Chapter 11: "Sharing is caring"

*Previously: At the restaurant "I can guess what you're ordering, Hart." "Oh yeah?" "Yeah. Steak, blood rare, and a beer. Am I right?" "Actually I was going more for 2 but close enough. I bet you will order...uh, lobster and.." Grace looked down at the menu, and in a French accent, "a glass of wine." "Red or white?" "White. Chardonnay. I'm right, huh?" "I am ordering Chardonnay but I'm in the mood for steak..." "You, steak?" "Yes. Me, steak. You're not the only agent who can eat it, ya know." "I've gotta see you devouring a blood rare steak." "Rare? Ha! I want to live. Unlike someone I know" Eric replied, looking at Grace. "Wussy." "Watch it!" Grace kicked Eric under the table. He kicked back, and they continued without noticing the waiter who had approached. "Good evening, what can I get you tonight?" "Garcon, I want 2 Heinkiken's and New York Steak, blood rare." Grace was unaware this was a steak restaurant not some fancy place that Victor had taken her. The waiter gave her a look of disgust, then moved on to get Eric's order. "And for you, sir?" "Chardonnay, the best one you have, and New York Steak," Eric paused and looked at Grace, who smirked, "Blood rare." "Okay, I will be right back with you're drinks." "Look who's taking risks now." Grace said, smiling, and taking the bottle of beer the waiter brought. Before she could protest about not having 2, Eric took his wine and they clinked glasses in a toast. Little did they know what was happening back at pageant central. *

The sound of Grace's knife and fork cutting through the blood rare steak, covering the plate and bits of the table cloth in blood, made people around them cringe.

Eric sat and looked at his plate, watching Grace and her bad table manners.

"What?" She asked between bites.

"It wont bite me back will it?" He joked.

"Funny, but no. Eat it, or I will."

Eric took the risk an cut a piece off.

"Whatdoyathink?" Grace said making it into one long sentence.

"Not bad...not bad. Just lemme have a swig of you're beer and it will be all good." Eric said, chuckling, and reaching for her beer bottle.

She grabbed it away. "Keep your paws off my beer, buddy. Get your own."

"Where WERE you that day in Kindergarten when they taught sharing is caring?"



1964. Grace is 5 years old. (sorry if this is mathematically inaccurate to the movie)

Grace sat on the circle time carpet, and groaned. "This is stupid" She muttered to herself. Without hesitation she raised her hand.

"Yes? What is it Grace?" Ms. Moore asked.

"Can I please use the restroom?"

"Now? We are about to learn the sharing song."

"I'm sorry, but I really have to go" Grace said, pretending to be sad that she has to miss it.

"Okay, go and hurry back."

Once outside she ducked into the lunch room, it was 20 minutes till the lunch bell, and got sick off of cookies and ice cream bars. Eventually she had to go home early.

::End Flashback::

"I sick." she said.

Eric raised an eyebrow at her.

"What? Its true. True as I am gonna marry you. If I am lying, I will never marry you."

"You're betting our marriage on this?" "No, it shows I am telling the truth, because I want to marry you." Grace winked at him.

"Awesome blossom."

"What was that?"

"Nothing. It's.... an old thing between me and my friends when we were kids living in rural New York."

"Interesting...." Grace trailed off, pretending to be fascinated.

"Yes indeed. So, what were you like as a child?" Eric asked.

Grace smiled and began her story.

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