Chapter 28

Four Years Later

Harry sat in his usual place at the head table and looked down at all of the new students being sorted. He smirked when he saw the first years being led in. He saw several of them shiver when they met his gaze. The person next to him poked him in the side.

"Love, is it REALLY necessary to scare your students before they even BEGIN your classes?" Trinity said, pursing her lips and trying to hide the amusement in her eyes.

"Yes, it is. I want them to hear horror stories about their Transfiguration Professor BEFORE they get to class, I want them to be SOMEWHAT controlled upon their first arrival."

Kaden heard a snort from the other side of his wife. "Really, Kade, you need to calm down." Draco had taken up the post of Arithmancy professor three years ago and had been a pain in his side ever since. Kaden rolled his eyes at his brother and faced forward.

A little blonde haired girl looked up at him from the crowd of first years. She waved excitedly at him and Kaden nodded with a small smile back, several of the students near the girl shrunk away from her.

Kaden laughed at Luci's annoyed expression. Kaden jerked around when someone tapped him on the shoulder. Severus smiled and leaned towards his ear. "20 galleons says that Luci gets sorted in Hufflepuff." Kaden stood up and glared at his best friend.

"MY daughter is a SLYTHERIN to the core, just like I was. She will NOT be placed in HUFFLEPUFF! But...Santun over there? Your son is a hufflepuff if I ever saw one!"

"Is there something WRONG with MY hufflepuffs?" An irate Fleur interjected from behind her husband.

Severus turned and gulped. "Oh...ofcourse not love. Hufflepuffs are...GREAT! REALLY!" Fleur glared and walked away from her husband.

Trinity laughed. "Oh, Severus, I do believe that my dear cousin had you wrapped around her little finger...."

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH! I AM my own person and Fleur does NOT tell me what to do."

Fleur suddenly hissed from the other side of the table. Severus's three year old son was in her lap. "SEVERUS! Come feed your son! Get over here NOW!"

"Coming love." Severus said before walking towards his wife, tail between his legs.

Trinity and Kaden laughed.

Neville Longbottom came in with the hat and stool and walked to the front of the hall, he only tripped once. Soon the sorting was underway and Kaden had his fingers crossed. "MALFOY, LUCI!"

Luci walked up to the stool and noticed several of her year mates looking at her in horror. Her father HAD to start scaring them the second they walked in. She put the hat on her head and after a small discussion a single voice was heard. "KADEN! DRACO!"

The Great Hall's doors burst open and Lucius Malfoy walked briskly into the hall. He walked right up to his sons. "I have to tell you something!"

"DAD! You interrupted Luci's sorting!" Lucius turned around and saw his granddaughter sitting on the three legged stool. He smiled when she glared at him. Right after she glared a voice hissed into her ear, "That settled it."

"Draco, Parvati is having the baby! She wants you, Kaden, and Trinity to come now!" Lucius said. Draco stood up and ran out of the hall. Girls giggled as their favorite teacher ran by.

"SLYTHERIN!" Kaden smiled and so did Luci. Severus was glaring because now he owed his best friend more money. Luci nodded at her father when his eyes questioned if he minded her going.

Kaden smiled and offered his hand to Trinity while Lucius asked if he minded them leaving.

"Of course, Minister Malfoy, they can go. And tell Parvati I said hello, will you?" Lucius nodded and walked back to his son, who was helping Trinity stand.

Trinity's eyes suddenly focused and she put her hands to her stomach. She turned to her husband and smiled. "Kade, love, how do you feel about twins?" Kaden looked at his wife who had her hands on her stomach and his mouth dropped. "Twins?"

Severus jerked up in his seat. "I WIN!" Kaden rolled his eyes and followed his wife and father out of the hall. Luci smiled as she watched her father and adopted mother leave. She looked forward to the exciting year.

I am not promising a sequel but I am not saying no either. I might/might not. I am still working on new stories and I am hoping to have one out within the month. Thanks for all of your support! I really appreciate it. I hope that the epilogue is good enough for you. If you couldn't pick it up in context...

Draco married Parvati Patil-she is having a baby Severus and Fleur got married- have a three year old named Santun. Trinity adopted Luci, her and Kaden married and they are having twins. Obviously there is no threat from Voldemort. Dumbledore is still headmaster. Luci is the newest Slytherin.