One Last Chance

by Melissa Byrd


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Kikyo woke up, the dream still fresh in her mind. She silently looked to where Sesshomaru had apparently had been all night. She got up and draped a blanket over his shoulders ever so gently, as if not wanting to disturb him, and quickly left the room She headed down to where the fire pit was and began to cook the miso and Rice.

'Since I am again alive,' she thought, 'I better make the best of it.'


Sesshomaru woke up the next morning to the smell of fres miso and rice cooking over the fire pit. He also knew that Kikyo must have already been there, because she was not in the same room as he. He got up casually, brushing off his clothes, and walking out the shoji towards the smells

"Good morning." came her voice, that was unusually calm and sweet.

"Morning." he replied, somewhat groggily. "Where's Rin and Jakken?"

"They are still asleep." she replied as she fixed him a bowl of miso and rice.

"Hmm.." was all he said as he took a sip of his miso. 'I am glad she's here...even if she isn't...' he thought. "This miso is delicious." he stated honestly. 'It's alot better than what Jakken calls miso....'

"Arigatou." she replied as she started stirring the miso again.

"Sesshy-sama! Sesshy-sama!" Rin called happily as she ran into the room.

"Hai, Rin?"

"Something smells good!"

"Sit and eat." he smiled slightly at the young girl who quickly sat beside him.

Rin smiled warmly as she was handed a bowl of miso, then rice. "Arigatou Kikyo-sama!" she said as she ate some of her steaming rice.

"What's all the commotion?" Jakken asked as he hobbled into the room. "Something sure smells good."

"I hope you do not mind, but I made breakfast." Kikyo said as she handed him a bowl.

He scowled, but only temporarily as he caught sight of a glare Sesshomaru wore on his visage. He quickly sipped some of his miso and his once unhappy face now wore what could be called a smile. "This is delicious!"

"Arigatou." Kikyo said once again at the compliment of her cooking.

"Where on earth did you learn to cook this pleasently?"

"Since I have cared for many people, not only healing, but cooking as well, I have learned from experience."


"Sesshy-sama!? Can Kikyo-sama make breakfast again tomarrow?"

Sesshomaru glanced from Rin to Kikyo, who only nodded.

"Hai Rin, she can make breakfast tomarrow."

"Yay!" the little girl squealed.

Sesshomaru then set down his empty bowls and started to walk out of his home.

"Where are you going, lord Sesshomaru?" Jakken asked.



"Hai." and with that, he was gone.


Sesshomaru returned later on that evening, a buck over his shoulder. He had wanted fish, but due to the snow and ice, they were scarce. Atleast with the deer, there would be more, and it would last longer.

"Sesshy-sama!" Rin shouted as she ran up and grasped onto his leg. "Rin miss Sesshy!"

He somewhat smiled back at her innocence. "I missed you too Rin." he said before turning to look for Kikyo.

He then walked to the fire pit and laid down their meal just as Jakken entered the room.

"Lord Sesshomaru, what a massive feast you brought back!"

"Jakken, prepare the deer whilst I am in my chaimbers."

"Hai lord Sesshomaru." he said as he becan peeling of the skin of the animal.

"Rin," Sesshomaru said, trying to coax Rin from watching what could be a disturbing scene, "Go to your room and wash up." he said as he walked out of the room.

"Hai, Sesshy-sama!" she said as she, too, quickly departed the room.


Sesshomaru walked past Kikyo's chaimber, and smelling the scent of her sorrow and salty tears. He pulled back the shoji and walked in to see her sitting in the corner, her back pressed flatly against the wall, and her head facing the floor as if she were ashaimed of something.

"What's wrong?" he asked calmly.

She didn't bother to look at him. "Nothing."

"You are lying." he stated after just a breath of air. "Now tell me what's bothering you, or ..."

"You know what's bothering me..."

"The fact I brought you back to life?"


"Kikyo...." he said, positioning himself on his knees to face her, "Look at me."

She refused by remaining still.

He gently took her chin in his clawed fingers. "Kikyo, your purpose had not been served yet..I know that, and deep down, you know that."

"Purpose? Purpose?! All you keep talking about is a purpose. My purpose was served when I should have died over fifty years ago!" The tears came stronger now.

"Like I have stated before, you are wrong. If that was your purpose, I would have never found you...nor would you have been brought back, even in clay form."

She tried to squirm out of his grasp, but it was futile. "Kudasai,......" she began, " ....kill me...kudasai."

He could feel his heart wrenching at the sound of her sorrow. He wanted nothing more to rid her of her pain and misery, but not through death.

"Kikyo...." he started. For once, she slowly, yet willingly turned her deep eyes to meet his gaze, much like his brother's.

She could feel herself slipping away-deep into his golden-yellow orbs, getting lost in them. She felt as though she could see through them to view his heart, just as the phrase goes, 'a key to a person's heart is through their eyes.'. She knew it was true because seh could feel the emotion radiating out of them, filling the air surrounding them. She could feel his warmth and love, his sadness and anger, all just by gazing into his orbs.

The whole time, their faces grew closer and closer to the other, without even them realizing it.

Sesshomaru's nose was nearly touching hers, and they were still gazing into eachother's eyes the whole time. She slowly closed her eyes, as did he, as he closed the remaining space between them. His lips carressed her silky, soft, and lush lips with his own, memorizing the way they felt, the way they tasted, and the shock that flowed between the two.

Unfortunately, they had to break for air, otherwise, they could have gotten lost in that moment forever. They seperated, as each gasped for air. 'That was.....amazing...' he thought.

He quickly got up, and walked to the shoji.

"Wh...wait, where are you going?" Kikyo asked.

"We have an audiance..." he stated as he pulled the shoji back, to reveal Rin, who giggled maddly at the two as she ran down the hall towards the fire pit.

Kikyo blushed. 'She saw that....?'

"Come." he stated, "Dinner is ready." he said as he walked back to where she sat, offering her a hand. She greatfully accepted and got up, following him out to the firepit.


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