There I Was

Chapter Twenty-nine: Epilogue

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Authors Note: Okay last chapter. I'm going to come back at the end to explain why I feel this is a happy ending. If you all are confused a bit, then I recommend going back and re-reading at lest the first part of chapter one. See you at the end, ja.



I watched my real mommy leave the room as Oneesan continued reading where she left off. She didn't know she was my mommy yet and it hurt. I knew, and she didn't. I could see her and she didn't know what I was seeing. I heard quiet sniffles and the sent of tears assaulted my nose. I wanted to pat her shoulder and tell her 'It's okay. I'm your son mommy. I here.'

Oneesan stiffened beside me and I knew she wanted to run to our mommy's side too. She couldn't though. Mommy didn't know she was our mommy yet. I listened carefully as mommy's footsteps grew quiet as she walked away.

I turned to Oneesan and smiled. "You can stop reading now."

"I though you wanted to hear a story?" Oneesan started to put the book away and I weakly shook my head.

"I just wanted to hear mommy read to me again." She got a sad look on her face and she nodded.

"I understand. I was standing in the doorway listening for a while actually. I miss her reading too. How are you feeling?"

"Tired and weak." I answered. "Worse than usual. I can just barely stay awake."

"If you were human instead of youkai you'd be dead by now."

"I know." I leaned against the pillows and closed my eyes. I was so tired. Maybe I should just go to sleep…but I felt that if I did that I wouldn't wake up. "I feel like if I go to sleep I won't wake up." I said and opened my eyes.

"Do you want me to call Toshi?" I weakly nodded and she flipped open her cell phone. Oniisan tried to see me as often as he could, but it was too hard for him to see mommy without her knowing. He and mommy always were the closest. It was because they spent so much time together. I heard Oneesan tell Oniisan mommy was gone for the day and hung up. "He said he'll be right over."

"Kay…" I took as deep a breath as I could and tried to relax. I wasn't in any pain anymore. My body was so numb from it I couldn't really feel anything. I must have started falling asleep, because the next thing I knew Oniisan was walking in the door.

"Hey Shippou." He smiled and sat next to Oneesan. "How are you feeling?"

"Tired and weak." I rasped out. My voice had gotten worse since I last used it. Oneesan looked worried and Oniisan held her hand.

"It can't be time, can it?" Oneesan just shrugged and he sighed. "Hey Shippou, wanna know something?" I nodded weakly and his eyes shone with unshed tears. "I think today's the day."

"The day?" I asked.

"The day mom goes back to meet dad." Mommy had told every one of us how she met daddy. I smiled at the comment and rested my head back a bit more on my pillows.

"So tired…" I whispered and felt Oneesan and Oniisan's hand in one of my own. They squeezed them and I couldn't squeeze back. I let out a breath and relaxed. I was so tired and I wanted to sleep. I let by body go and sleep like it wanted and then I saw something.

I thought I had closed my eyes, but I could have been wrong. I was in a dark tunnel and I couldn't feel Oneesan's or Oniisan's hands anymore. I was scared and started walking. Then a bright light appeared at the end and I shielded my eyes from it. When I was able to move my arm away without blinding myself I saw something that made me start to cry.

Mommy and daddy were waiting for me in the light with smiles on they're faces. Mommy bent down and reached out for me and I started running towards them. I jumped in her arms and she held me close as she stood up.

I felt daddy's hand on my back and looked up to see him smiling. He drew closer so we were all in one big embrace and I closed my eyes in contentment. "Lets go little man." I heard daddy say and I looked up.

"It's time to rest." Mommy put in and I nodded.

"Rest…it sounds good." Together we walked into the bright light to rest.

And what a glorious rest it was.


Authors Note Continued: Okay, like I said, explanation. I think this is a happy ending because Shippou was dying and he missed his parents. So when I finally passed on they were waiting for him. I was very happy that he got to see his mommy and daddy again. That's just me though. I want to know what you all though. I hoped you enjoyed.