The sound of dogs barking pierced the night air, followed by the shouts of their owners as the lights of torches dispelled the darkness in the streets of Winzledorf. The people of Winzledorf were not having a very good year. Their crops weren't abundant enough to sell, nevertheless use for the rest of the year for their families to eat, and there wasn't enough rain to water the few crops they got to make sure they lasted it. Not only that, but their children were being murdered in their beds every night!

They hadn't been able to figure out what was going on until for months, until they found their answer tonight. A demon had been causing their problems all along, just like the priest had suggested from the beginning. A demon with blazing yellow eyes and blue fur with a tail ending in a spaded tip had been killing their children and ruining their crops and stopping the rainfall!

They had found the demon in the bedroom of one of the children, standing over the body of a young man whose neck he had snapped. They instantly concluded that the demon had murdered the young man when the young man tried to stop him from hurting the child. Now, they were on a demon hunt.

For a demon that murdered small children in their tiny beds for fun, its thoughts of where to go and try and find sanctuary for a bit odd. It crawled into an old cathedral through one of its windows; tears coursing down its blue furred cheeks. Looking up at the dust-covered crucifix, it bowed its head and crept up to it, kneeling down and sobbing at its feet. Lifting his head slightly, the demon looked up at the crucifix and whispered softly, his voice hoarse and raspy from grief.

"Please, I did not mean to kill him." He whispered. "I did not mean to kill Stefan at all! I only wanted to stop him from killing any more children whom he claimed were demons! God, you must believe me. I am not a demon. Please, tell that to these people who wish to harm me! Let them know they are wrong!" he sobbed, placing his head in his oddly shaped hands.

Outside, he could hear the dogs barking getting closer to the cathedral. He didn't look over his shoulder, instead looking up at the crucifix and clasping his hands together, his right hand tearing into the back of his left as he prayed passionately for God to tell the people that he was not a demon, also asking for forgiveness for murdering his foster brother Stefan.

One of the windows in the front was suddenly smashed with a rock, sending shattered stained glass everywhere. Standing up slowly, Kurt watched in fear as the doors thumped inward, being smashed from the outside by a pile of furious blood thirsting men with their wild dogs in tow.

"God, I am a poor excuse of a man who has committed a horrible crime. Please, I know I deserve to be punished, but please, don't let them kill me under the name demon! I am not a demon!" he pleaded as the doors splintered and cracked under the repeated assault from the mob. When the doors were finally opened, they found him curled up into a ball, his hands curled around his head, which lay across his knees in a pleading manner. They ignored this and grabbed him roughly by the arms, forcing him to stand up.

"Now you will pay for the murders of our children, demon!" the leader spat, narrowing his eyes. "We will set him ablaze and send him back to Hell where he came from." He told everyone else, sending out a wave of cheers through the masses as they dragged Kurt from the cathedral.

"No! Listen to me! I am not a demon!" he shouted, his voice drowned out by the shouts and cheers from the people, glad that they would finally be able to change their luck for the better once this demon was gone. Their dogs snarled and nipped at his heels and tail, one of them biting down hard enough to draw blood. Lifting his eyes to the star filled sky, Kurt pleaded with the Lord once more to save him from these misguided people who would murder him under the wrong name.

"God, don't let them do this to me!" he shouted as they raised up a stake and hammered it into the ground tightly. "Lord, you know I am not a demon! I never hurt those children and I never would! You know the truth, Father! Don't let them murder me!" Roughly, he was slammed against the stake and bound to it with heavy chains that bit into his skin and drew blood. Still, he pleaded with God.

"I have always been faithful to you, Father. I have always tried my best to do good deeds in Your Name! Don't let me die as a demon tonight! I am not from Hell! I am a man!" he howled more than said, sending some of the people back a few steps in surprise. His tail swished from side to side, scattering away some of the dry wood and straw the people were piling around his feet now.

When their work was done, the people brought forth five torches and turned to the priest that stood glaring up at the sobbing Kurt. He nodded and the torches were thrown into the wood and straw, setting them ablaze in just a few moments time. The people stood around, watching the demon burn with satisfied eyes.

Throwing his head back, Kurt closed his eyes and tried to hold back the vomit that was starting to come up into his mouth. Gritting his teeth, he closed his eyes and tried to bear the lancing pain that was starting to shoot at his large feet and ankles. As the black smoke rose up into his face, he coughed and sobbed at the same time, believing God had condemned him finally for the way he looked and the act he had committed.

"I don't want to die!" he cried, smelling his fur and flesh burning now. Lifting his eyes to the stars, they showed out plainly through the black smoke easily. "I don't want to die like this! Not when I'm not a demon!" he howled, making the dogs bark crazily in pain. "I want to get away from here. I need to get to water!" he screamed. Closing his eyes, he thought about a river he had known about since he was a child.

Then, he was gone in a cloud of purple sulfur and brimstone.

The people gasped, seeing the demon vanish suddenly. At first they thought that he had gotten away, but the priest assured them that the demon had been sucked back into Hell by its master, and that it would never come to their village again to harm their children or ruin the crops. Satisfied with this, the people dosed the flames and went to their beds.

Kurt found himself beside the river, still wrapped up tightly in the chains. Trembling from both fear and shock of the sudden disappearance and reappearance, he got himself together and he slowly rolled into the water, wincing as he felt it touch his wounds. He lay there, half in and half out of the water, unable to move because of the chains, and he still had no idea how he had gotten from the stake and fire to this river. Exhausted and too hurt to care, he closed his eyes and fell into a light doze.

When Kurt woke, it was morning, and his wounds weren't burning any more. Looking down at the chains around his body, he wriggled a little and found that they had gotten loose. Wriggling for a few minutes, he was finally able to shake the chains off of his body completely. Smiling, he stooped down and sucked some water into his mouth, drinking greedily from the sweet water. When he had finished, he tried to stand up.

That was a big mistake.

"Oh God it hurts!" he screamed, crashing down into the water. Looking down at his feet, he saw that they were horribly burned and that the wounds were bleeding and he could see raw flesh under the remains of his once velvety cobalt blue fur. Moaning, he placed a hand over his eyes and he laid his head on the ground, not knowing what he should do now.

"It's not fair is it?"

Gasping softly, Kurt sat up and instantly regretted it as pain shot up his legs and he yelped, laying back down with a groan. Gritting his teeth, he turned his head to try and find the source of the voice, but it was useless, his head starting to pound from the pain his legs.

"Who are you?" he whimpered more than asked. "Please, don't hurt me. I didn't do anything wrong with those children, I swear it. I never meant to kill Stefan either! Please, I cannot move at all!"

"Don't worry about. I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to help you." The voice said softly. Kurt looked at the chains and saw that they were starting to move on their own. Slowly, they slithered up into the air and started to twist and turn around into different shapes as the voice continued to speak.

"These homo sapiens are nothing but bigoted idiotic fools, my friend." The voice said. "You and I, we are the next generation to take over this world and rule it as our own. We are the homo superior." Kurt heard footsteps coming towards and he turned his head to one side, seeing the man walking towards him.

He was an old man, but he didn't look or act that way. He was dressed in maroon armor, a cloak fluttering behind him slightly. On his head, he wore a strange looking helmet that completely covered his head except for his mouth and ice blue eyes. The man crouched down beside Kurt and looked at him calmly.

"It hurts doesn't it? Having people stare at you like a freak and call you a demon just because you are one of the chosen and they are not?" he asked, making the chains fly into his hands and wrap around his arm. He smiled slowly, looking at Kurt calmly.

"I know what you want. You want to be accepted and seen as a normal person like you are." He said softly. "If you join me, you will be able to fight for that right, and get your revenge on those who did this to you, who tried to murder you just because you look different from them. Do you wish to join me and my cause?" he asked.

"Oh yes, I want to join you." Kurt almost whispered, looking at the man with glittering eyes. "But what is your name?" he asked. The man smiled slightly, holding out his hand.

"My name is Magneto and I know all about you, Nightcrawler." He said. "Now come on, I'll carry you to my base and help wrap those wounds up." Smiling slowly at his old circus name, Kurt reached up and took Magneto's hand, gritting his teeth and stifling a whimper as he sat up.

Slowly, Magneto eased one arm under Kurt's legs and he used the other under his arms. Standing up, he started to walk away, One of Kurt's arms around his neck to stay steady. Kurt looked at Magneto with a faint smile, believing his life would be much better now that he had found someone that understood him and accepted him for what he was.