This is a diary describing Gracie's ordeal while turning into a lady. \

The ROOM...(Nov 2nd 2003)(Feeling cranky and bulldozer-ish)

The first day was absolute torture. Victor(ooooh I'd SO like to kill him) laid the "ground

rules" for me. Absolutely horrifying! "No doughnuts, no starbucks, no nothing! Nothing

but rabbit food. Note to self: Boycott the greengrocer's store arounf the corner.

It was worse than the time I had to go to the dentist.(Though the dentist

himself had to get dentures after I kicked him in the mistake of course. Those

people crowding around me poking and prodding. What WAS that gunk they put on my

face? Don't they know that this stuff itches? I looked like a freaking alien! Note to self:

NEVER wear another pair of high heels as long as I live, though seeing that I'm in the

hands of a maniac whose name is Victor, won't be so long anyway. Do you know what

absolutely, ABSOLUTELY irked me the most? It was that stupid grinning idiot Eric at

the buffet table! Ooooh, he is the other one I wanna punch SO badly.after all, it was

him who got me into this stupid in the first place.

Oh I could and can hardly wait to be free from that place. Those little fingers, those

entities of evil that they call makeup and beautifiers. Can't hardly wait.can't hardly