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Hermione was late rising the next day, and thanked all in the universe and beyond that wizards had a cure for hangovers. By the time she had pulled herself together she was late for dinner in the Great Hall.

Slipping in via the faculty entrance, Hermione quickly took the only empty seat, that closest to the door. She looked along the table, disappointed to find that Snape was halfway down, seated next to Dumbledore. He caught her eye, and they looked at each other for a moment. Then she saw Snape's lips move silently.

'Did you mean it?'

Hermione smiled and nodded her head slowly. A smile curled over Snape's lips. He leant in to whisper something to the Headmaster. Dumbledore turned to look at Hermione and then with a soft smile he nodded his head. Snape rose from his chair and glided along to Hermione. He bent down and whispered in Hermione's ear in a velvety voice that soaked her panties "I believe we have some business to attend to."


Snape closed the door to his chambers gently behind them, and turned to face Hermione. They stood there awkwardly for a moment, Hermione's alcohol induced courage from the previous night having long departed. Finally Snape stepped forward and took her into his arms. Their kiss began slow and soft, gentle and loving. Hermione tilted her head back allowing him to deepen his exploration and revel in a delicious taste that was wholly her. He brought one hand up to grasp her hair, pulling her in deeper, while the other rested firmly on her lower back, claiming her as his own. Slowly Snape moved them towards his bed, gently lowering Hermione down, not once breaking contact. He moved his hands to the clasp of her robes pulling them loose and allowing them to fall from her shoulders. Slowly he ran one hand down her side brushing against the outer region of her breast as he did so. Hermione arched from the bed in desperate need of more. Hermione's writhing body urged Snape on and breaking their kiss he moved his lips to her neck, ravishing attention on the soft sensitive skin he found there as he deftly unbuttoned the front of her shirt. Snape moved his mouth lower, lavishing each newly revealed piece of exquisite flesh, until finally her shirt was loose. Undoing the tiny clasp at the front of her bra he took a moment to revel in the beauty before him before gently sucking one nipple into his mouth and teasing the sensitive nub with his tongue. Hermione let out another moan, and discarded her disheveled shirt and bra as the searing heat of Snape's tongue against her skin had set her alight, before burying her hands in his hair, urging him on. Snape kissed his way across her chest taking the other peak into his mouth lavishing it with the same attention as he had the first. One hand traveled to the discarded nub his thumb and forefinger pinching with the perfect pressure.

"Oh, gods, Severus!" Hermione gasped, the sensations taking hold of her.

The sound of his name coming from Hermione's lips sent lighting through Snape's body increasing his desperation. He took hold of the waistband of her skirt, slipping his thumbs under it and gently tugging the offending material away. His lips moved down her belly, pausing as he felt her curls tickling at his chin.

"Please! Please!" Hermione begged, bucking her hips under him. Snape willingly obliged, burying his nose within her folds and inhaling deeply. The heady scent of her arousal and the knowledge that he had been the cause of it made Snape's already uncomfortably tight pants seem even smaller. He allowed his fingers to part her and he darted out his tongue to flick over her clitoris.

"Severus!" Hermione whimpered, her body writhing. Snape was relentless, his tongue dancing over her sensitive skin until Hermione thought she would simply die with pleasure. He plunged first one and then a second slender finger into her, and Hermione felt unfamiliar shocks of electricity shoot through her, her eyes slipping closed and the sense of ultimate pleasure.

"SEVERUS!" she screamed as her orgasm continued, her walls clamping down on his fingers, threatening to pull him over the edge with her. Resisting the urge to join her, Snape pressed on, not letting up until he heard Hermione sigh.

"Merlin, that was unbelievable," she muttered, a contented smile spread over her face.

"Glad you approve, my dear," Snape chuckled, sliding back up her body to claim her mouth. Hermione could taste herself on his lips, but instead of repulsing her as she had thought, it renewed her desire.

"I want you, Severus," Hermione growled.

"I believe you already have me, Hermione," Snape drawled, his voice sending shivers of delight up Hermione's spine.

"No, I mean I want you…in me…now," she demanded. "I already know you're all mine," she added more gently. Snape was not about to wait for a more precise invitation. Quickly yet smoothly he removed his own clothing, tossing it to join Hermione's on the floor. He looked back at Hermione and caught her staring unabashedly at his freed manhood.

"My god…" she muttered, taking in its size. "Where on earth have you been hiding that all these years."

Snape let out a laugh.

"That's quite an impressive piece of art, Severus," Hermione commented, reaching out to wrap her fingers around him. Slowly she stroked him and it wasn't long before Snape was forced to capture her wrist.

"Please, Hermione, I can't take much more of that," he begged her. She released him and he moved to position himself between her thighs. Hermione shivered in anticipation as she felt him pressing at her entrance, and her eyes slipped closed.

"Please, Hermione," he begged again. "Open your eyes." She obliged, giving him a questioning look.

"I want you to watch me. I want you to see what you do to me."

Hermione felt a rush of liquid flow from her core at his words, her eyes fixed on his. Snape pressed forward, slowly sliding into her searing depths. The friction was delicious, the sense of fullness overwhelming. Snape paused when he was buried to the hilt, catching his breath and his control for a moment. His eyes were clouded with desire, his face flushed with need. Slowly he drew back out of her, and then slid back in. He continued his languid moves for as long as he could, but when Hermione begged "Harder! Please, god, Sev, I'm so close!" He could no longer hold back. His movements became feverish as he felt a familiar tightness grasping hold, and as Hermione clamped down around him in orgasm he couldn't stop himself any longer.

"HERMIONE!" he growled as he spilt into her, thrusting twice more, drawing their pleasure out.


One year later….

"Hermione, you look so beautiful!" Ursula bubbled as she admired her soon to be daughter in law in her wedding dress. "Doesn't your mother look divine?" she continued, turning to Charlotte who stood next to her mother adorned in her flower girl dress.

"Yep!" Charlotte agreed, her excitement evident in the way she could not stand still.

"Simply stunning," a sultry voice spoke from the doorway.

"Severus! Don't you know it is bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony!" Ursula chided her son, trying to shoo him from the room.

"Bloody Muggle nonsense," Severus replied, but he had eyes only for Hermione.

Hermione smiled lovingly at him, her face aglow.

"Grandma, can I go get a drink?" Charlotte asked, tugging on Ursula's dress.

Ursula face broke into a broad grin, and Hermione caught tears welling up in the woman's eyes.

"Of course, dear." Ursula turned to Severus, and in a croaky voice said "She called me Grandma!"

Snape looked questioningly at the woman who in less than an hour would be his wife, and she nodded gently in reply.

"You had best become accustomed to being addressed as such, mother."

Ursula eyes glistened with hope and she turned to look at Hermione. "You're…you're…pregnant?" she finally managed to ask.

Hermione nodded. "Two months."

Ursula Snape burst into tears of joy. This was more than she'd ever hoped for.


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"Sir, are you one of Mummy's friends?" Charlotte asked innocently.

"Not precisely," Snape replied hesitantly.

"Well, you're always talking to her. You must be."

"I was your mother's Professor when she was at school here."

"Mummy's Professor? You must be really old!"


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