TITLE: Candidates for Power.



PAIRINGS: Read and find out.

SUMMARY: What if Albus calls in an old favour? One wizard can gain power necessary to fight and weaken Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Who will it be?

AUTHOR: Sarhea

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NOTE: Post OotP. Things aren't going so well.

NOTE: Usagi and Mamoru break up after Galaxia when she comes into her full powers.


Prologue - What if...?


Albus Dumbledore frowned slightly as he went over the details of the current situation. He had never truly planned for this eventuality; neither had she. He sighed as he contemplated the outcome of recent events that had forced everyone into this. For the thousandth time he wished he had never heard of Setsuna Meiou and he wished he had never agreed to become her agent in return for her aid in defeating Dark Mages.

"Albus?" The Headmaster looked up at his lead-hand, Minerva McGonogall. "Is everything all right?" Minerva was concerned about the situation. Ever since Harry Potter had failed to defeat Voldemort Albus had been running ragged trying to get the Ministry, Aurors and Unspeakables up to speed on events and how to track and bind Death Eaters. Voldemort had the luxury of time and wealth to develop new potent spells to kill and taint victims.

"No I am not all right Minerva." Albus confessed stroking his beard. "I truly believed Harry would have defeated Tom Riddle. All the signs said he was the One. Now I have to admit I am at a loss... I am not certain of where to begin."

"The beginning would be good." Minerva replied briskly. "I have followed your orders and plans for years now and I believe I am entitled to some answers Albus! We are in a war here. We need a fresh perspective and a new strategy!"

"I know my dear." Albus sighed. "That is why I have sent word to an old friend of mine. I am still waiting for a reply."

"Well I hope she answers her owls promptly," Minerva sniffed. "Things are getting very tense. Miss Granger has been sliding in her academics to do research to help defeat the Dark Lord."

"I know. That is why I've sent for help. However I fear the help will require several paradigm shifts and shattering of illusions. The Gryffindors especially will not take this lying down as Muggles say."

Minerva frowned. "Albus! What have you done?!"

Despite of her coaxing efforts Albus Dumbledore remained mum.

"She'll kill me if I mess up her plans."

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *



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