Anne Robinson: "Lulu, as the strongest link from the last round, you get to choose who goes first."

Lulu (coolly- she's confident she'll win): "I'll go first, Anne."

[light and sound effects]

Anne Robinson: "Which town did the warrior Seto defend against the Gi Tribe, getting turned to stone in the process?"

Lulu: "Cosmo Canyon."

Anne Robinson: "That is the correct answer. Rikku, which monster and guardian force could be found in the central foyer of Galbaldia Garden?"

Rikku (she doesn't know it, and you can easily tell by the look of anxiety on her face): "Erm, Leviathan?"

Anne Robinson: "No, the correct answer was Cerberus."

Rikku (flustered): "Darn it!"

Anne Robinson: "Lulu, which Garden was destroyed by a barrage of Galbaldian missiles?"

Lulu: "Trabia."

Anne Robinson: "That is the correct answer. Rikku, which word precedes ether to make a potion which fully restores magical ability?"

Rikku (cheerful, She knows this): "Turbo!"

Anne Robinson: "That is the correct answer. Lulu, what was the name of the play that was performed to celebrate Princess Garnet's 16th birthday?"

Lulu (actually looking dumbfounded under all the layers of make up): "I don't know."

Anne Robinson: "The correct answer is 'I want to be your Canary'."

[Lulu frowns at Anne- she obviously thought that question was unfair.]

Anne Robinson: "Rikku, which summon materia was found in the wrecked reactor at Gongaga?"

Rikku (she dimly recalls this, struggling to remember): "Umm... Titan?"

Anne Robinson: "That is the correct answer."

Rikku (super-chuffed): "Yee-hah!"

Anne Robinson: "After 3 questions each, the scores are tied. Lulu, what is the name of the great cliffs overlooking the city of Wutai?"

Lulu: "Da-Chao."

Anne Robinson: "That is the correct answer. Rikku, with which element is Pandemona commonly associated?"

Rikku: "Wind!"

Anne Robinson: "That is the correct answer. Lulu, what is the name of Balamb garden's chief medical officer?"

Lulu (looking really irritated- she doesn't think that's a fair question either): "I do not know."

Anne Robinson: "The correct answer is Dr. Kadowaki."

[Lulu looks absolutely furious- woe betide the person who set the questions lest she gets her hands on him]

Anne Robinson: "Rikku, if you answer this question correctly you have won. So, for twelve thousand, three hundred and fifty gil, what boys name is traditionally given to the summon which uses the element 'Holy'?"

Rikku (almost bouncing up and down with excitement): "Alexander!!!"

Anne Robinson: "That is the correct answer."

[light and sound effects]

Rikku (waving her arms in the air 'cos she just don't care): "Yippee! Woohoo! I did it!"

Anne Robinson: "That means, Rikku, as you seem to have already gathered, you are today's strongest link, and you go away with twelve thousand, one hundred gil! What are you going to spend it on?"

Rikku (still hyper like you wouldn't believe): "I'm gonna rebuild my home!"

Anne Robinson (condescendingly): "Lulu, you leave with nothing!"

[Lulu growls, slowly]

Anne Robinson (turning back on the audience and facing the camera): "Join us again for the weakest link! (winks) Goodbye!"

[Anne steps off the stage just as a fireball narrowly misses her]

[run credits]

Lulu: "The questions were obvious unfairly biased in Rikku's favour. If I had had her questions, I would also have had her money."

[...and Lulu becomes about the 474 272 595th runner-up ever to say that :-/ ]

Rikku: "I am SO over the moon! Not only have I got all this gil (she holds up the cheque to the camera) but I don't ever have to see that sleazy cowboy again!"

[...however, just as Rikku's showing her cheque to the camera, Yuffie drops from the ceiling and grabs it out of her fingers!]

Yuffie: "Yoink!"

Rikku (gobsmacked as Yuffie nicks off with her hard-won dosh): "W-what!? Hey! Come back her with my cheque, you meanie! (she runs off after Yuffie) I said come back!"

[credits finish]

Written by Neb. All Final Fantasy characters are ã Squaresoft limited. The Weakest Link format and name is © British Broadcasting Corporation. Have a nice day. :-)