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A/N 2: I have decided that this story will have a dark underlying plot that will effect all of the characters one way or another. People are not always who they perceive to be.

Chapter One: The Letter of Truth

   Severus Snape had been sitting in his office at one o'clock in the morning grading essays when he heard the distinct sound of an owl flying close by. Looking sharply up he watched as an unfamiliar owl perched itself on his desk and daintily lifted its leg revealing a yellowed envelope.

  Carefully relieving the owl of its burden he liked over he envelope suspiciously. He was never one to relieve and post owls at breakfast let alone in the late hours of the night. With a growing sense of foreboding he turned the envelope over and seen that it was addressed to him. So the owl had the right person. The handwriting was vaguely familiar, but he couldn't place it.  Severus looked around and decided that it would be safer to read this letter in the privacy of his own quarters. Gathering the papers that he had been grading he glanced around making sure that he wasn't leaving anything behind he walked over to the fireplace. Grabbing a handful of floo powder he stepped into the fireplace and called out "Demon's Den". After several seconds he stepped out into his living room brushing the soot off of his robes. He set the papers down and summoned a cup of his favorite tea. He sat down in the worn out chair and took calming sips of his orange spice tea. Severus set the cup down and pulled the envelope from the inside pocket of his robes. He cautiously slid his finger under the flap of the envelope, and pulled the letter out.

When he opened it up he dropped it back down into his lap. There were only two people that had ever called him that name and the first had been dead for the past sixteen years and the other dead for the past two. He picked the letter up again and started reading.


        If you are reading this letter then I have died, probably by the hand of your precious "Master". I have spelled this letter to be delivered to you sometime during Harry's seventh year. Now you are probably wondering exactly what it is that was so important for me to tell you that I would write a letter to you if in the case that I have died. Well let me just say that what I am about to tell you will change your life as well as several others. Why I have been suddenly compelled to atone for all of my actions, I am not really sure. Maybe I just want to brag a bit about what I have gotten away with and because I want you to know what you have lost.

Well first off I will tell you that our dear Albus Dumbledore isn't as holy and righteous as what he has made himself out to be. After all he was the one that was orchestrating everything that I did. But what fun is it for me to know what I did to you and you not even remember. So I will let you in on a little secret, I stole your wife and newborn son and made them my own. Why did I wait so long to disclose the information, well for one it will have given Albus plenty enough time to mold everyone into his perfect little pawns for his "War against Voldemort".

 For you to understand exactly what I am going to tell you, you need understand how I came to be involved in Albus's little projects. I am sure that your family has told you that the Potters and the Snape's have been in the middle of a Blood Feud for the last hundred years, something to do with one of your ancestral grandfathers had his son and new wife killed  when he found out that they had betrayed the family name in his marriage to a Potter.  But I never really listened to any of that so I never realized that the feud was still going strong. I was nine when one of your uncles found me in Diagon Alley, I had been by myself, and cast a curse at me to try and bring the line of the Potter's to an end. The curse had been one that prevented me from finding a loving wife that would provide me with and heir, one that would pass on the Potter genes and the Gryffindor line. That was bad news when we had heard that Voldemort was the last heir of Slytherin, since the only one that could defeat him would be someone of Gryffindor and Slytherin bloodlines. So I had a problem. I went to Albus and told him of my predicament and he came up with a brilliant plan. He told me of how you and Lily Evans had gotten married secretly over the Christmas vacation and how Lily was expecting a child shortly after we graduated. He told me that if I would take Lily and your son for my own he would be able to use you as a spy after he managed to convince you to switch sides. But he knew that you would never do that if you remembered that you had a family so he planned on taking them out of the picture and oblivating any memories that you would have of them. At first I was rather weary of doing this but then he told me something rather interesting about your precious Lily. 

 Before Voldemort, also known as Tom Riddle, had begun his reign of terror he had began searching for a wife to provide himself with an heir. Albus heard of this and planned on taking his wife from him before he could secure an heir, so he put out his spies to learn the identity of Tom's new wife. It took him a little time before he found out the woman's name. But he did find it out, Sara Black. Yes as in Sirius's Black's aunt. When Albus was finally able to take her from Tom she was already pregnant, but Tom didn't know. Albus decided that instead of killing her and her unborn child he would strip Sara of her magic, oblivate her memories and send her to live in the muggle world. He set up a marriage to a muggle man by the name of William Evans. What happened to the child that she was carrying at the time, it was a girl. A girl that was named Lily Marie Evans.

  To think that you were married to Voldemort's lost and unknown heir, that would make your son also the heir of Slytherin. When Albus told me that there was a way that I would be able to transfer my bloodline of Gryffindor to your child making him my son and heir I agreed, thus giving Albus his pawn to kill Voldemort.

 After I had Lily as my wife Albus wanted me to help him with one more "Relocation".  Remus had secretly married Lucius's younger sister Athena and had been living in Paris to escape the ministry. But Albus needed Remus back in the order so that he could send him out on the more dangerous missions, so he asked me to take his wife and newborn baby girl, oblivate her and take her and the baby into muggle London.  At the same time Albus had called Remus in and altered his memories of the last two years so all memories of his wife and daughter would be gone. I found out from Albus that Athena had married a muggle man but he did not know what his name was nor did he know what Remus daughters name had been changed to. I don't care if you tell Remus about this letter after all he is probably dead anyway.

  The main reason that I am writing this letter to you is because your son who is now Harry James Potter had a glamour spell and potion cast on him in order for him to look like me. After all what good would it do to have a Potter look like a Snape. The disguise will last until his seventeenth birthday where it will slowly start disintegrating and he will start taking on his true features.  Albus will probably not be able to recast the spells on Harry but he will have already molded him into the perfect weapon to kill Voldemort so it won't really matter if he finds out the truth. He will do his part in the end, Albus will make sure of that.

                                                                 James Potter

Severus let the letter drop into his lap; he couldn't breath his heart was racing like mad. No, this letter couldn't be true, could it?  He stood shakily up and grabbed the letter. There was only one person that he could take this letter to. Severus walked over to the fireplace and after grabbing a handful of floo powder he stepped into the green flames and shouted out "LUPIN LODGE". With a swirl of green flame and ash he disappeared.