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                                                            Scar in my heart

            She could feel him, touching her body, stimulating her in ways she never could imagine. She wanted more; she wanted to feel him touch her body all at once. His soft gentle caresses, his concern for her the entire time, asking several times if she really wanted him to continue before doing so, it made her feel so important. She felt a burning inside of her, she wanted to be one with him, to meld with his body, and it felt so right. Like a piece of her that was never there, that she never knew was missing, filled the void inside of her, a void she never knew was there until recently. She needed more, she wanted so badly for the two of them to melt into the very essence that they were made from just so that they could mix. Trying to do so she moaned, calling out to him.


            Motoko awoke from her meditation with a start. She was sweating and out of breath, quickly leaning over and placing her hands on the ground to support herself, she continued breathing heavily. The sweet smell of late autumn was in the air. She heard people walking up the steps to the inn. Keitarou and Naru back from a walk; they had a good time and were laughing.

            'Why, why is it that every time I meditate, I start to long for him? What is it about Urashima that makes him consume my very being? I hate feeling like this, I can't feel like this. He is making me weak, dependant on him somehow. Yes that is it; he is using some sort of trickery on me to fall into his arms. He has already got Naru and Shinobu trapped in his web, I will not allow myself to fall into it. I will free myself of his deception and I will free the others in the process.'

            Motoko stood up and took her Zatochi in her hand, the straight bladed sword with no hilt being the very sword that she often practiced on the balcony with. She then proceeded to run down the halls of the all girls dorm to the managers' room. She could hear laughter coming from inside of it, Naru and Keitarou enjoying a joke about him not being able to do some problem. Drawing her further into his web of lies and deceit as Motoko saw it. She slid the door open and in the same motion drew her sword.

            "Urashima, prepare to die!"

            Keitarou turned around, things moved in slow motion as she charged him with her sword out. He screamed in fear and in shock as he stood up and turned to run. Motoko closed her eyes in the last few feet, seeing his smiling face, all the nice things he did for her when all she had ever done was beat him and accuse him. The time when he suffered public humiliation by switching his clothes for her dress just because she was uncomfortable in it, the times when he took care of her when she was sick, jumping to save her from falling from the roof. She had not once done anything of the sort. All he ever asked of her was that she be happy. She felt her sword hit something, a dull piercing sound, the sickening sound of metal running through flesh, she couldn't stop herself from moving forward.

She stopped cold after a little while longer; she could no longer will herself to move. Opening her eyes she felt like throwing up, like turning her back and running away, leaving her sword where it was, to make herself believe that it was not real, to wake up from this nightmare. But she couldn't, she couldn't look away, Keitarou was looking at her with pleading eyes. They screamed out, showing he was innocent; they were begging her why, as she felt more and more of his weight shift to rest on the sword she had driven through his chest.

Motoko watched in cold horror as he fell to the floor. Her grip on the sword relaxed as it slid with him, he would have fallen over onto the ground, had she not also dropped to her knees, ashamed of what she did, hugging him close to her, avoiding the sword she felt as his warm thick blood oozed out of his body. It spurted out in large amounts with every beat of his heart, she couldn't help herself.

Opening up she began to cry, she needed this nightmare to be over. But she knew it wasn't going to happen. She felt it as Naru pulled her off of him, the distant sound of foot steps running into the room, the sound of her sword being pulled from his chest and tosses aside, it all barely registered. She faded out to white.


            "I am glad to see that you are finally awake Motoko" Haruka stated while her cigarette lay perpetually unlit in her mouth.

            Bolting up Motoko looked around the room "Where is he? Where is Urashima?"

            "Why? So you can stab him again? You almost did my nephew in with that last one. If it wasn't for the others, he would be dead right now. You cut his heart you know. Drove your sword right through the upper part of the first chamber, almost pierced a few arteries too."

            "I, I didn't mean it. It was an accident. Haruka, I am sorry, sorry for everything I have ever done to him. He has done so much for me and all I have ever done for him was give him pain and grief. I should be the one who had the sword in my chest, not him." Motoko broke down sobbing once more; she couldn't get over her grief, how wrong she had been.

            Haruka walked over and gave her a hard slap. "Don't you ever, Ever say that again. Keitarou did everything for you because he wanted you to be happy. It is the kind of person he is, he would do anything for anyone to make them happy, even if it means dying. So don't you dare go beating yourself up over this. Just learn from it and be happy that he is still alive. He wouldn't want you to be doing this to yourself and we both know it."

            "How, how is he? Is he okay?"

            "If he was any other person he would have been dead by now. He is in a coma though, resting in Kaollas' room. I hope you learn a lesson from this, that he isn't the person you or the others make him out to be."

            "Please tell me. Why is it that Keitarou never tried to fight back? Why is it that all he ahs ever done was use himself as a shield and as a slave and tool by the people around him?"

            "Keitarou has always been that way. When he was forced by his parents to take the Urashima martial arts style, he refused to strike back, he believed that fighting, no matter what the cause, was wrong. His choice was one that only the most pure and innocent of hearts could make, he showed great wisdom and was never forced to learn any more of out families' martial arts ever again. Even if he doesn't wake up, you have his forgiveness, he forgives everyone for everything. If he wakes up, he will ask for yours, for he will feel that he has wronged you, and that is what drove you to attack him."

            "Thank you Haruka, I think that I will go see him now."

            Sliding out of the futon Motoko walked down the hall to Kaollas' room, knocking on the door first, she was greeted by Su.

            "Hi Motoko. Come to see your kill? He's right over there" cheered Su in her ever happy and playful tone.

            Motoko slowly walked over to Keitarou, his shirt had been removed and his chest bandaged, the stench of blood perforated her nostrils, filling them with the burning and stinging feeling that made her wish she had no nose. Looking down she could see Keitarou laying on the table, unmoving as his monitors beeped harshly. He had an expression of peace on his face, she ran her hand through his hair and slowly leaned in. resting her head lightly on his chest she could hear and feel his heart beating. She took his hand in her own and stayed like that for a while. Moving her head from his chest, keeping hold of his hand, she kissed him lightly running her other hand through his hair.

            "Please Urashima, wake up soon. I am so sorry for what I did, it was all my fault. You're the first one, aside from my Anee-san that has been there for me in my entire life. Please, don't die, come back to us. We all need you, I need you." She whispered in his ear.

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