Title: Reunions

Author: Jei-El

Category: New Jedi Order

Keywords: Amidala, Padme, Anakin, Naboo

Spoilers: New Jedi Order Series in general

Summary: Padme's return and search for her family. Plus what happens when she learns that her children are being hunted.

Disclaimer: This is George Lucas' Universe and I am just glad he lets us visit it from time to time. I do not mean any infringement and am not making any money, that's why they call it fan fic. You are now entering a dimension never before seen outside of my head. You have been warned.

Star Wars

The New Jedi Order


A long time ago in galaxy far, far away...

Thirty years have passed since the battle for Yavin.

A generation has been born and come into it's own that has never know the tyranny of the Empire. They also do not remember that which came before Empire or the ways of the Old Jedi Order.

The galaxy is facing a time of trouble, once more.

The Yuuzhen Vong have cut a swath through the galaxy and are still spreading.

Worlds full of life have been destroyed or remade as they see fit.

The Jedi are being handed over to appease the Vong.

The Solos and Skywalkers have been at the forefront of this battle.

They were among the first to spread the news.

They have been forced to fight them almost totally alone.

In battles that range from the vastness of space to in the case of Mara within her own body.

The protective bubble that had seemed to shield them has burst.

First, with Chewie's death and then with Mara's illness.

Jaina and Jacen are now missing and Anakin dead.

Leia and Han have managed to come back together.

Mara and Luke face the Vong head on.

Scattered across the span of the galaxy they are about to be brought together by hope.

Someone from their past is about to return.

After thirty years of preparation a light thought long ago extinguished is about to return.

This light brings with it knowledge of the Force that was lost to the New Jedi Order.

o O o

Chapter 1


Anakin Solo knew he was dying as he finished his mission. He had the choice, live and let the Vong continue to make Voxyn or die and know that the Voxyn would never hunt the Jedi again. He chose to save his siblings now and all the Jedi that would have found themselves face to face with a Voxyn in the future. It had been a long time since Anakin had felt so sure of a decision. There was no fear. As he felt himself dying some part of him felt as if he was being watched. Watched not by his family and friends or even his enemies. This was different. Then everything went dark... Green?

o O o

Jaina didn't know much about Vong ships but she knew enough to know that the coral skipper she had stolen was dying. Jaina had taken it when she had broken off from the others in hope of making the Vong pay for Anakin's death. She had also planned to rescue Jacen but when she saw that was impossible she then decided they were going to pay for his capture. By the time she had finally given up and jumped out of the system the ship was hurting so badly that it was getting hard to control.

Mere moments after jumping to hyperspace the ship dropped back out only to find itself on a collision course with a small tropical world.

She didn't have enough flight control to avoid crashing somewhere amongst the lush jungles; all Jaina could hope to do was stay in one piece. 'I hope the Force is with me, cause I'm going to need it.' Jaina thought as she entered the world's stratosphere.

o O o

Labor droid J6Y9 (Jix as the Caretaker called him.) watched as the Caretaker repaired the servo in it's shoulder. It had malfunctioned while Jix had been helping the Caretaker gather food. Jix and the other droids enjoyed helping him since he was always fixing or improving them. Unlike those they had served on Planet K429 before the Caretaker came. The Caretaker didn't just treat them as things to be used up and thrown away. He would talk to them and was always trying to find ways for them to work better. Sometimes Jix wondered if it bothered the Caretaker that he was the only one of his kind on the world.

All of a sudden the Caretaker stopped working and his eyes seemed to be watching something that only he could see. At first he started to stand, then he stopped himself. "It is Not your fight and she probably couldn't have survived a crash like that." Jix heard the Caretaker mumble to himself as he sat back down and finished his repairs.

Just then R1C6 came rolling in and started beeping. "Yes, I know a ship crashed south of here, Ricx." The old R1 droid blatted at him then emitted another string of beeps. "The pilot probably wouldn't survive even if I risked my life to help her." Ricx just sat there looking at him. "I'm not even a healer!" Again the droid didn't move. "Stop looking at me like that!" The Caretaker said in exasperation as he put his tools away. Closing the drawer he hung his head. "All right, I'm going! Just make sure the med. droids have the bacta tank prepped and ready, cause she is going to need it." The Caretaker said charging out the door.

o O o

When the Caretaker rode up to the crash site he found a ship like none he had ever seen before. He couldn't sense the ship and he now realized that whatever it was made of was distorting his capability to sense the pilot. Leaving the speeder running he started work on what appeared to be the canopy. After a couple of minutes effort he managed to get it open and took a look at the pilot. She was human in her late teens or early twenties and she was hurt but not as bad as he had thought before he had gotten the canopy open. Then his eye caught on an item on her belt. Reaching down he unhooked the item and held it up and inspected it. It was a lightsaber. For a moment he didn't move. Then he did something he hadn't done in a long time. He ignited a lightsaber. The blade sprang to life and he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the well-designed blade proved to be any color other than red. She was a Jedi. Deactivating it he clipped it to his belt and quickly checked to ensure that he could safely move her over to the speeder.

He could tell from past experience that this wasn't just malfunction or course miscalculation. Whoever she was she had been involved in a firefight. That meant that someone somewhere out there had tried to kill her and was probably going to be looking for her. The Caretaker could tell that her ship was not going to ever leave the ground again. So he retrieved a thermal detonator from his speeder, activated it and threw it unerringly into the cockpit. As the Caretaker lay her on the speeder in front of him he took off. Then he pushed his old speeder for all it was worth to get the girl to his complex for treatment as he heard the ship blow far behind him.

As he entered the med bay he found the droids finishing bringing the bacta tank online. One of the two medical droids was waiting for him and directed him to place the pilot on one of the examining tables. As the droid worked to stop the bleeding from the young girl's head wound the Caretaker tried to do something he hadn't done in years. He reached out to the Force and started applying what he knew to heal her wounds. He couldn't help noticing that when he started directing the Force energy at her that she unconsciously helped apply it where it was needed. 'She has had some intense training to instinctively use the energy like that!' The Caretaker thought to himself.

Once the Caretaker reached the end of his capability to help her he stepped back and let the droids do what they could. Just as he turned to leave the room he felt a wave of Force driven emotions sweep over him so strong that it took his breath away. There had been a familiar sense buried deep within the wave of emotion. When it had passed he turned back to find the young girl staring at him. He smiled at her. "You're safe and in no shape to be awake yet, young one." The Caretaker said as he slid her into a healing trance.

Walking into the next room he sat down exhaustedly. It had been a long time since he had called on the Force like that. He also found himself wondering about the young girl lying badly injured in the next room. So young to be piloting what appeared to be a fighter craft, to be fighting and to be so close to death. Part of him knew that at her age he had been doing far more dangerous things, but that was a different life.

A short time later Jix came in. "The med droids told me to come and bring you a report on the pilot's condition. She will survive. They could not give an exact time as to when they will be finished healing her," Jix said, "Caretaker."

"Thank you, Jix," he said taking the pad from the droid. "There were signs of a space battle and those she fought might have tracked her. I want you and all the other droids besides those caring for the girl to start patrolling the area. Each of you should, if possible keep an open com-line just in case."

"Yes, Caretaker." Jix said leaving the Caretaker alone with his thoughts.

He walked back into the room and up to the bacta tank. "Who are you?" He said as he closed his eyes. "I have been hiding here for so long with no reason to leave." Shaking his head he continued. "No. I still don't have any reason to leave. I will make sure that you can leave when you're ready. If I leave, I know I will end up involved and I know where that path can lead. When I found myself here I was on the verge of going down it." He said leaving the room.

o O o

Millennium Falcon

Leia knew she should be asleep but sleep wouldn't come. Leia sat there looking out of the cockpit window. 'Han and I are going to look for any sign of Jacen and Jaina. I know they are alive.' Leia thought closing her eyes. 'Anakin is dead.' Tahiri had contacted her moments ago to give her the bad news. None of her children had returned. Her youngest son dead and her eldest son captured and Jaina missing.

As soon as her eyes were closed they were thrown open once more as the cry of emotion reverberated in her head. It sounded like the day that the Emperor had died, when hundreds of worlds were freed. The cry all but overwhelmed Leia for a moment then the wave crested and continued on its way. Leia slapped the controls before the com could even beep. "So you felt it to."

Leia could almost picture the smile on Luke's face as he spoke. "I think that any person that had even the slightest Force talent felt that."

"What do you think it was?" Leia asked.

"I don't know but Mara and I are going to go see. We just finished our last mission and everyone else is tied up. I think it would probably be good if Mara and I drop off the scene for a couple days." Luke said.

"Yeah a chance to breathe would be nice." Mara said leaning over Luke's shoulder. "There is only one thing that could make that better." Mara didn't have to fill in the rest, for both Luke and Leia knew what went unsaid. 'To hold our son for even a moment.'

"Fill you in when we get back, Leia. May the Force be with you." Luke said as he placed his hand on the one that Mara had on his shoulder. Mara was still classified a new mother and they were both finding it hard to be away from their son Ben.

"And, with you too." Leia said closing the connection.

o O o

Amidala found herself jolted out of sleep and into a world of green. This was like nothing she had ever seen before; it was as if everything in her room had turned green. When Amidala turned to her night table she found why. Lying in its place was a palm-sized crystal shaped like a slightly flattened emerald. Only instead of its normal soft green glow it was shining like a beacon, pulsing with a brilliance that shocked Amidala. Reaching out cautiously Amidala picked up the crystal and holding it in both hands she extended her senses to the presence within only to find it mute. It was almost as if it was busy, but busy doing what she wondered.

Getting up Amidala walked over to her balcony since she knew that sleep would not return so quickly. As she looked out over the rolling plans of Naboo lit only by its moons something changed. The dark curtain, which had concealed the beauty of Naboo's nights, was being drawn away and the stars were returning to their places one by one. Amidala realized their day had come and they were finally free once more. The word of the shield falling spread quickly and the people started streaming out of their homes and stood looking to the sky. Gungun and Naboo all standing together wondering what would happen now that the stars had returned. The stars that the Emperor had exiled them from had just been returned to them. Naboo had neither seen nor heard anything from the galaxy in over thirty years.

Amidala stood on her balcony for a moment then walked over to her com-unit and called the scientists that had been working on bringing down the shield. She smiled when a young and very flustered Gungun came online. "Oh my." The Gungun said as his com-unit identified whose call he had just answered. "Yousa Highness, big Boss Scientist not here yet. Mesa just called him. Hesa was asleep, now on hesa way here. Hesa answer yousa quesions. Mesa know notin, no allowed to touch notin." The young Gungun rambled shaking his head back and forth so vigorously that his ears were flapping in his face. "Mesa wash floors tats all."

Just then he spun around as the door behind him came flying open and in ran the disheveled head scientist. "Rafin! What did you do now!"

"Mesa do notin. Mesa just sitin there. Alarms go off, stars return. All very confusing."

Then the face on the com-unit caught the scientist's eye. It took him a moment to realize who she was since he had never seen her without the ceremonial make up or with whatever that green glow was. "Your Highness, I ... Ah a..."

Amidala smiled. "I gather you had nothing to do with the shield coming down?"

"No, Your Highness, maybe the shield had a set life span. That is the only explanation I can think of." He said trying to make up for what the Queen had seen.

"Naboo thanks you and your team for your efforts on our behalf. I hope that your next venture will prove to be easier. May the Force be with you." Amidala said signing off. Turning to Sabe, who had come in while Amidala had been speaking with the Gungun.

"Something tells me we know what brought the shield down." Sabe said pointing at the crystal Amidala had in her hand. It still glowed brightly even though no where near as intensely.

"That would be my bet, but the question is, why now?" Amidala said walking back over to the balcony. Looking up at the stars all that Amidala saw was questions, about her husband and her children. Her 'Ani' following a dark path that led to the concealment of his children, her little Luke and Leia so far apart. What had they done with their lives? Had the seeds of rebellion born fruit toppling the Empire? She could almost picture Luke and Leia. Luke, like his father had been, kind and giving, a great pilot and Leia with her grace standing as Princess of Alderaan handling matters of state. She wondered if they had found love and happiness? The thought crossed her mind that she might even be a grandmother. This thought brought a smile to her face, a rare thing over the last thirty years. She wasn't going to focus on what she had missed; she had done that for too long. The past was the past; Padme was looking forward to the future.

'The answers are waiting.' Padme thought pulling out her comm. She was calling to see what the communication department was picking up. "This is Queen Amidala. Are we getting anything?"

"We are picking up some signals from the direction of Sullust. We aren't picking up anywhere as much as we expected to be getting. The good news, Your Highness is that none of the signals we are receiving appear to be Imperial," said the communications officer.

"Send this message, encode Ami 1 to Dagobah. 'Angel has returned. Request status of hope.'" Amidala said. She hoped that this wouldn't endanger the old Jedi Master. She closed her eyes, "Send. Let me know, immediately, if we receive a reply."

o O o

When the shield that had surrounded Naboo fell, a ripple like none ever before swept through the Force. Billions of lives, a complete section of the Force reappeared. As that section of the Force reconnected, the rest of the fabric of life shifted. Billions of voices cried out in joy, shock and fear all at once and their cry was carried, surfing a wave of Force energy. A wave created as those billions of life forms were thrown back into the web of the Force. A web that connects all things.

o O o


Der'Luz was looking forward to today. He had been assigned to examine the body of a dead Jedi. This wasn't just any Jedi. He was one of the leading families, Skywalker/Solo. He was a particularly annoying one. This Jedi had caused trouble for the Yuuzhen Vong again and again. The first incident they could be attribute to him was at Yavin 4 as they called it, right in the middle of a shaper base. Next at 'Myrkyr' he and his brother killed the Voxyn Queen. This one had not faired as well as his brother. He watched as two of his underlings brought in the Crezoon shell that was preserving the body just as it had been after the battle. Walking over he stroked the edge of the shell in the pattern to open it. What he found shocked him, because what he found was nothing. One of the two shapers who had entered with the shell had been with it since the body was loaded into it.

"You swore to me this morning that you did not leave the shell unattended. So how do you explain that it arrives empty." Der'Luz shouted turning to the underling.

"He was dead, how he could have escaped." Asked one confused shaper.

"That is something you had better figure out, for you are the one who will be held responsible." Der'Luz said stomping from the chamber. He knew someone would pay for this and he was going to make sure it wasn't him.

o O o

Entry 5163 Location Theed Palace

It has been over 25 years since I ran out of words to write in this journal. I felt that it was designed to hold my thoughts of my journeys, both physical and mental. When Palpatine sealed me here the physical journeys became limited to my world and there was only so much I could write about missing my family that remains free amongst the stars. Fear for my beloved Ani, for my beautiful twins.

Now the walls have fallen and the journey long prepared for stands before me. After all this time I find that it is a journey with no destination. Where to us on Naboo thirty years had passed, to the rest of the galaxy almost fifty have gone by. It felt like in a moment twenty more years of memories of the lives of my children were ripped away from me. Signals have been sent in hope of finding the new path. Dagobah, Alderaan, Coruscant and Tatooine.

No Answer, where are they?

In an act of shear desperation, the kind only a mother who can't find her children can know. I personally called Ani's communicator.

I have called everyone I could think of and have found no one. I am tired of waiting. I have waited for thirty years. I have to do something, anything. Tomorrow I am going to leave and look for them, my family. Rabe will take my place while I am gone and Sabe is coming with me. We will take a long-range shuttle. We will take three months worth of supplies and items to trade since it's doubtful that either the Old Republic or Imperial currencies are still valid. Hopefully the direct approach will be more successful.

Padme Skywalker

Queen Amidala of Naboo

o O o

Two weeks after the shield's fall

"We are almost to Alderaan... Padme," Sabe was so used to calling her friend by her title or just Amidala that she found it hard to call her Padme.

Padme turned toward her friend with a smile. Sabe and Rabe had returned to her service with the falling of the shield. They knew that Amidala would be spending a good amount of time off world, at least at first and would need protection. Her protectors would need experience outside of Naboo and they would also need to be capable of playing decoy. "This is going to be interesting... 'Hi, you don't know me. I am Padme Skywalker, your mother.' That won't work." Padme said as Sabe brought them out of hyperspace.

Where they had been expecting to find a beautiful blue and green globe they found an asteroid field. Padme blinked as if, when her eyes opened she would find the planet whole once more. "What happened here?" Padme said as tears streamed down her face. "Was my little Leia here?"

"From the sensor readings this happened when the twins were eighteen, she might not have been here." Sabe said, knowing that Padme needed a spark of hope not her own. 'Why would anyone destroy a whole world? Kill the billions of peaceful people that lived there?' They set there for a moment mourning the loss of such a beautiful world and it's people.

"Set course for Tatooine." Padme said in a half whisper. Nothing was said during the trip for both Sabe and Padme were lost in thought. When they were about to come out of hyperspace again, her only thought was, 'I hope it's still there.' She didn't realize she was holding her breath till she saw Tatooine and released it.

Sabe sat there for a moment waiting for Padme to tell her where to land. Then she realized that Padme didn't want to go and not find him. As long as she didn't go she could imagine him there safe and sound. Sabe had known Padme since she was fourteen. She had spent much of that time working as one of her handmaidens. "Padme, you have to tell me where."

Padme blinked and turned toward her friend. "Mos Eisly... Land at Mos Eisly. We will have to rent a speeder from there. Mos Eisly to Anchorhead, then to the Lars place."

"Taking us down. I am sure the twins are fine. With their father's talents and yours, they would be pretty tuff." Sabe said knowing she needed too hear some voice besides her own speaking of hope. "Plus, they have Yoda and Obi-wan watching over them."

"Thank you, Sabe." Padme said as they finished landing. "I needed that. I have been waiting so long that it's hard to believe that I am here. Let's go." She said undoing her belt and heading for the back. "Pack three days worth of food and four worth of water. I don't have to tell you to be armed, but let's not look it. We will each carry half of the trade items."

Sabe smiled. Now this is the Padme I know. No, this isn't Padme, its Amidala. "Yes, Your Highness. Don't forget to change into a less conspicuous outfit."

Padme stopped packing and laughed. "I do need to tone down on that while we're on this mission. Don't want to raise any eyebrows. Especially if the Hutts are still in power here." She said grabbing a simple tan tunic and pants as opposed to the burgundy-red shimmer silk dress she'd had planned for Alderaan.

When she finished packing her supply pack she continued. "I wonder if they still have Podracing here. If Luke is as good a pilot as his father he may be involved in it. Not a pleasant thought, but something to look into." Padme said as she shouldered her pack. "Right now the question is what we should take to trade?" She said turning to Sabe.

"We don't want to trade any tech or weapons. Because, the last thing we want to have it used against us. The safest would be the gems. With gems you have high price, small and shouldn't attract to much attention if done sparingly." Sabe said as she handed Padme her personal shield, mini blaster and dagger.

"My thoughts exactly, Sabe. I am just trying to get back in the character of... Anything but a Queen." She said with a giggle as she slid the items in their hiding places. "Let's split up out there. I'll look into Luke and the Lars family. I will also ask about Obi-wan. You look into the political situation and the Jedi. We should both be back here before the suns set and keep in touch by comm."

"I don't like the idea of you being out there alone, Padme. I do have to admit that you are right, that would be the smartest course when it comes to not attracting to much attention to you. I guess I will be getting more attention than you with my line of questioning." Sabe said to her friend as they headed down the landing ramp.

"See you later Sabe." She said closing the ship up and they split up on their different paths. At first Padme chose to just walk around and get the feel of Mos Eisly. She eventually found a trade shop, not too big or small. When she entered the shop she found it clean and orderly. Most importantly the only other person there was the shop owner.

The young man (about 35 years old) in the back smiled when she entered. "Can I help you?"

"I've got some gems I'd like to trade in exchange for currency." Padme said trying to sound like an average person from Tatooine. Trying to remember what Ani and Shmi had sounded like. She followed the young man to the counter in the back where he would examine her wares.

"I like to know who I'm doing business." He said holding his hand out over the counter. "My name is Jakk."

Padme smiled and shook the man's hand trying to figure out what to call herself. The last thing she wanted to do was to draw attention to her son. She finally decided that if anyone wanted her full name to go with her maiden name. Then she realized all the man wanted was her first name, "Padme." She said smiling back at the young man. "I have some, Adegan and Coursca crystals for you, Jakk." Padme said pulling out a small bag, and then out of the bag two individual packets of gems.

Jakk poured the contents of the two packs out on a piece of soft black fabric. "This is quite a collection, Padme. Don't see much of these around here. I don't have the credits to purchase all of 'em." He said as selected the highest quality gem from both piles and a selection of lesser quality gems, eight gems in all. "I'll can give you 900,000 credits, but it will take me a couple of hours to get the full amount. I can give you 500,000 now."

"And, I will leave all but the two highest quality of your chosen gems with you. Deal?" Padme said raising her eyebrow.

"Deal," Jakk said realizing that this woman knew exactly what she was doing. He handed over the two best gems and the credits. "I should be able to get the rest in two hours time. If there is anything I can do for you till then, just tell me."

Looking down for a moment she decided to go ahead and see what he knew of her son. "I am looking for some friends of mine. They live out past Anchorhead and probably come through here for supplies." Looking back up into his eyes as she chose how to word this. "One of them is Ben Kenobi. The others are the Lars family, they're moisture farmers."

"The name Kenobi isn't familiar, but Lars does seem familiar. I remember hearing something about that name when I was a kid. I'll ask into it while I'm gathering the money together."

"Thank you." Padme said as she got up. "I'll be back later." Padme said sliding the rest of the gems into the bag and it into its hiding place. As she exited the shop, she was trying to figure out the time frame, how old would Luke have been when Jakk was a child. Jakk would have had to be at least five, which would have made Luke at least eighteen. How bad would something have to have been that he would still remember the name of the family after all this time? 'Maybe he's wrong. Maybe he had the wrong name.'

When it was almost time to return to the shop, after two hours with no more answers, than Jakk's vague remembering. She started feeling as if she was being watched. Padme decided to purchase something to eat and find a place to sit. She hoped that by doing this she wouldn't tip whoever was following her off. Since Padme had Luke and Leia her talents had grown stronger and she had honed them to their full over the last thirty years. She still didn't consider herself a Jedi but her talents now had a broader base to them. Like the ability to sense her tail and keep him or her from sensing her awareness. She thought she spotted a young man watching her, he looked to be about sixteen, maybe a little older, dark brown hair and his eyes seemed familiar. Once he saw her look his way he disappeared from her sight. The sensation of being watched lessened but remained.

o O o

I hope you have enjoyed the first chapter of my story.