A Glance at Sleeping Beauty by crystal_tokyo_princess

A Glance at Sleeping Beauty
by: crystal_tokyo_princess (anime_chik_2000@yahoo.com)
Author's Notes: The Bulma story was a hit, and so I decided to make another fic like it. Although shorter, I prefer this one to the Bulma vignette, simply because I'm better at third person than I am at first. However, Vegeta is a bit OOC.

A few early-morning rays of sun shot through the window sprinkling gently across the king size bed and its occupants. The sheets were twisted in peaceful disarray, wrapped round the couple, the man holding the woman to his muscular chest as she nestled soundly against him. His usual scowl was softened -- almost content -- while a smile merely tugged at the corner of her lips.

As the sunlight warmed his eyelids, Vegeta groggily woke from his peaceful slumber and began to stretch his limbs. He instantly snapped awake, his physiognomy showing rare surprise that soon melted into an angered scowl as he felt the woman's appealing body pressed against him. His mouth distorted into a snarl and his eyebrows twitched with rage as he slowly pulled away from her. Silky blue strands of hair cascaded across his arm and onto the pillows as she rolled over and away from him.

He frowned as he stood up and looked down at her, calculating what his next move would or should be. He could tell she was still asleep which was a relief; he didn't want to hear what she would have to say to him, he didn't want to hear how she felt or anything having to do with her sentimental emotions. She had caused him to lose his control and his discipline, and he'd be damned if he let her take his pride, too. She was the new cause of all his troubles.

His hands clenched into fists at his sides causing his arm muscles to tighten and ripple and he narrowed his eyes as he turned away, snatching his clothes from where they lay crumpled on the floor. He slipped into them and strode over to the door, his temper barely contained as he grasped the door handle in his hand, turning it slowly. The lock clinked softly and he opened the door, stepping outside of Bulma's room; he had much thinking to do.

As he pulled the door shut behind him, he paused and took one last glance at sleeping beauty -- his sleeping beauty. Then the door clicked shut.