Chapter One- A Recap

Harry sat in the garden outside Privet Drive. No one was around to see him not watering the plants. It was too hot for the Dursley's to set a toe on their backyard patio. They wouldn't do it anyway though, they had gotten a phone call saying that Aunt Marge was in the hospital and had left, leaving behind Harry under the basis that "Marge didn't need to go under the stress of having a troublesome good-for-nothing person like that stupid freak around". Harry was left to his own devices, under the strict order to pick the weeds and water the garden.

Harry had soon gotten tired of the blisters that pulling the weeds caused. Ever since Sirius had died last year, he didn't particularly care about falling orders either. He had become rather...rebellious since his godfather's death. He just sat alone, contemplating the revenge he would extract on Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange.

Harry hadn't only lost his godfather in the past two years of his life. Ron Weasley had also died, in his sixth year, at the hands of Voldemort. Harry took this hard, he had gotten into a fight with Ron before he died, and Ron died hating Harry. Harry had never forgiven himself for this.


"Harry, honestly, Sirius isn't going to come back if you yell at enough people!" Ron said.

"Ron, this has never happened to you, don't pretend you know what it feels like." Harry said in a dangerously low voice.

"Harry, you are just being ridiculous. You will get over it...and you will be stronger. You know what they say, what doesn't kill you makes you..."


"Harry, I only want to help..."


"Harry if you willing to throw this friendship away then it didn't mean much and I will hate you too."

"You are NO friend of mine. Stay away from me." Harry said, just before storming out of the dorms.

***EnD fLaShBaCk***

Later that night, Hogwarts had been attacked. Ron had been killed when refusing to tell Voldemort anything about the spy in the order or Harry's meetings with him. This spy was Lucius Malfoy. He had always been loyal to the light, but only he and Dumbledore had known, before Harry was told.

Hermione had sent letters...all summer. Harry had stopped talking to her, maybe if Voldemort didn't think they were friends he wouldn't try to get her. Harry thought that everyone that got near him died. He had curled up into himself. He shut off his emotions and rarely spoke. When he did speak, it wasn't enough to satisfy even a small conversation.

The end of sixth year was slow for Harry. He did do excellent on his end of year exams because that was all he would He was nearing Hermione's marks. He would stay in the library or the room of requirement. He would often sleep in one of these two rooms. He hated being in the common room or going to the Great Hall. Even though people would tell him it wasn't his fault, he saw the disappointment and hatred in their eyes...even if it wasn't there.

Lucius Malfoy, even though a loyal spy for the light side, was...a bastard. He really was a rather cold sort of person. But if Harry had to talk to someone it might be Lucius. Although Lucius seemed to hate him, he didn't look at Harry with that look of disappointment. He looked at Harry just like Snape used to. Harry liked that SOMEONE would treat him the same, no matter what. At least Lucius didn't coddle him.

Harry pondered about the past two years of his life. He had lost so much. He has lost his first friend, Hagrid, to giants. He had lost the only thing his father had left him, the invisibility cloak. It had been destroyed by Voldemort the same night that Ron was killed. He had lost Sirius and Ron. His best friend and the person he thought closest to being a father to him. But the thing he missed the most was...his happiness.

He tried, really he did, to be happy and act like everything was okay. He would laugh at the jokes Seamus and Dean told, even though it was forced. But everything wasn't okay. He wasn't happy, not even close. He had just lost too much. He just wanted to disappear. And he would, gladly, if he knew it would help anything. He just wished Harry Potter had never existed.

Harry got up and walked into the house. He walked up to his room and fell onto his bed. He was about to close his eyes to go to sleep when he heard a knock on the front door. He carefully got his wand out and walked downstairs. He saw a tall figure standing outside the stained glass door. He then heard the knock again. He carefully opened the door and peeked out to see Lucius Malfoy standing at the doorstep, smiling.


"Yes, it is me Potter. You are not safe here anymore. The wards have fallen and I think Voldemort won't miss the chance to come. You will have to come stay at Malfoy Manor."

Harry nodded. "Wait." He said before turning around. Before he could go up the stairs though, a voice said, "Hmmm, I will have to teach you some manners while you are at the Manor. Then maybe you will know it is rude to leave a guest waiting outside."

"Come in then." Harry said, not even turning back. He walked slowly up the stairs and gathered his bags. Once he was done, he walked down the stairs. He stood in front of the couch, where Lucius sat. Lucius had his legs propped up on the coffee table.

"Leave a note?" Harry asked.

"Please stop speaking in sentence fragments. It is not becoming of a m... not becoming."

Harry furrowed his brow. "Do you want me to leave a note for my relatives?"

"No. They will not be informed of where you are. I am a spy; I can't risk them knowing anything."

Harry nodded. "Go?"

"What did I say about sentence fragments?" Lucius said with a smirk.

"Can we go now?" Harry said, dejectedly.

Lucius smiled and stood. "I have a port key to take us there."

"I don't use port keys."

"You will today." He said before shoving a quill into Harry's hand and putting his arm around the boy. A familiar tug around the navel and they were gone.


Harry arrived in Malfoy Manor and glared with hatred at the man. "WHERE IS MY ROOM?" Harry asked.

Lucius looked upset for a minute at Harry's face before covering it up with a small smile. "Third floor, second door on the left. Draco's is right across from yours."

Harry glared and walked up the stairs. He went into his new room, which was quite nice, and fell asleep on the king-sized four poster bed.

Lucius went into his study and to the fireplace. "Albus Dumbledore." He said. Soon Albus appeared. "What is it Lucius?"

"We have just arrived. He is still very cold towards me. Speaking very little. He ran off to his room. I don't know how to tell him..."

"Lucius, you just need to sit him down and tell him. He has no be in disguise next year. And what better way that to get used to being a Malfoy than being a Malfoy?"

"Albus, I understand he needs the chance to get to know us. Do you think he will accept it though? He has always thought that Lily and James were his parents. He won't take this well."

"No he won't. But you have to do what you have to do. I told you in his second year that I would give you as much time as I could, but that time has ran out. You have to tell him you are his father."

Lucius sighed. "I know, I am just not sure how he will take it. When we decided to let them take him in until it was safe, we weren't planning on him dying."

"I know. If you need anything, just call. I will help all I can."

"I know how you can help." Lucius said with a sigh.

"How?" Albus said smiling.

"Do this for me..." Lucius said, putting his head in his hands. Albus just laughed and disappeared from the flames.

Lucius got up. "Well I had better get this over with. I might not have the mind to dodge his hexes tomorrow." Lucius walk up the stairs and knocked on the second door on the left: Harry's room, his son's room.

"Harry? May I come in?"

"Don't want to talk right now." Harry said from behind the door.

"Harry, that is okay. But I really do have to talk to you about something important soon. It is either me, or Dumbledore will come talk to you." Lucius knew Harry would rather talk to him than Albus. Harry didn't really like Albus, ever since Sirius's death.

"Okay. Later."

"When?" Lucius asked. He smacked himself on the head. "Why is this happening to me?" He thought.

"After dinner."

"Okay. Come with me to my study after dinner then."

"Are Mrs. Malfoy and your son going to me there?"

"You mean my sons?" Lucius thought, amusing himself. "Yes, they will be there." He said to Harry.

"Oh. Okay. What time?"

"Sometime around seven, I will have a house elf come get you."

"Okay." Harry said in a tone that clearly said the short conversation was over.

Lucius willed himself to turn away from the door and then practically ran away down the stairs. He was walking so fast he didn't even see the person come around the corner, and it took him a minute to recognize he had knocked them down.

"Gee.thanks dad." A voice said from the floor.

Lucius looked down into the cynical face of his son. "Hello Draco. Sorry for knocking you down." Lucius held a hand out to his son and pulled him up.

"It's fine. I was just at Hogwarts. I bumped into the headmaster. He said that someone was staying with us."

"Yes." Lucius grimaced; he knew how much Draco and Harry hated each other. He humored himself in thinking they already fought like siblings.


"Well what?" Lucius asked.

"Who is staying with us?" Draco asked, it was an obvious question, one that Lucius would love to be excused from answering.

He sighed. "Harry is staying with us."

"Harry? I don't know a....POTTER!" Draco said outraged.

"Draco, we need to talk."

"Why the HELL is a POTTER staying in OUR house?"

"Come with me." Lucius walked into his study, followed by his VERY angry son. The younger of the two.

"Have a seat Draco."

"Just tell me what Potter is doing here. Where is he anyway?"

"In all due time, he is in his bedroom."

"Which guestroom?"

"He is in the bedroom across from yours."

"But you have never allowed me to go into that room. I didn't know it was a guest room."

"It's not."


"It's your brother's bedroom."

"Dad, I don't HAVE a brother." Draco said, looking at his father as if he was crazy.

"Yes you do." Lucius said with a sigh.

"No I don't."

"Let me explain." Draco nodded to show he was living.

"When I was younger, I had two best friends. I would do anything for these friends. They were the nicest people I knew. The thing these friends wanted the most was a baby. But neither could reproduce. They were an infertile couple. I was a faithful death eater then. You should know that.I did what I was asked and I was asked to have a son, an heir to my name, a future death eater. So I got your mother pregnant."

"I don't see how your best friends are."

"Don't interrupt me or you won't find out. Now, back to the story. Voldemort didn't want me to have more than one son and said he would kill me if I had a daughter or more than one son. Unfortunately, when I got your mother pregnant, she conceived twins. Twin boys. When I found out, I wanted to keep you both, more than anything. I went to my best friends; I knew I couldn't keep you both. I told them that about the situation and that they could keep the firstborn of my twin sons. I told them that once it was safe to have him back, I would get him. They agreed. After nine months passed, your mother went into labor. A VERY difficult one. Your brother was born on July 31st. Apparently, you didn't want to come out, you always have been a mother's boy, and stayed in there five days longer, until August 5th. Your brother had been taken away. To my best friends home to be raised. I only got to see your brother how he should look one time; he had the Malfoy blonder hair, grey eyes and pale skin. You weren't identical twins but looked almost like it. Once he went to my best friends, they put a charm on him to get him to look like them. I often went there, me, you and your mother, to see them. You boys fought often. I was really quite endearing, baby punches. But you got along for the most part."

"Now here comes the hardest part of my tale. Voldemort was after my best friends. SO they went into hiding. Unfortunately, they got a death eater to be their secret-keeper. He told Voldemort and I told Dumbledore, but it was too late. On Halloween night, they were killed. I became a spy for Dumbledore went Voldemort killed them, sparing only my son's life. My best friends were killed; James and Lily Potter were killed."

Draco sat in stunned silence. "Do you understand, Draco?"

"POTTER is my brother? Harry Potter is my brother?"

"Well his real name is Kaden Xavier Malfoy. But yes, he is."

"But it isn't safe now, why is he here?"

"Because, Voldemort found out a way to get through the Dursley's wards. He would have been killed this afternoon. I couldn't let him die."

"I can't believe that he's my brother."

"It is kind of awkward huh?"


"I will be telling him after dinner."


"No, he is sort of angry now. I made him use a port key. You know, he doesn't like those. And he is being rather flat with me. You know how I told you he had changed how he acted since Sirius Black and Ron Weasley's deaths."

'Yes. He won't even argue with me properly now. He acts like all the stuff I say is true."

"What have you said?"

"Oh, innocent stuff. Just teased him about being a murderer, you know, keeping up the "child of a loyal death-eater fa├žade."



"He really does think it IS his fault. You should see him. He speaks in only sentence fragments, 95% of the time. Leave me now; I will see you at dinner. And YOU had better be NICE to your BROTHER."

"Do you have to remind me?"


Soon seven rolled around and Lucius went to his usual place at the head of the table. Narcissa was sitting on the other end of the table, grinning like a Cheshire cat. Draco was sitting to his father's left in his usual seat, and to Lucius's right was an empty seat. Lucius clapped his hands and a house elf appeared.

"Twinkle, go get Kaden out of his room."

"Yes, master Lucius."

Narcissa smiled even brighter at that. "Happy, love?" Lucius asked.

Narcissa looked at her husband. "Yes. My son is finally home."

Draco glared at his mother. "You talk as if you only have one."

"NO SWEETIE, never, it's just, Kaden..."

Lucius smiled. "I haven't told him yet, so no calling him Kaden. In fact, don't call him Kaden until he is comfortable with us as his family."

Narcissa nodded. "My baby is home." She said with a goofy grin.

Suddenly a house elf opened the door and Harry walked in. He looked at the table and went to the empty seat. He stood by his chair until offered to sit. He sat quickly. "Good evening." He said.

Narcissa beamed. She seemed to have been rendered speechless. Draco looked at Harry. "So do you like the mansion."

"I haven't really seen very much of it." Harry said, politely.

Narcissa glared at her husband. "You mean your.Lucius didn't show you around? How rude of him." Lucius smiled.

"Well, Mrs. Malfoy, I haven't had the best spirits lately and I wasn't really interested in looking around."

"Well after you finish talking to your.Lucius, I will be glad to show you around, or if you want, Draco could."

"That sounds nice, Mrs. Malfoy." Narcissa nodded.

Draco looked at Harry. " to Weasel or the mudblood lately?

Narcissa glared at her son and her face took on the look of deepest anger. "DRACO ODYSSEUS MALFOY! HOW DARE YOU CARE SOMEONE BY THAT FOUL NAME!?"

Draco shifted his eyes downward. "Sorry mom. Harry.have you talked to Weasley or Granger lately?"



"Are those your best friends Ka.Harry?"

Harry furrowed his brow but overlooked the mistake on his name. "Yes madam, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. They are in Gryffindor with me." Harry lifted his glass to his lips.

"It's nice to have another Gryffindor in the house." Narcissa humored.

Harry choked on his wine. "You were a GRYFFINDOR?"

"Yes.I was actually one of Lily's best friends, even if I was a year younger. Is that okay?"

"Yes, I just never knew. I.well.never mind."

"No.what is it?"

Harry looked down. "I never expected a Malfoy to marry a Gryffindor."

Draco snorted. "Dad was the is the only normal person I know from that house."

Lucius smiled. "Draco, I seem to remember you getting along rather well with James Potter, you even called him Uncle Prongs, if I remember correctly." Now it was Draco's turn to nearly spit out his wine. Harry sat in stunned silence.

"We were very good friend with the Potters." Narcissa said.

"I never knew." Harry admitted.

"Well it was sort of a secret.Luc was supposed to be playing the part of the 'loyal death eater', you know."

Harry smiled. The rest of the meal went in silence until Harry asked, "May I be excused?"

Lucius nodded and stood with him. "I will go ahead and leave my meal to, I think I have had a sufficiency. If you don't mind Harry, is it okay if we go have that talk?"

Harry nodded. "Of course, Lucius." Harry nodded at Mrs. Malfoy and then left the room with Lucius following him. They went into the study and sat down. Lucius sat behind his large ebony desk and Harry in the comfortable seat in front of it.

"Harry, I need to talk to you about something.important."

"Yes, I am assuming it is Order business."


"Well.whatever it is."

"This is hard to say, you see I wasn't expecting to have this talk with you for at least after you graduated next summer. But Albus says my time has run out so I have to tell you. Would you prefer for me to just tell you everything and get it over with?"

"Yes.I will not interrupt." Harry said, confusedly.

"Okay. Well I am just going to say this and Narcissa and the Potters were best friends and I was a loyal death eater at the time. Voldemort order me to produce and I did. But Narcissa conceived twins. Voldemort would have killed one of the gave my oldest son to the take care of him.until it was safe for me to take him back. They were infertile and wanted a child, so they seemed like the right people to have take care of son. You are my son Harry. Draco's older brother of a LONG labor, five days older.You are mine and Narcissa's son and Draco's twin."

Harry stood and looked as if all the blood had disappeared he was so white. Then he stammered. "DAD?!" And dropped to the ground in a faint.