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Chapter 11

o O o

To: Princess Leia

I have good news and bad news. We lost the station, but we won battle. Your Mom and Ben are safely aboard the Twin Saber with me. Ben is definitely a Skywalker. By the way I think we should add toy chests to the list of weapons effective against the Vong. Jaina is safe and sound; she's headed back to New Hope. Basically she's in charge of a third of the Naboo fleet. Jacen survived keeping Mara aboard the Twin Saber while Grama went and got Ben. We are all on our way home to Naboo. By the way Wedge was allowed to lend us a hand, either the Republic finally wised up or they were afraid he'd do it anyway. See you soon your 'Highnessness.'

'Admiral' Han Solo

o O o

New Hope Hanger Bay

"Weren't you flying escort for the Queen?" The distraught Captain asked when Jaina and Jag's men landed without any sign of the Queen.

"Don't worry, Rouge Squadron escorted her out." Jaina said climbing out of the cockpit.

"A Rouge Squadron!"

"No, not a rouge squadron. The Rouge Squadron, they are the best of the Republic fighter pilots. Uncle Luke started the Squadron back before the New Republic was formed." Jaina said reassuringly.

The Captain relaxed a little. "Then I think we should call Naboo and tell them we are on our way back."

"You mean I should call Mom and reassure her I am alive and well, so she will stop calling you?" Jaina said with a Solo smile.

"That too." The Captain said he liked this new princess, she knew her mother well.

o O o

Twin Saber

'Gapa? Why in the Force would Ben call me Gapa? I am not his grandfather and even if I were how could he have figured it out? I can see him sensing that I am a Skywalker but not that I am a clone of his Grandfather. Then there's the calling out through the Force loud enough to get through not only to Mama but several other Jedi as well. Then to top it all off there was the Toy Box incident. I pity the Master that has to train him. That would usually be draining even to a trained Jedi… He seemed fine on the transport but he would still have been running on adrenaline… I hope he is still ok.' Finally coming out of his musings Kenan found himself at the door to a set of quarters that were not his. And based on what the Force was telling him he had a good idea whose they were. Shaking his head he rang the door chime.

To his surprise it was a dripping wet Padme opened the door. "Come to check on the littlest Jedi, have you?"

"What happened to you?" Kenan asked in surprise.

"Ben decided that we needed a bath too. Along with half of their quarters thanks to his escaping the refresher and he still isn't clean yet. I didn't think that ten-month-olds could move that fast. We are also having trouble keeping enough water in the tub with him." Padme said with a smile. "Want to lend a hand? Or a Force splash shield?"

"You mean that two Jedi Masters can't handle one ten-month-old?" Kenan said teasingly.

"We will see how dry you are when he's done with you." Padme said leading Kenan to the 'fresher.

o O o

Luke made his way to where he sensed his wife and son were as soon as he got aboard the Twin Saber. When the door opened he found puddles everywhere. The whole place was soaked. Following the sound of laughter and splashing he found four drenched Skywalkers, only one of which was in the tub.

Ben was the first one to spot him. Slipping away from the three adults once more he ran out of the 'fresher. "Da-ye!"

"Looks like you have been having fun." Luke said picking up his son and looking at the three exhausted adults.

"Da-ye! I boom Voo. Gapa boom Voo. Gama boom Voo. I shooh, Mama me baf. I baf Mama. I baf Gama. I baf Gapa. Da-ye wan' baf?"

"No, I think we will save some water for the rest of the people who might want a bath. How about we get you dressed and fed and I'll tell you a story. While the others change into some dry clothes." Said a bemused Luke.

Finally dressed and fed Ben said, "Stowy! Now?"

"A long time ago on a planet far, far away there was a young boy that dreamed about traveling to the stars…" Luke told Ben, who was finally winding down after his long day.

o O o


"Where did they go!" The Supreme Overlord said he was not happy they had lost one of the three remaining adult war-coordinators. He didn't like that the fleet he had sent had been the ones that had gotten surprised in the battle. The Jedi had not been caught unawares as he had hoped, but instead three infidel battle groups had appeared coming to there aid. Two of the battle groups had been of the 'Naboo' a heretical combination of living and non-living components. The fleet he had sent to destroy the Jedi strong hold had been caught between an attack force and the black hole cluster. One minute the Vong were in the middle of a fight that was more than they bargained for, the next all of the strange ships disengaged and jumped to hyperspace leaving behind a lot of confused Yuuzhen Vong.

'Now that the Jedi had lost their base they flee, disgraceful. The good thing is the fleet I sent after their home world should not face any great resistance with all their ships spread out like they are. I would hate for anything two happen to the other two war-coordinators.'

o O o

Naboo Space

'The commander of the flight deck was all too happy to let the new 'prince' and his 'friend' borrow a two-person fighter.' Anakin thought as they enjoyed the feeling of freedom that came with flying out in space. They both marveled at the maneuverability of the new type of fighter and at the beauty of the star system that was now there home. He and Tahiri had seen the asteroid field but they were to not yet used to the system and in their distraction they had thought it was supposed to look that way. One minute Anakin and Tahiri were blissfully flying around the star system the next they were surrounded by the largest fleet of Vong that Anakin had ever seen. Almost before they could comprehend what they were seeing Anakin had flipped the fighter around on its axis now facing the exact opposite direction.

Tahiri wondered if the ship was designed to do that maneuver, or if it was that a Jedi was piloting it. Tahiri powered the com-system back up. "Alert, Alert, Yuuzhen Vong fleet in system!"

Meanwhile, Anakin skimmed the surface of a nearby moon hoping to avoid the molten projectiles that the Vong were firing at them. As they came around the backside of the moon he almost ran over a squadron of Naboo fighters coming from the other direction. "Woah," he hollered. "If we don't run over them this will be great." He said weaving his way through the squadron. He could see that the squadron was firing off the blue bombas taking out the skips that had been pursuing them.

"This is Knight Squadron leader. Message from Princess Leia; Next time leave your Comm. on."

'Busted,' Anakin thought. Then flipping the fighter once more and joining the fight. They had taken out a couple of Skippers when they started seeing ships come out of hyperspace.

"YeeHah! That will teach you to mess with my family!" Came a voice over the Comm as the Twin Saber positioned itself between the Vong and Naboo.

'Dad's back,' Anakin thought.

"And my people," he heard his Grandmother add.

o O o

Naboo Palace

'It has been a long time since I have had to do something like this,' Leia thought as she prepared to address the Naboo peoples.

"This is Princess Leia, I am sad to inform you that the battle has finally found its way to Naboo. I ask that everyone please stay calm, those that have Civil Defense stations please make your way to your assignments, everyone else please remain indoors till the battle is over. Everything that can be done to ensure your safety is being done. We must be brave, work together and trust those that are fighting to protect our homes. The fleets that were sent out to make contact with the New Republic were already on their way back when the attack began and have already started arriving. Periodic updates will be broad caste to keep you informed. May the Force be with us all." Leia said signing off.

o O o


Shortly after the battle had begun the ships that had been left behind to protect Naboo and the Twin Saber were joined by Naboo ships of all sizes coming out of hyperspace and joining the battle.

"I think they brought a war-coordinator can any one see where they're hiding it?" Anakin asked as he and Tahiri surprised the skipper that flew up behind them and ended up staring down their gun ports.

"It looks like they may have pulled out all the stops. They might have brought more than one for a battle of this size." Tahiri said pulling up the sensor readings.

"I see it! Follow me." Jacen said heading for the ship. They may have been trying to conceal it in a different type of ship but the skips flying vanguard around it gave it away to the experienced eye.

"I've got your back." Noszae said forming up with him.

Jacen watched as several fighter squadrons followed him in. It was hard to tell which they were more concerned with, taking out the war-coordinator or watching his and Anakin's backs. 'This prince stuff could get real annoying.' Jacen thought. Just then Jacen saw a skip slip in behind Noszae on his scanner, while Noszae was focused on the one in front of her. "Noszae, Behind you!" Jacen yelled trying to bring the threat into target range but his fighter wouldn't do that maneuver.

It was too late. But thanks to his warning the shot only crippled her fighter spinning her away from the worst of the battle. Luckily they were near Naboo's sister planet Rori. Noszae managed a ruff landing in a sparsely populated area.

"My wing mates down, can you handle this?" Jacen called out to the leader of the squadron he had been flying with.

"We've got this. Go check on your wing mate." Came the reply.

"Roger, May the force be with you." Jacen said breaking off and heading for the surface. 'I think he was relieved that he had an excuse to get me out of there.' Jacen thought, 'Probably afraid he'd have to answer to the Queen if something went wrong. Can't blame him.'

Jacen followed the path Noszae's fighter had cut through the trees on the way down and landed in a nearby clearing. As he made his way to what remained of the fighter he could see that Noszae had managed to open the cracked canopy but not to get out of the smoking wreckage. The astro-droid sounded like it was on the verge of panicking; it had managed to flip itself out but could find no way to rescue its pilot.

"Get clear," Jacen ordered the distraught little droid as he scooped up Noszae and dashed behind a small hill just as the ship blew. "Are you okay?" Jacen asked pushing the bloody hair out of her face once he thought he would be able to hear the answer.

"How did both of you get here so fast?" Came her woozy non-answer.

"Both of you?" Asked a now confused Jacen.

"Where did he go?" Noszae asked trying to focus enough to look around.

"Who?" Jacen asked.

"The other pilot. And when were you going to tell us you had another brother." Noszae answered accusingly.

"It is called doubled vision, caused by a concussion which mean you are headed for the med-bay." Just as Jacen finished speaking a thud-bug hit nearby, to close for comfort. "Hold on," Jacen said picking her up in a shoulder carry hoping she wasn't nauseous.

Jacen liked to have cleared the ground when Noszae let off a string of shots back at their pursuers. "Wrong one." He heard her mutter, then another string of shots. "Got'em, now I just have to remember to shot the ones on the left," Noszae said.

o O o

Twin Saber

Just as Mara took Ben from his Father to put him in the suspiciously dry crib they received the report that they had arrived at Naboo and so had the Vong. Mara stood there for a moment then headed out of the cabin a sleeping Ben still in her arms.

"Where are you taking Ben?" Asked a confused Luke as he followed her out into the corridor.

"To the Jade Sabre. I figure two hulls are better than one. You have plenty of people to help fight this battle. I guess I am officially a Mother now; my first concern is my baby. Try not to get shot dear. Eve, are you coming?" Mara asked making her way to her ship not looking back.

"Yes, My Lady." Eve said thrilled that she had almost been asked to come along; it was a start.

"I hope you know how to use a blaster if it comes down to that." Mara said quietly so as not to disturb the softly snoring bundle in her arms.

As Mara eased Ben down into the crib she had in one of the cabins aboard the Sabre Ben stirred awake. "Mama, 'acen 'n twouble. Gul has owy. Voo!" He mumbled sleepily.

"Go back to sleep little one, Mama will take care of it." Mara said watching Ben nod and go back to sleep.

"I have the bridge on hold for you." Eve quietly informed Mara.

"Thank you, Eve. Watch him while I pass along the warning."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Did you forget to tell me something?" Luke joked.

"I love you but that wasn't why I called. Ben seems to think the Voo are after Jacen and a hurt girl. I don't know if it was just a dream or has anything to do with this battle but I thought I'd give you a heads up." Mara said shaking her head at the family she was now a part of. 'One of them is always having to be rescued.' She thought to herself.

"I'll check on him." Luke said turning to the com-officer. "I need you to check on the location of Jacen Solo." Luke ordered, "He might be in trouble."

The officer that was in charge of keeping track of the royals that insisted on joining the fighting spoke up. "Prince Jacen left the battle to check on his wing mate when she crashed on Rori."

"I have reason to believe that the battle may followed him down to the surface." Luke said watching the color drain from the officer's face. 'I think we need to give the poor man hazard pay for having to deal with us.' Luke thought as the man quickly accessed the fighter's computer and ascertained its location. Within moments the calvary was on its way.

o O o


Jacen and Noszae were being driven away from Jacen's fighter and deeper into the woods. They had managed to loose their pursuers but couldn't get back to the ship. 'It would have been a tight fit anyway.' Jacen thought as he rested for a moment to think. Before the trees had thickened up Jacen had been able to see the light show of the battle raging overhead. The last thing that he managed to see through the foliage was the destruction of a large ship. Jacen was almost certain that it was the Yuuzhen Vong capitol ship that had housed the war-coordinator, maybe now things would start going their way. He hoped all his loved ones would be okay, but right now he had more pressing matters to think of.

"How are you holding up?" Jacen asked Noszae who for the moment was leaning against a tree.

"I'd be better if you had a little meat on your shoulders, but at least there is only one of you again." Noszae said with a smile.

Just then they heard a racket. A very distinctive sound to the both them, the sounds of a light saber. 'We're over here.' Jacen called out through the Force to the approaching Jedi. When the rescue crew finally came into view Jacen relaxed. "Thanks for the rescue, how did you know we needed it though?" Jacen asked as the Jedi Healer took a look at Noszae and got her loaded on the anti-grav stretcher.

"Master Skywalker sent us, that is all I know." Answered the Jedi Master.

o O o

New Hope

"Princess I feel I must formally object to your putting yourself in danger like this." The Captain protested standing outside of the Pilot changing area.

"Yes, I know, I wouldn't want to answer to my grandmother either. But, I am a Jedi I am not used to being treated like some fragile flower. This isn't my first battle and I haven't broken yet. I also have it on good authority that Grama didn't hide from a fight when she was my age." Jaina said coming out of the dressing room her helmet under her arm. "Look at it this way at least this time I warned you and took the time to put on a flight suit."

The Captain groaned. "Your Highness I must insist that if you are planning on entering this battle that I get to pick your wing mate. I mean no disrespect to either you or Mister Fel but I am responsible for your safety. But since I realized that I would not be able to dissuade you, your wing mate is already suiting up."

"I hope they can keep up with me. I am not in the mood to baby-sit." Jaina said headed toward the flight deck.

"I think you will find that I am quite capable of taking care of myself, My Lady." Came a cocky young voice from behind them. Jaina turned and saw a tall girl with blonde hair dressed in a flight suit and with a light saber hanging from her belt. The young women bowed. "My name is Joanna Twyn, I am a Naboo Jedi and I can out fly anyone from the Naboo system."

"I am not from Naboo so we will have to see if you can keep up with me." Jaina said with a trademark Solo grin. It was nice to meet someone that treated her like a Jedi not a princess. "Let's get out of here before the Captain has second thoughts."

"Race you!" Joanna said running past the startled Captain, Jaina right on her heals.

o O o

Naboo Throne Room

As Leia watched the battle unfolding on the holo-graphic view screen before her, she was trying to ignore Threepio and Artoo.

"Well at least the Princess is safe this time, Artoo." Threepio said. Artoo blatted at him. "And why shouldn't I say that in front of the Princess? She knows she is safe. You forget I am the protocol droid." Again Artoo beeped in obvious annoyance. "Of course I know all her family is out there being shot at, so does she." Another string of beeps, "Of course she would be worried about her family. I still don't see how that had anything to do with me expressing my gratitude that the Princess is safe here in the palace."

"Yane," Leia said with a strained voice. "Can you please take my droids down to maintenance and have them cleaned up and oiled, the works. Just make sure they don't wipe their memory." 'Or at least not Artoo's.' Leia thought to herself then quickly add. "And no upgrades with out my express approval."

Yane smiled, "Yes, Your Highness. I'll make sure they take their time and do a real thorough job." She said shooing the droids out of the room.

The last thing Leia heard was Threepio's reaction to Artoo giving him a raspberry. "What do you mean, I told you so?" Leia just shook her head and focused on the dots of light that represented her family and her new people.

o O o

Palace Maintenance

"The Princess wants her droids to be cleaned and repaired, but their memory left intact. These two are special and you should care to preserve their current design." Yane said to the palace's Master technician.

"I will personally oversee the work on these two droids and get all of the Princess' droids in tip top shape." He said turning to his apprentices once Yane left. "Well you heard the Lady, these two are to be cleaned and repaired. No Gungun special on them. And no Memory wipes of the Princess' droids."

"Yes, sir." Snapped a human apprentice smartly.

"Wesa get cracken." Said the Gungun apprentice almost taking the head technician out with her ears as she spun around in her enthusiasm. "Isa start the other two droidsa."

o O o

Twin Saber

Kenan was standing out of the way feeling useless when he heard the poor Royal Observer groan. "Not again."

"Who, did what, now?" Kenan asked.

"Princess Jaina seems to refuse to stay on a decently sized ship when there is fighting going on. She has gone out in a fighter, again." The RO officer said turning around to find Kenan gone. "Well at least he isn't on my watch list." He said returning to his duty of tracking the Royals.

Kenan was already well on his way to the hanger bay. He had an assignment, protect Jaina and his charge was out there in the fighting. Looking around Kenan became aware of two things that several Norghi had followed him and that there was only one ship available for him to 'borrow.' All others were either being re-fueled, repaired or already had a pilot.

Heading toward the ship Kenan looked back at the Norghi. "I need a co-pilot and two gunners, any volunteers?"

o O o

Back on the bridge, Han was having no problem remembering why he had resigned from his rank of General. Being an Admiral didn't make this job any easier. "I'd rather be on the Fal-conn…" Han trailed off as he recognized his, now glow in the dark, ship fly off with out him. "Some one just stole my ship and I want to know who!" Han snapped. "Patch me through to the Millennium Falcon."

Luke felt sorry for the poor pilot. 'Han's almost as protective of that ship as he is his family.' Luke thought.

"Who is this and what are you doing with MY SHIP!" Han fumed.

"This is Kenan and I am headed to fly back up for your daughter who feels more comfortable in a fighter than on the bridge. Sorry, I didn't see a no trespassing sign and it was the only ship available."

"If either of them is scratched when you bring them back I'll have your hide." Han said. "Next time warn me and I'll come with you." He said signing off. He was more upset that he'd left behind than anything.

"Jaina and her squadron just took out the last war-coordinator. The Vong battle lines are starting to become erratic." Luke said.

"That's My Girl." Han said.

"She flies like a Skywalker." Padme said watching the little blip that represented Jaina weaving through the battle.

"Yeah, you should have seen Luke take out the first Death Star when he was her age." Han said watching the 'great' Jedi Master blush.

"It runs in the family. Anakin took out a Trade Federation droid control ship about that size when he was eight-years-old and with no Jedi training." Padme said with a smile as she watched this battle coming to an end quickly just as that battle had long ago. With the last war-coordinator gone the Vong lost all cohesion and started being pushed back out of Naboo space.

"We've got them on the run." Luke said, "This is the second time they have withdrawn from battle when faced with the Naboo fleet. Shimrra is not going to like that. Well, it's about time he got a taste of his on medicine."

o O o


"This is Knight Leader to all Royals out and about. The Vong are on the run, we can handle it from here. Thanks for the help."

"Easy for him to say." Said Kenan on a private channel to Jaina. "He doesn't have to explain how the Falcon got beat up again to Han."

Jaina laughed, "I am pretty sure that after a little grumbling he'll forgive you since the Falcon could handle the blast and my fighter couldn't. Hurt ship or hurt daughter, not a hard sell."

"Yeah, but he said not to let either one of you get scratched."

"In that case you're in trouble."

"Well this will give him an excuse to undo some of the glowing upgrades." Kenan said hopefully.

"I'd hide till he figures that out if I were you." Jaina said landing her fighter on the Twin Saber.

"That's why I am heading for Naboo. It'll give me time to hide before he finds out."

"See you later then, hope you are still in one piece." Jaina joked knowing full well that Kenan would be able to handle anything her Father could through at him. She also understood his desire to avoid any such confrontation.

o O o


Jacen was trying not to fidget as he waited for news on Noszae's condition. He knew fidgeting was not very Jedi like and the same probably applied to Princes. It didn't make him any less worried though.

"Any word yet?"

Jacen jumped, another not very Jedi like thing to do. "No, Uncle Luke no word."

"Last I heard she was stable and conscious. So unless something changed she will be fine. You need to calm done and stop focusing on your fears." Luke said watching his nephew.

"As many battles as I have been in and as much as I've seen you wouldn't think that a bump on a girl's head would have me pacing the floors." Jacen grumbled as he tried to calm himself with the Force. "I mean I just met her a few days ago."

"Well at least your both on the same side." Luke said trying to hide his amusement at the situation. 'Jacen definitely wouldn't consider it funny.' Luke thought, looking up just before the Doctor came into the waiting room.

"Your Highness-es," The Doctor said realizing that there was not one but two of the Royal family here to check on his patient. "Jedi Torra just has a mild concussion and a few bumps and bruises. We are going to keep her overnight for observation purposes just to be on the safe side. Considering the experience I have had treating Jedi, I will probably release her tomorrow morning. If you'll follow me I'll show you to her room."

"Tell me there is two of you this time?" Noszae said jokingly when she recognized Jacen and his Uncle.

"I guess that means your going to be okay, then." Jacen said shaking his head.

"Tell that to my head."

o O o

Naboo Royal Star Port

Kenan brought the Falcon in for a gentle landing despite the damage and thanked the Norghi for their assistance. Exiting the ship he was greeted by one of the human technicians. "Looks like she needs fixing again."

"Yeah, the Princess and I would be grateful if you could get her repaired quickly and if possible tone down the glow factor?" Kenan asked trying to be diplomatic about it.

"I understand what you mean. There are some things that just aren't supposed to glow. I'll see what we can do."

"Thanks, you're a life saver." Kenan said and headed for the palace he wanted to get some things from his room before Han started looking for him. After grabbing his stuff he couldn't decide what to do. He wished he could help fix the Falcon. He always liked fixing things, everything seemed simpler, if it's broke fix it. Life had been easier on his rock, just him and the droids.

'I wonder what happened to Ricx and Jix after we got to Naboo. I was too preoccupied trying to avoid Padme to worry about them. I guess now would be a good time to look for them. They were pretty banged up and the Naboo may have thought they belonged to Jaina or Jacen.' Kenan thought. He had a feeling they might have ended up at the palace.

When Kenan entered the Palace's main maintenance area he was shocked to see two technicians working on Threepio. "These droids predate the Trade Federation blockade and we have to refurbish them. I'm just glad this protocol droid didn't need any major repairs. I am having enough trouble making heads or tails of its design as it is. I think it was custom built and good work too, just a headache to figure out. I wonder who built him?" The master technician wondered allowed. "Let's take a break on this and go give Werra a hand upgrading the R1 droid and the J6 work droid while we are waiting for the necessary parts to finish repairing the R2 units jets. Then we can take another crack at this unit."

"I bet he wouldn't believe you were built by a eight year old on Tatooine to help his mother." Kenan said to Threepio once the technicians had left.

Artoo let out a string of beeps. "I agree with Artoo, how did you know that, sir?" Threepio asked, glad that this human actually took the time to talk to him.

"I watched him do it." 'In my memory.' Kenan added to himself. "What were they trying to do?" Kenan asked examining the circuits that had been left exposed with his chest plate removed.

"They were trying to figure out how to restore my pre-imperial memories. According to Artoo they are stored in a separate processing unit but he does not know where it is. I am C3PO human cyborg relations. I did not catch your name?" Threepio asked the Jedi as crouched down to take a closer look.

"My name is Kenan. I was the one that brought the younger set of Royal twins to Naboo and the other two droids, Ricx and Jix came with us." Kenan said comparing what he saw to what he remembered. It was hard considering how much repair work had been done over the years.

"They belong to you? Artoo and I tried to tell the technicians that they didn't belong to Princess Leia or any of the Royal family but they ignored us for the most part. They even threatened to turn off my vocorder." Threepio fumed.

"I'm not upset, Ricx and Jix deserve to be revamped after dealing with my jury-rigged repairs for so long. I hope they didn't give them any trouble. I wonder what the end result would be." Kenan said. "Knowing Ami the processor is probably hidden in what looks like a normal repair. That way it wouldn't stand out like a sore thumb if Vader had ever gotten a hold of you." Then he saw it, but only because he was specifically looking for it. It only took a minute to figure out how to trigger it. "There." Kenan said deactivating the block.

Threepio sat there for a moment as he adapted to the history that was now open to him. Then he turned to Kenan. "The Maker. Master Ani it is good to see you…"

o O o

Private Royal Courtyard

Padme was so happy that her family was all here safe and sound, Kenan, who was now on Han's good side included. Though Han had grumbled it was just for show. Han was just glad that Jaina was safe and the battle was over at least for now. It was agreed that the Vong would think twice about attacking Naboo again. Right now they were all enjoying watching Ben as he discovered the outside world that he had so rarely seen for his safety sake. Story after story was shared ranging from Padme's early life to how Luke, Leia and Han met early on in the Rebellion and beyond to the events of the last few days.

After dinner had been brought out to the family Anakin stood up. "Tahiri and I have an announcement we would like to make." Padme smiled already knowing what was coming. Most of the others could guess, but she knew and was glad to see it. "Tahiri has granted me the great honor of becoming her husband!" Everyone cheered and congratulated the young couple.

"I can't believe our baby is getting married." Leia said to Han.

"I wonder how long it will be before they make Amidala a great-grandma?" Han said.

"Dad!" Said a mortified Anakin.

Padme had no trouble with the idea of being a great grandma in fact she was looking forward to it, but she chose not to embarrass Anakin further by saying so.

"That would make you a grandpa." Leia said teasing Han.

"Mom!" Anakin said shaking his head.

After a moment Luke pulled Drew aside. "Drew, is there someplace romantic that I could take Mara near here?" Luke asked.

"There is a secluded path down by the waterfalls that is private. There is a beautiful smelling flower down there that only blooms at night and since it glows in the dark it can be quite a sight. Eve always enjoys taking moon lit walks down there." Drew answered helpfully.

"Thanks," Luke said making his way over to his mother to ask her to watch Ben for a couple hours.

o O o


Kenan was taking a stroll in the garden trying not to think about a certain Angel.

"You should know by now that it isn't possible to use Jedi mind tricks on yourself. You have always thought about, her even back on your rock and you always will." A strange yet almost familiar voice spoke behind him.

"Who do you think you arrr..." Kenan said spinning around to see who had interrupted him. What he found had him questioning his own sanity. There laughing at his question was a 25 year old version of himself shrouded in a blue glow, almost like a holo-projection.

"My second chance came to late for me to be with my family, to try and make up for my oh so many mistakes. I was too sure of myself and it proved my downfall. You Kenan have a chance to learn from my mistakes but that doesn't mean you should go to the other extreme. You should not let your fear keep you from our family. Second chances are too rare to waste, Kenan. So take care of our Angel." Anakin Skywalker said fading from view.

Kenan just managed to collapse on a nearby bench as opposed to the dew-covered ground. "I have officially lost it. That has to be by far the craziest thing to happen to me. It even beats discovering that you are only a copy."

Kenan was so busy trying to wrap his mind around what in the Force had just happened he didn't notice someone approaching him.

"Kenan, are you talking to yourself?" Luke asked.

"Yeah, but at least now I'm not a blue glowing flash back to what I used to look like." Kenan said shaking his head.

"Okay, so Dad paid you a visit. I can see how talking to a version of you that is one with the Force could blow your mind. I gather the Jedi didn't do that in the days you shared. I saw Ben more like that than I saw him alive."

"Ben?" Kenan asked confused the only Ben he knew of was still a baby.

"Obi-wan was called Old Ben Kenobi on Tatooine. Where he hid me and watched out for me from a distance. I didn't meet him till I was 18 when he and Yoda started my training. They really had to rethink the age limits on me." Luke said with a smile.

"So I'm not loosing it? That was Anakin Skywalker telling me to take care of Padme?"

o O o

Ben woke up and looked around. He wasn't used to being by himself; he was used to a nursery full of other babies. It was to quiet. "Sigh," 'I lonly. Call Mama and Da-ye. No tey busy and happy. I not boter tem. Gapa? He sad. He worried 'bout Gama. Call Gama tu. Tey be happy. Now how I did tat? I took deep bewf close mout and my head sceam.'



'Ooohhh! Tat got teir 'tention. Tey come runnin'. Uhooh, I scare tem. I be 'n twouble. Need weason why call?'

o O o

'Ben sure is a quick learner. What could be wrong with him, he was sound asleep not ten minutes ago when I checked on him?' Kenan wondered to himself as he ran toward Luke and Mara's quarters.

All of a sudden Kenan found himself sliding to a stop just short of running into Padme.

"Easy Kenan every thing is okay." Padme said.

"It sounded like something was wrong, to me." Kenan growled.

Padme quirked her eyebrow at him, "Ben seems to have the Royal summons down pat. I think we have another matchmaker. Let's not go charging in there and scare him, if I'm right." Padme said triggering the door.

Kenan was starting to think that Padme might be right but he put his hand on his light saber just in case.

The door opened on a big eyed Ben. "Gama, Gapa!" He called out happily reaching out to be picked up.

Padme just smiled and picked up her Grandson. "Ben, why would you want to scare Gapa like that?"

"Voo under bed?" Ben said pointing emphatically back at the crib.

Kenan snorted. "Likely story little one but I'll check just to make you happy." All he found was a stuffed-toy wookie. "It's a little hairy for a Voo." Kenan said trying to hand the toy to Ben only to find him hiding his face in Grama's hair. "It's okay Ben, I'm not mad. I was just worried about you."

Ben peeked out, then seeing that he really wasn't mad. "Gapa?" Ben said holding his arms out. "Tell Ben stowy?"

"If you promise to go to sleep when I'm done." Kenan said to a very happy Ben. As he sat down making himself comfortable, he was trying to figure out what story to tell. Then he saw Padme watching him and smiled. "A long time ago on a planet far, far away there was a little boy who met an Angel…"

o O o

"Ben's finally asleep, again." Kenan said sitting beside Padme on Luke's couch.

Padme sat there for a minute then decided to bite the bullet. "Kenan, I am not be prepared to pickup with you where I left off with my Ani…" As Padme paused and Kenan's heart sank. "But that doesn't mean we cannot start our own story."

o O o

The End… Of this story at least. Perhaps I will return to a galaxy far, far away again and tell the next saga of my dimension someday. Soon?

Told you I would complete this before Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith came out, at least in the US. I may pull a George Lucas. Look out for possible a sequel coming soon to a computer near you.