The play is the thing!

Well, so I'm told, anyways.

Here's the deal - I want to write a Caribbean Secrets sequel, and from the sounds of it, you want me to write one too. But here's the problem: which one do I write first? And do I write all three sequels as I had planned, or do I only do one or two and run on to the Lord of the Rings sequel? So what I've done is include the first paragraph of each possible story here. You decide.

Review and tell me, or no sequelage!


Norrington/Christine story:

As I understand it, moments after my rather ungracious exit from the city of Port Royal, chaos reigned.

It did not, in any way, have anything to do with me, so don't even start thinking that. It had, for the most part, to do with the man I was following, and the fact that, at that moment, Commodore Norrington and Governor Swann seemed perfectly content to let the slipperiest man in the seven seas escape.

That, and the Governor's daughter was acting awful friendly with the blacksmith.


Francis Parsons story:

Francis Parsons was a depressing drunk.

He had been told that before, by some of his comrades, and he had never had any reason to question their opinions. He wasn't drunk often, and in fact, tried to refrain from ever over-indulging. But now here he sat, head slumped forward on his arms, resting on the rough wooden table, one of many empty glasses inches from his nose, in the corner booth in The Faithful Bride. Tortuga's most infamous bar. He found it sickeningly ironic.


Jack/Heather story:

The sun was, as suns are wont to do, setting. Standing, I brushed the dirt off my hands, and was moving to do the same for the back of my pants when someone else caught me off guard and did it for me. Laughing, I turned around, catching the offending hands, and leaned forward, grinning. "You, Jack Sparrow, are absolutely hopeless, you realize that? In front of your crew, and everything?"

He laughed, using the fact that I held his hands to pull me a little closer. "What can I say, luv? The company, the burying of treasure, the atmosphere..." he grinned. "I've always like sunsets."

I had to laugh. "You would, wouldn't you?"


So there we have it, ladies and gentlemen. Tell me which one you want me to write, or I'll write none!! Mwa ha! Am evil!

Oh....that, and I'm creating a mailing list for this story, to tell people when I update it, so if you want to be on the list, tell me and make sure to give me an email addy!