Author: Lady Amarra

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Title: Immortality - Dance of the black souls

Rating: R

Warnings: Language, blood, Character death...

Notes: in fact I thought Immortality would turn out as a one chapter sequel to A vampire soul, but I

don't get rid of the feeling that the story is simply not over yet, I never liked fanfiction who left the
Characters alone, shortly after they had developed finally... so I start this fic a second time. Properly
of course, Chapter one stays not totally the same, I rewrote the end slightly, not much, but still. And I
took in one comment of one of my reviewers (Maria and what she wrote in her LJ) and thought about a
possible story line to make out of it... I don't know yet where it will lead, or how and when it will end,
but I love it already, as I love all my work... lol. There will be a couple of Oc's running around, getting
killed, reborn and so on, you know the drill... oh and before I forget it... big thanks to all of you who
read my fanfictions till now and even bigger thanks for every little review you left for me.

Big thanks to my lovely brother, who is still bouncing around with a bunch of scary little idees to Kill
Will and Jack.. but I won't let him do this... neva!

Disclaimer: No money made, no laws meant to be broken, no need to sue me,
really! The song lyrics aren't meant to be used to hurt any copyright, they
just flow with the story, there is also no money made and there is really no
need to sue me. Just a work of imagination, nothing more. Why is it necessary
at all to write such a long thing just because I used some lyrics, it's not as if I
sell them to others?

Summary: Jack is caught into Immortality because of Will, longing for his past as Pirate and a life far
away from the present as vampire hunter...what if someone would offer him a solution to all his
problems... the only thing he would have to do was killing a female vampire...

Chapter one

It was early morning in the streets of London, men were up to walk to their jobs, get their horses ready
or swagger home from a deeply drunken night in some of the pubs the English city offered to those
who searched for it. The sky danced in red and orange waves, a distant shadow of the not yet
completely vanished moon hid behind a darker cloud and a not so fresh wind blew from the borders of
the city into the richer part, leading the smell of human and filth to the noses of those who normally
never had to care for such things and only complained about the sweet rotten smell.

Two figures walked along one of this richer main streets, enjoying the sunrise and the awaking of life
on this winter morning. Soft snowflakes fell to the ground, not enough to cover the streets or bother the
people who slowly came out on the streets to start their daily life.

Jack, one of the two, looked up into the sky, hardly caring for anything else around him. He deeply
sighed and tried to remember how many sunrises he had seen in his life, 2000, 4000... 8000.. he
really had no clue, but he was a pirate after all. A pirate was not really caring for such things, he barely
had kept track on the years that had past since he was born, the first or the second time. But a sunrise
never was boring, not even in London, with all this houses and tight streets around him. Of course the
sun in the Caribbean had been better, the sunrises in the Caribbean had been great and more like
some sort of renewing of the earth in a pure and total way.

He often had leaned on the railing of his ship and watched the sun slowly sneak out to hunt away the
night sky, banishing the dark for another long and warm day with thousands of wonderful warm colors.
He missed the Caribbean and he missed his ship.

His Black Pearl and his crew.

Well, they mainly were drunken and dirty but.. who cared in those times for that. The only important
thing had been plunder and rum, a occasional marooning or mutiny and that woman or another who
was happy to slap him directly into the face.

He did not really know why they did so, but this seemed to be something he simply made women do
on first sight. They had slapped him 200 years ago and they slapped him today.

Not much had changed for the Immortal Captain Jack Sparrow. Or simply Jack Sparrow, the urge to
correct the people who said his name, had slowly died away after the dramatic end of his ship.

There was hardly something to find that still remembered on the old drunken pirate with the
dreadlocks, the red bandana and the love for rum, perhaps the love for rum. Definitely the love for
rum, that and the longing for a occasional woman who slapped him.

He closed his eyes in a frown, on a second observation this stuff, the people here called, rum had
changed, compared to those heavy liquid he once almost lived off.

But life had changed, he had lost his Pearl, his beloved ship and all his friends and crew with the time,
the only one remaining was Will. Or better William Turner, son of Bootstrap 'Bill Turner and perhaps
the only remaining real Pirate of the Caribbean, beside Jack of course.

The poor boy had been turned into a Vampire, many years ago and had suffered enough for it, as it
had Jack. Mainly because of the fact, that he had wanted nothing more than to help the vampire to get
free from the curse of being a demon. Jack never had thought in this times, that it could end like it had
ended. That he would lose his ship, his crew and his mortality to get revenge for their death, for
Elizabeths death, who had died of the hand of William himself. Jack had at first believed that Will had
betrayed the pirate at will, but learned the truth with the years he had spend thinking about it.

He had vowed to hunt those down, who were to blame for the death of his crew, the old Vodun witch
had cursed him, or perhaps gifted him, with immortality to fulfil this vow.

His body would turn mortal again, as soon as the blood of those who had betrayed him would color his
hands red, and he would be able to die and follow his mates.

It sounded good in those days, getting revenge on Daniel, getting revenge on his beasts, and of
course, getting revenge for Wills betrayal.

And he had hunted those who had made him suffer, who had betrayed him. Followed Daniel, followed
his beasts and William.

And learned, on this day as he had finally meet all of them together, that he could not fulfil his vow.
That Will really never had wanted to betray anyone, but was caught up into a web of hate and hunger,
and that Jack never would be able to drench his hands with the blood of the young Vampire.

He turned to look at the still young looking vampire who walked silently beside him, looking down on
the street and in his own world of thoughts and nightmares. The necklace, that the vampire and former
Blacksmith, had made for his love was still around his neck, as if he would punish himself with the ever
present jewel that was meant for the woman who he had loved and killed as his first prey ever.

Jack saw the younger mans face in the night in Bombay as if it was right now. As he had pointed his
pistol at the vampire and was ready to fulfil what he had vowed 100 years ago, fire around them and
screaming people running around, awoken from the fire that was spreading out.

He could not kill his whelp, he never could kill his whelp, even If he was turned into a grown up bloodhound now.

The boy on the other side, had made his peace with the destiny of getting killed by his best mate. Will
had always known that he had caused all the pain for Jack and was ready to get punished, although
he never had thought of Jack getting cursed and immortal to hunt him down and do it.

"I understand..." The whelp had said and closed his eyes.

Jack had hesitated for a long moment and finally lowered his pistol. "I can't do this..."

The vampire had been very confused and opened his eyes. "Jack?"

"I can't do this,... I mean I got cursed to do it... but I can't... you are still the whelp and nothing more.."
The Pirate cried out in frustration or anger and put his hand to his brow. "okay, well you killed a lot of
beasts and demons... and you are not really innocent on the death of my crew..." He gestured with his
other hand and looked back up. "But you are not more to blame than it is me..."

"And your curse?" Will had asked.

"Don't we all have our curse?" The pirate gave back, half sarcastic half sad.

"Perhaps..." Will nodded.

The had not much more time to talk on this day, it was simply because of the fire they had caused with
their trap and that was spreading out now. They had helped rescuing what was left and left Bombay a
few days later.

They never came back to talking about the curse since those days, Jack had not killed Will, Will had
not tried to kill Jack and both had spend their days on the hunt for vampires and all the other beasts
and demons that made men suffering. This had turned into a silent agreement to keep it that way for
as long as possible. Neither Will nor Jack knew how long it would be possible to keep their agreement
or friendship alive, the only thing both knew was, that the relation between both would not be as
immortal as they were, and the eternity was a long time.

That had worked well till today.

"Are you sleeping?" Will asked and woke Jack from his daydreams.

"What?Me neva!" Jack snorted back, a gold toothed grin forming on his lips.

"Good..." The vampire grinned. "We are at the house..." he informed the pirate pointing to a wealthy
looking white house with a few roses in front of the doors. Just as the door opened and three gray and
bowed figures hurried to a carriage who drove up to the house.

The black horses in front of the carriage stopped and the gray figures opened the small door, allowing
two figures to leave their vehicle. Two vampires, as the two immortals had figured out a few days ago,
enjoying the life and the society of London and the taste of cheep blood from the overfilled poor parts
of the city.

Jack nodded. "Looks like we are right here..."

Will nodded back, both grinned at each other for a short moment and crossed the street, to reach the
house and its residents. It was a matter of minutes before both had entered the house through a window,
sending the servants asleep before killing off the two vampire masters, like they had done many times
till now.

The inner pirate in Jack awoke in moments like this, he always was humming his pirate song to himself
whilst searching through the stuff the undead couple of bloodsuckers had owned, taking a jewel here,
money and other stuff there, enjoying to plunder and sell the stuff afterwards to make their money for
the next hunt. However this day, was slightly different from all other days they had spend with the hunt
for the undead evil.

"Interesting..." William muttered to himself as he appeared from another room, a small card in his hands.

Jack had to rise and eyebrow at this. His whelp had taken over many lines and working ways from him,
more Jack ever thought possible. "Hav'ye found something good?"

Will shrugged. "A invitation to a Wedding..."

"Wedding? Oh I love weddings ye know! Always drinks for free..!" Jack smiled full of anticipation, he
really was fan of all kinds of parties that offered free drinks, not always rum, but alcohol and that had
never changed since he was pirate.

"If at all than blood for free, It's a vampire wedding Jack..." Will showed the card to the pirate.
"The sing shows it.."

Jack took the small card from the hands of his mate and read, It was nothing important, whoever
invites to the wedding of whoever's daughter... yada, nothing important expect for the little red sing
under the names. A E or more a triple cross with two longer lines and a shorter one in the middle,
a single dot directly beside the smaller line in the middle finishing the sign.

Jack started grinning. "I think we are going to a wedding... right?"

Will nodded. Jack might have lost his Pearl and all he knew expect for the vampire that was fighting
with him, but the fact that he could at least do something to prevent others from his suffering made
him see something like seance in his immortality.