Poison of an Aconite  By Erebus Darkness


            It's really strange. One moment I'm totally in love with her, the next, I want to blow her head off. But that's impossible because she's the one holding a laser gun at my head, and another pointed my mother. She's not blond anymore, because that was just a disguise. Her eyes were green, because that's her real eye color, not blue. Without the blond hair and blue eyes, she really does look different. She's still very pretty though, in dark sort of way.

            Her name isn't Clarrisse McClellan, because that's her fake identity. Her real name is Ethel Foster, and she's not 17, she's 15.  Oh, she fooled us all right, my friends, my family, and me. I can't believe for once that I could've fallen for her even pity her because she was an orphan (that's probably a lie too.)

            This is the story. 7 months before I was engaged to Grace Oopilir, daughter of the General of the Navy Fleet. We were on the cruise ship Elegance when the Oopilir family was assassinated. By whom? An organization of highly lethal, very skilled assassinators called Aconites. 10 assassins were sent to take care of the family. I couldn't save Grace and I swore revenge on her killer. I chased after the assassinators and unmasked Grace's killer; a green-eyed black haired girl. She escaped though, after shooting me in the arms. She herself gotten a wound on the side of her stomach.

            So, a month after the tragedy, a girl named Clarrisse McClellan comes to the Benbow. She's quiet, but very witty, talented and tough. She was also very pretty, I fell for her.

I found out who she really was about 2 hours ago and I raced home to find Benbow deserted. I go up into mom's room, see mom, Doppler, Amelia, B.E.N. and little Morph standing against the opposite wall, looking frightened. I stepped into the room and the door closed behind me. I turned around and find myself staring down the barrel of Clarrisse/Ethel's laser. That's where I am now.

"Jim, Jim, Jim." She's saying now in a whisper, the gun still at my head, "I'm afraid I have to kill you. If you haven't found out, I'm your personal assassin."

I rolled my eyes and returned sarcastically, "Oh joy."

            She smirked, looking amused, but at the same time, I have to note, she looked sad.

            "Aren't you going to kill me yet?" I asked irritably. If she was going to kill me, I wanted her to do it fast.

            "I have to." She replied. Ethel lowered the gun pointing at mom and put it to my temples.

            "NO!" Mother shrieked, "Cl-Ethel! Please!"

            "Oh mom." I sighed, "There's no use talking with a cold blooded killer. Have you seen the list of people she had assassinated? It's a very long list." What I said must've pissed her off because she shot me in the leg. Pain shot through my legs and I stumbled to the ground, grasping my injured leg. I looked up at her. She's cold, evil now, and looking very murderous. She reached into her pocket and brought out a mini dagger.

            "I could shoot you in the head to kill you without any pain." She said evilly, "Or I can pop your veins and let you bleed to death."

            "Hmmm…" I pretended to think, "I prefer choice one thank you." She became irritated. She shot a second laser into my right hand. It hurts so MUCH!

            Everyone in the room screamed. At this point, I was beginning to feel weak and near fainting. And guess what? Minutes later, I blacked out.