A/N: Yu-Gi-Oh belongs to Kazuki Takahashi. Inspired by the episodes "Mind Game (1-3)," where Mai faces off against Malik/Marik.

"Some Nights It's Cold"
Evil Overlady

Some nights it's cold. My purple vest and white top show too much fair skin and my thick blonde hair doesn't provide enough warmth to fight it.

I could take off my duel disk, place my deck with my Harpy Lady on top of the bed stand and draw a blanket over me, but I won't.

I'm afraid of being vulnerable, Joey. I know I've never said so. That's why I'm not around you guys. I'm a loner.

And some nights that leaves me cold.

No warm arms to wrap around me, hold me safe. No chest to lay my head on. No fingers combing my hair or whispers of comforting words...

I miss you.

And you'll never know it.

Because I'd rather be strong.

And bear the cold.

Than ever be warm and dependent on someone else...

Even someone as strong and kind as you...