; he came, bowed and listened.

"The council recognizes your excellent record as an Archangel, reaching to the level of First Class. We understand that this next mission to be assigned to you will be longer and tougher than all your previous missions. But as next in line to become an Angel Prince it's your duty to take it."

Yohji bowed his head once. "I understand."

"Your supervisor will fill you in on the details. Schuldig!" Persia called, making Schuldig glance at him for a moment then slowly nod in acknowledgement. Yohji tried hiding his delight and surprised from his face as Persia returned his attention to him. "You will leave in two days Yohji Kudou. Blessed be your journey. Council dismissed."

The Angel Princes started leaving the hall in silence; some looking at Yohji as they went along, others didn't even bother. Yohji rose from the floor, the bracelets on his wrists making soft clanking sounds as he did so. Soon everyone was gone and only Schuldig and Yohji remained in the room.

"Follow me." Schuldig voiced and left through the same corridor that Yohji had walked through earlier. Yohji couldn't keep his eyes off his lover's back; the golden robes that Schuldig wore now that he was an Angel Prince dazzled with every step he took. They entered what resembled an office and Schuldig grabbed a parchment that laid on top of a desk. He read it and frowned. The redhead made sure the door was securely closed before he spoke.

"There's something wrong Yohji." Schuldig said in an unpleasant tone.

Yohji needed a few seconds for his joy to dissipate. He blinked once at his lover. "I don't understand."

Schuldig frowned even more. "I think someone knows about us."

Yohji flinched a bit, feeling the sudden urge to sit down; but the room was deprived of chairs. "How?" he asked.

Schuldig placed the parchment down on the desk again and crossed his arms over his chest. "That I am your supervisor for this mission is as much a surprise to me as it is for you. Someone made a change in the last minute."

"And you think it is because someone knows we fell in lo… because someone knows about us?" Yohji asked with uncertainty.

"What else could it be?" The redhead replied and Yohji chose that moment to close the space between them and stand by his lover's side.

"That's a pretty quick assumption don't you think?"

Schuldig allowed his gaze to meet Yohji's jade orbs. "But I need to be sure. Since I'm part of the council now there's not much they could do to me, but you Yotan…" He paused, raising a hand towards Yohji's face and gently letting his fingertips graze his cheek. "I don't want them to punish you."

For some reason the comment reminded Yohji of the angels Nesis and Moru. Their tale had been passed along as a warning. Back when it wasn't forbidden to love, Nesis' and Moru's love had become so strong that finally on a joint mission down on earth Moru had committed the ultimate sin in order to protect his lover; he had killed. Or so the legend went. Nesis and Moru had been punished; a thousand years of entrapment together; never touching, never speaking, never seeing. Just knowing the person you love most is close to you and that you can't touch, speak or even see them. Yohji thought it was a horrible punishment; a little after that the law was created. The legend was so old now that it was dismissed by most as just a fairytale; even though they were images of them in some of the books Yohji had read. Just a fairytale…

"Punished?" Yohji asked softly. "It's not fair… Just because part of my heart belongs to you… Not fair…"

Schuldig wrapped Yohji in his arms, thinking that it had been a bad idea to bring up the subject that Yohji might get punished if they were discovered. It had been tactless of him; but he had been so shocked to hear Persia announce his name. He was sorry he had brought the subject up and from now on he made a mental note to shut the hell up. "Don't listen to me Yotan, I'm just being a little over preoccupied here."

Yohji returned the embrace and comforted himself in the warmth his lover brought. His fingers grazing the unearthly silk of Schuldig's golden robes; he forgot he was supposed to be worried and a grin formed on his face. "I know a way to make you feel better."

Schuldig broke the embrace and stared at Yohji with wide eyes; Yohji just kept on grinning as he grabbed Schuldig's face between his hands and pulled his lover's lips to his. Their lips touched softly as they kissed. "I'm grateful." Yohji mouthed once the kiss had ended.

"For what?" Schuldig asked.

"For having this moment right now." Schuldig raised one eyebrow slightly, not really understanding what Yohji meant. The blond angel just smiled. "Instead of being apart, I get to be with you right now, I get to talk to you every time I report back from my mission. If you weren't my supervisor then we wouldn't have this. That's what I'm grateful for."

Schuldig nodded softly, taking one of Yohji's hands with his and raising it up to his lips, kissing his knuckles gently. "Then I'm grateful too. But now we have work to do."

Yohji frowned. "You're no fun."

Schuldig just smirked.

Princes with supervisor duties needed to keep a close eye on their charges; especially during the days prior to a mission. So for the next two days just as the council had dictated, Yohji spent almost the entire time near his lover. They discussed the details of the mission as they were supposed to, but they had their moments too. The night before Yohji was set to leave for Earth, Schuldig managed to sneak out in the middle of the night and meet his lover under the premises that he had to discuss something about the coming mission. Something that was partially true.

When Schuldig got to the house he noticed all the candles that Yohji had lit. It was obvious the purpose of this night; after all, it was their last night together for who knew how long. They made love that night and as their bodies melded Yohji felt the void that had been present ever since Schuldig had gone away disappear.

"Are you alright Yotan?" Schuldig gasped as he stared at his lover's dazed jade eyes.

"Yes…" the blond breathed out, wrapping his arms around Schuldig's neck. "Just hold me for as long as you can."

With a smile, Schuldig did just that.


The gates that lead to the path down to Earth were silver. The morning sun reflected itself off them sometimes became annoying to the eyes. It was a part of Schuldig's duty as supervisor to see Yohji go.

"You have to report back to me every month, on the last month you'll report back every week, on the last week I'll always be available to listen if anything should arise…"

"I know Schu, I've done this a million times before." Yohji said.

Schuldig glared at him. "Well this is my first time as supervisor, and as much as I love that it's you, I still have my duties. I need to follow protocol."

"Hai, hai…" Yohji replied with a smile.

Schuldig gazed over his mass of parchments again. "Ok. During your mission you'll be enrolled in college and you'll be roommates with your target. The death-manuscript dictates that he'll commit suicide exactly one year from the day you arrive. You have a year to change what the death-manuscript dictates. You've never failed a mission before Yohji, don't let this be your first." Yohji raised his eyebrows slightly at the added comment. "You remember the rules?"

Yohji nodded. "Never reveal myself. Report back any occurrences that might endanger the mission. Don't get attached to the target."

"Do you remember the name of your target?"

"Ran Fujimiya."

"That's it then. Blessed be your journey." They exchanged glances and Schuldig couldn't help but smile a bit. "I will always love you, but remember what I said before, if someone else comes along…"

"There won't be." Yohji interrupted him. "Besides, I'm going to Earth, who could I possibly meet there?"

Schuldig let out a sigh. "All right then."

Yohji just smiled softly. "Aishiteru." Then he turned around and crossed through the silver gates. Schuldig rested his back against those gates, not even blinking once as he watched the one he loved disappear from his sight.

"I love you too."