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Chapter 31: Christmas Day.

Annie woke up to an alarm clock going off. She groaned in disapproval before she swung her arm over to the nightstand to turn it off. She looked over to see Randy sleeping peacefully, not even having heard the alarm, apparently. Annie smiled as an idea popped into her head. She grabbed her pillow and positioned herself above him, ready to pounce, 'It's been far too long since the last time,' she thought evilly.

She brought the pillow down swiftly, knocking him square in the head. He startled awake so fast he fell off the bed, a confused look on his face as he tried to asses where he was and why he was on the floor. It dawned on him when he looked up to see Annie pointing and laughing hysterically, loosely holding a pillow in her hand.

Annie hushed her laughter when she saw that he was on his feet again. He was glaring at her with his blue eyes, they were dark seeking vengeance. Annie licked her lips and stared him down. Her gaze moved from his eyes to his bare chest to his midsection and then to a pair of black boxers. She licked her lips as she suddenly felt very warm. She shook the thought from her head, for the moment. She knew he was going to try and get even, and she was ready for it. She braced herself for a tackle and a tickling, and was shocked when he just smiled sweetly and walked toward the bathroom.

'C'mon, Annie, follow me,' Randy thought to himself. He wasn't surprised when he heard the bed squeak a little and the soft patter of Annie's feet trailing behind him at a short distance. He turned the corner quickly and placed himself against the wall, stifling a grunt as the cold wall touched his bare back.

Annie came cautiously closer to the door frame. She ignored the voice that yelled inside her head, 'This is a trap! This is a trap!' She kept walking and as she went to turn the corner, she was scooped up by strong arms and hoisted over a steady shoulder. She screamed to be put back down.

Randy laughed as she kicked and screamed. He continued his walk toward the bathroom, "You know Annie, I think for once, I'm going to let you have the first shower without even putting up a fight. Hell, I'm even going to carry you to the bathroom! Sound good to you??"

Annie caught on to what he was about to do, "NO! You wouldn't!! Don't! Please, it's Christmas!!"

Randy smirked, "I know! That's why I'm willing to give you the first shower!" He opened the door forcefully as Annie began to kick and scream even harder. He bent down and turned on the cold water.

He swung her little body off of his shoulder in one swift movement, removing her gown as he did so. Annie stood a mere foot away from the bathtub and shivered as she felt the little mists of cold water hit her skin, "Randy please don't……please…" she trailed off, giving him the puppy dog face. Her eyes were pleading.

Randy smirked evilly as he bent down and turned on the hot water as well, "Well, I guess we could take one together. That is if you're done hitting people with pillows at five-thirty in the morning."

Annie smiled sweetly and batted her eyelashes, "I'm sowwy," she pouted.

Randy couldn't take it anymore, "Do you have any idea how much you're turning me on right now?"

"No…care to show me?" she asked seductively as she traced a finger down his midsection.

Randy caught her hand and drew her finger into his mouth, then he bent down and kissed her deeply on the mouth. Annie floated into oblivion as she felt her panties being removed. She hardly paid any heed to the water as she focused completely on Randy and all the sensations he was sending through her body as they made love in the shower.


Finally, at one-thirty, Annie and Randy entered the St. Louis city limits. They had been driving non stop trying to get to their families before it was extremely late. Thirty minutes later, Randy pulled their car into the parking lot of Tim's hotel. Annie ran up the stairs to his room and knocked on the door, Randy following in tow, but a bit slower.

Tim opened his door and was immediately brought into a bear hug. He gasped for air as his daughter squeezed him tightly, "Merry Christmas, Daddy."

"Merry Christmas, sweetie," he was able to manage as she let go of her hold on him.

"Merry Christmas, Tim," Randy said as he made it to the door and placed an arm around Annie.

Tim smiled in approval as he shook Randy's hand, "Same to you, son," he returned as he gestured for them to come in.

Annie and Randy sat down at the table by the window as Tim went to his bag and pulled out a box wrapped in gold and silver paper. Tim had taken special care in preparing this gift for his daughter. He smiled warmly at the couple sitting at the table as he crossed the room.

Annie smiled sweetly and innocently, "Is that for me???"

"Well, I do believe it is," he said as he handed it to her, "Be careful when you open it, hon," he instructed.

Randy sat back as he took in the scene before him. He felt slightly out of place until he felt Annie grab his hand in anticipation of opening her gift. He smiled as he realized she was sharing the moment with him. He smiled at her and returned the squeeze before she took her hand away to tear at the paper.

Automatic tears of joy rolled down her face at she stared at the beautiful gift. It was her favorite picture of her and her mother taken right before she died. Her father had had it blown up and framed. She embraced her father fiercely then wiped her tears as she took out a small box from her purse and handed it to him.

"Here. I bought it when you weren't looking," she admitted as Tim took it from her and opened it. He shook his head and smiled at her. It was a two tone pocket watch with a train design in silver over the gold base. 'To my loving father' was engraved on the back.

He smiled and the three talked for a while before Tim looked at the clock. It was three o'clock, "Randy, have your parents seen you yet? You two should probably get over there."

Randy smiled, "Yah, you're probably right," he agreed as he gave Annie's shoulders a slight squeeze.

Tim stood and went to get Annie her jacket when he came back with it, Randy was holding Tim's jacket out to him, "Tim, I'd like to invite you to have dinner with my family and I, that is if you don't have anything else to do. They'd love to meet you, and I'd love for you to spend Christmas with us," he paused and looked at Annie, "She can come too…I guess," he teased.

"Sounds good to me," Tim agreed, "And don't worry about Annie, she'll be fine by herself," he joked.

"Ha ha," Annie rolled her eyes, "I'm surrounded by a couple of comedians…lucky me."

Tim smiled at her before they headed out the door, Tim taking the lead. Randy bent and gave her kiss on the head as he took her hand and led her to the car.


It was eight o'clock at night and dinner had long since been cooked and eaten. Tim and Bob Jr. sat back on the couch and talked about wrestling and baseball. Randy's mom and Breanne were in the kitchen cleaning up, and Randy and his grandfather were sitting on the porch stairs reminiscing outside.

Annie placed the last dish in the drain, and both females declared the dishes done. Randy's mother was happy that the young couple had finally come to their senses and gotten back together. Annie was the ideal would be daughter in law, and Randy's mother vowed to push that idea as far as it would go.

"Well…dinner has been served, the dishes have been washed…I think it's time to open up some Christmas gifts, don't you?" she asked as she nudged Annie's arm with her elbow.

Annie smiled in reply, "I'll get them rounded up, unless you'd like to do the honors."

"Nah, I've been doing the honors for years, I think I'll bestow that task upon you this year."

Annie went into the rooms and told every one that it was time to open up the presents. After getting Randy and his grandfather to come inside, Annie found her purse and pulled it near and pulled out Randy's present and put it in her pocket. Annie sat still and watched Bob Jr. pull out and distribute the presents that were under the tree.

Her eyes were full of surprise when he called her name, "C'mere Annie, this one's for you."

She sat there confused. She hadn't expected them to get her anything, "I couldn't…I didn't get you anyth-"

"Who cares? Get over and open your present, girl!" he insisted.

Annie smiled as she made her way over and took her gift. She opened it slowly, not knowing what to expect. It was a black shirt, or at least that's what she thought at first. She unfolded it to reveal an Evolution fitted T, that read Evolution's Girl: Paid, Laid, and Made. She laughed out loud, "I love it!"

Randy smiled in approval at his parents. He had to admit, they were good when it came to presents. He then reached under the tree and handed Tim his Christmas present, "Here ya go, Tim," he said as he tossed it to him.

Tim opened the package to reveal a Stone Cold Steve Austin: Fuck Fear, Drink Beer shirt. Tim laughed and nodded his head, "It's all I've ever wanted."

Everyone shared a good laugh as they finished opening their gifts and exchanging thanks and hugs. Everyone sat back and relaxed as they drank some eggnog and got more acquainted with Tim. They would have been trying to get to know Annie better too if she were anywhere to be found. However, everyone's attention turned to Tim as they realized she wasn't the only one missing.

Randy led Annie out onto the back porch to give them a little bit of privacy. He had been waiting for the right moment to give her his present. He bent down to kiss her as he placed the small, square box in her hands.

She opened her gift and her eyes widened at what she saw. There were two earrings with charms identical to the one on her necklace. She hugged him tightly, "Oh my God, Randy. Thank you so much. They're beautiful." She stood on her tip toes and kissed him softly on the forehead before reaching into her sweater pocket and digging out his gift. She looked up at him again before handing it to him and shook her head in disbelief, "I love you, you know that?" she asked then handed him the box.

"I love you too, babe," he said as he took his eyes from hers and opened the present. He smiled in appreciation and disbelief as he held up the gold Rolex. He turned it over to read the inscription, "Randy Keith Orton," it read. "You got me a biscuit?" (A/N: That's what they're called, according to HHH. I just got done reading Unscripted, and it's in there. He was talking about how Rolex watches are worn by more established wrestlers to show their status or something like that. I know Randy isn't all that established in the WWE, but I don't care, and neither does Annie, lol). "

"Well, I figured it would match your Intercontinental belt," she smiled.

Randy nodded his approval, then sighed, "One problem, though."

Annie's smile fell, "What?"

"I'm not going to wear this in front of Paul or Ric for a few years," he joked, "They might hurt me."

"Why's that?"

"Because it's cooler than theirs," he smirked proudly.

Annie smiled and reached up to touch his cheek. She looked at him affectionately before bringing her hands to his chest. She then pushed him away and ran down the stairs to the yard. When she got there, she gestured with her finger, "Catch me if you can, sissy boy!"

"Oh…that's it!" he declared as he jumped over the rail or the porch and landed on his feet gracefully.

Annie flashed him an 'Oh shit,' look before darting off into the yard and toward a large tree. She looked up in astonishment for a few short seconds as she marveled at the discovery of a very nice tree house. She was still staring when Randy caught up to her.

She spun around to face him, startled when she felt him poke her in her sides. She giggled as he picked her up and spun her around, "I got you now! There's no escape!"

"Who said I wanted to escape once you caught me…………sissy boy," she taunted.

Randy smirked at her in reply, "Sissy boy? I'll show you 'sissy boy'!" He started to climb the ladder rungs that were nailed into the tree and led to the house, "Follow me……if you dare."

"Oh, I'm am…" she muttered as she began to follow his ascent up the tree.

When they finally made it to the balcony of the large tree house, Randy pulled her over to him. Together they looked over the view. The Orton's yard was huge, and there was a forest beyond it. It was dark outside, cloudy. The moon was barely visible through a hole in the clouds.

Randy reached over and turned up a lantern. It lit the tree house, and cast a glow on their features. Randy and Annie admired each other before leaning in for a kiss. Their kissed lasted for long minutes, and neither noticed the snow that began to fall as they stood there, lingering in each other's embrace.

When they pulled apart, Annie smiled and reached her hand out to catch the snow. Randy pulled her into a hug, and they stood there, letting the snow fall on their faces. He felt her shiver, and then pulled her inside, "C'mon, it's a little warmer in here."

Annie followed him in and her mouth dropped at how neat it was inside the little house. The ceiling probably stood about seven feet high, and there were two red bean bags sitting across the room near the window which had a shudder and red curtains hanging. There were two sleeping bags spread out on the floor and there were folded blankets and assorted pillows against the far walls near the bean bags. The wood was finely sanded and there was even a small end table near the door holding a lantern. It was cozy, to say the least. Almost like a miniature cabin.

"Why do I get the feeling that you planned this?" she asked suspiciously.

Randy smirked, confirming her every suspicion, "Because I did," He paused and sat on a bean bag, "C'mere."

Annie did as he as beckoned. He pulled her down onto his lap and kissed her passionately. Randy smiled against her lips, "You know, as a kid, I used to fantasize about having sex up here…" he hinted.

"Well…it is the time of giving," she teased, kissing his lips seductively.

"Are you saying you want to make my dreams come true?"

"Every single one."

"Are you sure about what you're saying?"

"Of course," she admitted honestly.

Randy took in a deep breath before standing them up again, "Alright…if you're sure," he said as pulled something small out of his jacket pocket. "Stand right there, okay?"

"O……Kay…" she said kind of confused. Her confusion was swept away as he knelt on one knee before her. Her eyes widened and her mouth nearly dropped, replaced by a smile of disbelief as he spoke words she thought she'd never hear any man mutter to her in a thousand life times.

"Annie, I know we've only known each other for what? Three months? But listen, I love you…I love everything about you. I fell for you from the moment you first insulted me," he paused and smiled at her, "and I swear, in a hundred years, I'll never be as happy with anyone as I am right now, with you," he paused again and opened the small box in his hand, revealing a ring with a silver band and a rose like design at the top holding a finely cut diamond, "Breanne Elizabeth Davis…will you marry me?"

For what seemed like the hundredth time that week, tears of joy ran down her face, "yes," she choked through her tears.

Randy slipped the ring on her finger, as he stood and drew her into his arms, "I love you so much, Annie. I promise I'll make you happy. I want to make your dreams come true too."

Annie smiled through her tears and raised her mouth to his lips, "You are my dream, Randy."

Randy nearly cried with all the emotions he felt at that precise moment. He was holding his future wife, the future mother of his children, and there just weren't any words to express the love he held with his heart.

They held each other for many minutes before giving themselves up to their love for one another. The snow fell outside, and the light from the lantern danced brightly and wildly as they made love in the tree house, ten feet above the rest of the world, and a thousand light years away from all the distractions the world can provide. They would later announce their engagement, but until then, they celebrated the love between them.


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