Lesser Of Two Evils

By: Thought

Summary: Movieverse. In a dark future world where the Mutant Registration act has been passed, people will do anything to survive. (Storm, Sabertooth, Wolverine)

A/N: The title doesn't really fit, but I have a twisted sense of logic, so let's say it does. Well, you know how you get an idea that just refuses to go away until you write it? .well that's exactly what this is. If people really hate it, I'll take it down.


Logan walked from the hotel bar with a deep scowl on his rugged features. He was living in Washington, secretly selling fake Ids to those mutants wanting to leave the country.for a price, of course. That was how it was now, everything had a price. He had just finished a deal with the shape-shifter Mystique, getting her passage to Europe, where mutants weren't so despised. He hadn't enjoyed helping the blue-skinned woman, but teams such as the X-Men and Brotherhood had disbanded a few years ago, and one couldn't afford to be prejudice.

He made his way up to the hotel room he had been using as a base of operations for the last few weeks. The halls of the old, rundown hotel were quiet, and smelled musty. The carpet was torn and the walls were water- stained and moldy. Many of the light bulbs had burned out a long time ago, leaving the few remaining bulbs to cast a dim lighting on the grimy interior. He pulled out his room key and slid the card into the slot on the door. As soon as he entered, he knew someone was in the room with him. He tensed, popping out his claws. A soft gasp revealed the other occupant of the room to him. She was tall, with long white hair and cat-like blue eyes. She wore a long, black cloak with a form-fitting body suit underneath.

"Ororo?" he asked in shock. He had thought her dead along with the rest of the X-Men when Xavier's School had been bombed. He wondered what it must be like for her, being constantly hunted and attacked. From what he had guessed about the woman from his short stays at Xavier's, she had lived her entire life at the school, and had never known the harsh world outside of its walls. He moved over to her, retracting his claws.

"Are you ok, Ro?" he asked.

"Yes. I am fine, Logan." She said. He didn't believe her one bit, but decided to play along for now.

"How have you been?" he asked, guiding her to sit on the bed.

"Well..." she shivered. "I have been fine, Logan, and yourself?"

He shrugged. "I'm doin' ok. What do ya think about all this Mutant Registration stuff? Had any major problems?" He was fishing now, and he knew it.

"It's, it's," she bit her lip, and seemed to be searching for the
right words. Finally, she turned to him, tears glistening in her eyes.
"Oh.....Logan...it's horrible! I saw all of my friends die.and mean
men are out to get us.I'm scared."

He hugged her tightly, feeling a desperate want to help this poor, lonely woman. He was about to ask her to stay with him when the door was knocked violently open. He realized that he had forgotten to lock it. He jumped to his feet, pushing Ororo behind him and popping out his claws. In the doorway stood a man he had not seen for a long time.

"Sabertooth." He growled, taking up a defensive posture.

"Wolverine." The large man's growl was just as apparent.

"What do ya want?" demanded Logan.

"My business ain't with you, it's with her." He pointed one clawed hand at Ororo.

Logan felt a rush of anger boil up inside of him, but before he could say anything, Ororo stepped out from behind him, a perfectly calm expression on her face.

"Ororo!" exclaimed Logan, trying to push her back.

She brushed off his hands and faced Sabertooth. "Do you have the money, Vic?" she asked coolly.

"That depends, Ro, do you have the papers?"

"I might." She tilted her head to one side, eyes sparkling, "Give me the money and you'll find out."

Sabertooth sneered at her. "You really don't expect me to fall for that, do you, Goddess?"

"No, but I think you need the papers more than I need the money."

"What the hell is going on?" demanded Logan, "What papers?"

"Why, the ones she stole from your room, of course." Smiled Sabertooth, "Or did he walk in on you before you could get them?"

"I have them." She smiled, "But I want my money first."

Sabertooth moved with the grace of a cat, roughly grabbing her by the throat. "Fine." He snarled, "I'll give you the money, and if you don't give me the papers, than I kill you."

"And how do I know that you won't kill me anyway?"

He grinned wickedly. "You don't."

She held out her open palm. "Give me the money."

He reached into his coat with a free hand and pulled out a stack of bills. He dropped them into her hand.

"Now, the papers." He hissed.

"Of course." there was a sudden flash of red, and then something impacted with Sabertooth's back, exploding on impact. Sabertooth fell back, releasing his hold on Storm. With a lightning fast movement, she leapt away from him and was out the open window within seconds. Another object flew at Logan, and he saw that it was a playing card, just before he blacked out.